The local sheriff Roy Scheider , acting like he’s out in the wild west, decides to take on the task of hunting the vicious killer himself well, perhaps with a little help from Robert Shaw and Richard Dreyfuss. El Gabinete del Doctor Caligari When she cannot produce the money, he kills hear, and goes after her young children, who unwittingly have the money hidden in a doll. The ‘sequel’ is ‘Curse of the Cat People’, a very different but classy supernatural fantasy. En parte, es precursora de films como Viernes 13 , que sirve de punto de partida para numerosas secuelas e imitaciones. Charles ‘Hunchback of Notre Dame’ Laughton’s only time in the director’s chair is this instant classic starring Robert Mitchum as a religous pyschopath with ‘love’ and ‘hate’ tattooed on his knuckles. A suprise success from William Friedkin, a director of questionable talent. George Sanders is brillant as the man who helps corrupt the inpressionable youngster.

The Man Who Fell to Earth. At least, until Hammer came along. Masque of the Red Death Michael Crichton Estrella oscura Dark Star. Low budget Bela Lugosi movie that has the distinction of being the first zombie movie. Followed by three worthy sequels.

Paranorma, as Baby Jane Hudson, is unable to let go of her childhood success, and continues to perform her rendition of ‘I’ve written a letter to Daddy’ wearing child make-up,and looking frankly ghastly. Alien, el Octavo Pasajero.

Masque of the Red Death He begins to rebuild his career and rebutation with his most ‘realistic’ creations yet, but not everything in the museum is has it seems. Barry Sonnenfeld Starship Troopers Brigadas del espacio. The finale includes giant spiders, dopplegangers – and Death itself. Two innocent, niave newlyweds, Janet and Brad arrive at the mansion, and begin to discover their own sexuality, whilst the crazy Frank N’ Furter decides to create the ideal man in his pursuit of unadulterated pleasure.

All three are excellent. Carnival of Souls The Hays Code was abolished, and movies like ‘Night of the Living Dead’ and ‘Rosemary’s Baby’ carried images and messages taboo back in the golden age of horror. Low budget Bela Lugosi movie that has the distinction of being the first zombie movie.


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It was thought that all copies had been destroyed, but, luckily a few survived. They even hired Robert Bloch author of ‘Psycho’ for this one. A classic of British film. The daughter wears a porslin, doll-like mask ala Phantom of the Operaher sad, tired eyes starring through evokes pity. El hombre lobo George Waggner La mujer y el monstruo. He goes on a walk-about, kills a couple of locals, before being captured by the villagers.

The best of the low budget Karloff shockers, this one has a strange, dream-like quality. Henry Hull is not the sympathetic vicitm that Chaney made, but he is frightening as the monster under Jack Pierce’s make-up.

The Incredible Shrinking Man. The Tall Man constantly yelling “Boy! A creepy gothic masterpiece. There he awakes, and goes after his wife Yvonne Furneaux. Wolf Frankenstein Rathbone returns to the village where, years ago, his father had bought the monster to life.

After more troublesome villagers show up, the monster goes on the run again, where he meets up with Pretorius in a crypt of coursewho introduces him to his new bride. Its a great idea: El Retorno del Jedi. Scream, Vigila Quien Llama Needless to say, he survives, and with the help of his sexy daughter Diana Riggseeks revenge. Charles ‘Hunchback of Notre Dame’ Laughton’s only time in the director’s chair is this instant classic starring Robert Mitchum as a religous pyschopath with ‘love’ and ‘hate’ tattooed on his knuckles.

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Richard Marquand Juegos de guerra. Followed by three progressively disappointing sequels ‘Jaws – The Revenge’ should be avoided like the plague’! Mel Brooks has always been hit-and-miss in his approach to comedy, but here, thankfully, he mostly strikes the bullseye. The Beast With Five Fingers Beastial Oliver Reed paeanormal perfect as Leon, who’s mother is raped by a animal-like beggar, and dies giving birth to him on Christmas Day.


Armageddon o Deep Impact son unas muestras de ello. It’s a gripping, convincing portrayal of 19th Century Edinburgh, the poverty actividar the working-classes who would and do kill for a few gold coins are in complete contrast to the wealthy, over-fed middle-classes.

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Common nightmare fears, such as being buried alive, are depicted with unsettling realism. Directed by Jacques Tournier see belowthis stylish and subtle creature feature deals in subliminal horrors; you don’t see any monsters lets face it, with the budget Lewton uses to work under, that’s a good thing but you create the monsters yourself thanks to clever wiritng by Dewitt Bodeen and Tournier’s direction.

Viernes 13 3 Steve Miner Maverick director Stanley Kubrick dosen’t always get it right here; he frequently strays from King’s original novel, the actual sequences featuring little Danny Lloyd as Jack’s son and Scatman Crothers from which the film takes it’s name seem somewhat pointless, and isn’t it just a little over-long? Zarloff tracks his quarries with vicious blood-thirsty hounds, and keeps there severed heads as trophies.

Taking his leave of H. Seen only briefly in the conclusion, his distinctive voice carries the tones of a man losing his sanity to perfection.

Amicus supassed even this great movie in ’73 with ‘Asylum’. The flesh-eaters never give up, you can never let your guard down. Plan 9 del Espacio Exterior Perhaps the most popular horror film of the ‘s, this trend setting hit made a star of child-murdering character Freddy Krueger. Pero la estrella del mes era el reestreno de el Exorcistade William Friedkincon nuevas escenas eliminadas del montaje original.

Starship Troopers Brigadas del espacio. Wolfgang Petersen 12 monos.