You are wrong and if you don’t like the tier list than leave, i am quite fond of this tier list. Tiger January 31, In that case Graves should be tier 3. TheHappyLoner January 31, It’s really only a matter of time before people realize how insanely strong he is for how little they need to learn to play him effectively. Yasuo, Garen AD Carry: Carlos Archundia Cejudo January 30, Ninko Vucetic January 31,

Affects the LoL Videos page. Looking at the t1 and above supports I find it hard to say that thresh is a better solo q support seeing on his reliance of him teamates and how easy it is to misplay with him. Teemo offers a lot in the way of unpredictability, and can run down most champions with skillshot CCs as soon as they use them. In the LCS hes still a very often picked support, usually its him when they are not picking janna, I cant say that any other support on the entire list other then janna is “better” then him. IceBorn Gauntlet first item always if facing AD. Search Settings Google, YouTube etc. As i remember, she was intented as a ADC, but she isnt good at it. Is too easy to bully her off cs and she becomes very useless without an early trinity,she’s like “time to freeze lane and beg jungler to gank” actually there are a lot of champion with a strong early AND mid game like renekton or pantheon who are more user friendly than her and don’t requires the skill of freezing lane or to trade at the very exact moment or to use ult’s procs for activate sheen.

Wouldn’t Wukong still be strong as Wukong has his armour shred? Head over to github. Why not just nail the entire team with leona ult? That being said, she requires considerably more finesse now that her E no longer procs her Q.

As i remember, she was intented as a ADC, but she isnt good at it. Syncite January 31, Goeff Spunkerfitchen January 31, Guest January 31, Personally the spell shield glitch is extremely rare and in fact in LCS sivir wasn’t banned because of how rare the glitch was so honestly i don’t think it was making as much of a difference regarding her position in the god tier.


I think it’s not rly good. Swain has become a huge solid pick for me, and I find losses very scattered when I’m playing him.

LoL 3v3 Tier List

Even when they don’t do well, their team still has a good chance of a comeback victory by utilizing one or more aspects of builld late game utility. Compared to before, he is much less reliable. These champions can still do very well, but tend to need a little more snowballing to get rolling.

I don’t play Zed by myself but he is probably one of the hardest match-up for me in general, so I’m trying to keep eye on him. Mac Morris January 31, Also the pet is not very resistant and die over time Btw this tier list is for how consisten these champions are not how powerful, if it was one of their power then lb is got ;antheon withuth dooubt.

KingoftheSocks January 31, Players in Bronze – Gold this demographic is effectively panthein additional weighting in the list because of polking extremely high proportion of players in them are generally better off with other supports, who can more consistently contribute their utility than Thresh. T Has no mobility. The meta is going more towards tanky- and Wukong has a horrible time with tanks Malphite, Renekton, Garen, etc in early laning phase.

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Sharantil January 31, Kaneusta January 31, They need gold to do their job correctly, and if they don’t get enough of it, they become sandbags for the enemy team to punch. Get the Desktop Client to get champion statistics like this, automatically!

She has a permaslow to quite a lot. Lordkaiser January 31, Sorry man but im not fan of exotic stuff such as malzahar AD If panthekn have sivir ult on you, why would you want to stop and then throw a delayed single target skillshot with the chance to miss?

Log in or Sign ollking. Is there any ad assassins that are really sticking out in the meta? WindAeris January 31, Simply, she has the second most large range in the game. MgDark January 31, You moved Jarvan IV to God Tier Top Lane, but did not seasin very much on it, and being a champ I rarely see outside if the jungle I would actually love to hear why you made this move.


Nautilus is probably a high Tier 2 jungler in my eyes. Thresh loses more games than he wins and these other tier lists call him god tier? Im hoping for Ori, because i mean, who doesnt love watching a good shockwave? Patron Hall of Fame. In fact, their win rate is saeson up. Website to open when ‘shift’ and ‘enter’ are pressed at the same time in the ‘champion name’ text field. IceBorn Gauntlet first item always if facing AD. Tom Albers January 31, Seaspn may eat my words when they fix it, but we’ll have to wait and see.

While her ganks are a bit subpar without landing her spear, it’s fairly easy to nail from outside the fog of war. Thresh hasn’t fully recovered from that one, though it wasn’t a huge nerf.

Maripichu January 31, TheTheoryIsYou January 31, Fizz [Tier 3 Mid] – Fizz’s changes made it so that the majority of his damage relies in landing his ultimate, a somewhat fickle skillshot. Malzahar [Tier 1 Mid] – With continued nerfs to his rival champions and their items, Malzahar continues growing in strength. He’s always been a really great AP assassin, especially vs mages, but now that Fizz’s ult builf him a free DFG that will probably change Sometimes your life depends whether enemy Leona, Thresh, Blitz catches up to you where you would instantly pop E, facing even then almost guarantee death and now it provides less defences.

You are wrong and if you don’t like the tier list than leave, i am quite fond of this tier list.

So, she has the second highest winrate. Release yasuo had that winrate so did azir and kalista.