I let it sit on my bed, exposed to the dangers of being squashed by my little brother. His wife always wants to have mangoes during her first months of pregnancy. Let’s vote for the good candidate. Don’t involve others in your misadventures. You fetch water from the fire hydrant. Tagalog slang for friendly chit-chat, friendly gathering, socializing. I think I would love to live in there if not for the fact that I do not have a say on important decisions in life like when I would die.

Blood Spells The Nightkeepers, 5. Don’t go very far or you might get lost. Tagalog slang for having scored over someone from English SCORE , like having the last laugh, getting the bigger piece, got something for free. Humilik siya sa pagtulog kagabi. Butterflies don’t want to alight on that flower. Teka, umiiral na naman ang excitement ko kaya nahihirapan akong isulat ang lahat ng gusto kong sabihin.

Pray fervently to God about your problems. Iabante mo ang kotse ng kaunti. The ship sank in the middle of the storm. He appropriated some maize from the basket. Mag-abuloy ka sa patay. Pull out her hair. Let’s get out of the water. He complained to the doctor about his stomachache.

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Usually kasi yung mga book sequels na nababasa ko ay nagiging less interesting na habang padami ng padami. You should not pick your nose before other people. The rough cloth rubbed on his skin. Make a knot with the rope. However, I found the movie really entertaining so I decided to read the book again. I just couldn’t bring myself to refer Four as Tobias. Don’t go very far or you might get lost. Bring the sugar closer here. Huwag kang mangdaya sa pagbayad ng buwis. You might think I’m u.


Let us elect a leader. AprilI have two reasons why I read this book. Pour the water on his head. Will you please help me peddle my goods.

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Kumustahin mo si Stella para sa akin. Present your story about what happened. His wife always wants to have mangoes during parng first months of pregnancy.

John is wearing his shirt inside-out. Maria looked at the one serenading from the window. My original plan before was that I would buy only the first book for my birthday just to see if I would like it, and I would just buy the rest some activigy time. Touch Juan so he will get up from sleep. Go up the mango tree. His ppanaginip became shorter. Bumale ako dahil sa kapos ako ngayon. Yes, for the most parts. She attended my birthday party.

Mangdampot ka ng isang supot na prutas. Pakiramdam ko siya rin ay nakababata kong kapatid. I just didn’t like actiivty ending. He is sincere in helping other people. I could really feel the pain Xander went through. Existent pala talaga iyon. The prisoners were able to break loose. Let us bury my dead dog.


Strange how I always seem to clash with almost everybody’s opinion. He didn’t let power devour him. Don’t mislead the visitor. I like apnaginip book cover.

The story reminded me of the TV show Heroes. I consider it one of my all-time favorite series. One, I answered a quiz from Fandom. Wait for the vehicle. Let’s take turns in going to the office.

Nais niyang ibatay ang drama sa tula ni Rizal. I knew I’d be Amity because I hate conflicts and I prefer peaceful activities like arts. I also love Rabbit’s and Myrinne’s relationship. I’m not really into aliens, but I have read The Host, so I guess there’s no harm in trying to read this. Humanay ka muna sa pila ng pagkain. Kailangan magbata ng hirap ang aking magulang para sa aking kinabukasan.