It is also known that Gauti is a step brother of Gauri and hates her. Roshni comes to know about Gauti’s misdeeds. She dislikes Nikhil’s concern for Roshni. In a turn of events, Gauti starts blackmailing Gauri. Visitor , Posted on Thursday, 24 January at Neha is a strong bold girl where Roshni is bit insecure, soft and timid. One is alived that is not known.

Her target — five seniors of her college. The story revolves around a teenage girl named Roshni Kataria who wants to take revenge from five seniors who brutally rag and torture her sister in the college premises eventually leading to her suicide. Hopefully that you will really enjoy the article. Gauri and her gang had pushed Neha off the roof of a building, and killed her. The first button is for Gauti.. Roshni forces each member of the gang to confess their crimes.

We need to verify that you are not a robot generating spam. However, Writer Aseem Arora, confirmed about the second season g development on Twitter in late Riya what mob show ringing what does u mean be clear?

Subscribe to my blog! The whole college is feared by them but Neha doesn’t give into their demands. Shivani testifies against her. Her only saviour is Gautam Laada aka Gauti, younger brother of Gauri who has some kind of a mysterious personality. Well, what can I say. The Television series was a critical and commercial success.

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Neha goes on terrace finds Gauti but she finds out he is alright. Gauri tells Nihal made the mms and he died.


It is also known that Gauti is a step brother of Pxanch and hates her. Paanch 5 Wrongs Make a Right won numerous accolades for its theme of ragging and engaging execution. Neha aspires to become a writer and destiny takes her to Regents College Mumbai. Gauri tells chqnnel on that day in the party Gauri have said Neha that She has refused Gauti soo he cut his viens. She is on the mission to avenge the wrongs of the past. Incase you read my previous blog posts, I Badlein chal duniya – http: There, Neha encounters five seniors who are considered “Devils” of the paanch.

As per the plan Gauti would molest and Gauri will make her mms…. Roshni somehow survives and devices a unique plan to trap Gauri and her Gang. Russian court eplsodes Putin foe under house cyannel However, a channel’s spokesperson declined on Facebook for having a sequel. Roshni comes back home and offers love and condolence to Neha. He was also supposed to be in love with his elder sister Neha too.

Like 0 Dislike 0. The first button is for Gauti. The Show found nominations in all Major Television Award functions in The Gang captures her and tortures her brutally.

In a turn of events, Gauti starts blackmailing Gauri. Gauti shoots Nihal and frames Roshni falsely. Log In Welcome, Login to your account. Later, Gauti and Gauri die in an accident, while fighting against each other.


Views Read Edit View history. Roshni and Nikhil sets up a chamber in Regents College full of traps. Fri, May 09, The five seniors are in their final year and rule the college. Roshni learns that Gauti had attempted to molest Neha.

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Roshni is in love with Gauti, who also pretends to be in love with her. But eventually Roshni becomes victorious by foiling their plans and punishing them. She also manages to defeat Gauri in a race championship at College.

Hopefully that you will really enjoy the article. Watch the last part nd may b u will b clear. The show deals with the theme of “bullying”. Gauri confesses to killing Neha. Roshni loves Neha a lot and quite attached to her.

Badlein chal duniya O Gujariya: As she pressed the Button the door will open for only few Seconds and Only One person can Exit…Gauri press the button…Gauti beats Gauri and tries to escape through the Door…Gauri pulls him and beats him.