After my trial, letters of appeal to the Austrian President arrived from American artists, and from others from all over the world. The actions-analysis had the aim of awakening creativity. I have nothing more. He continued provoking moviegoers the world over, however, making waves with the controversial Sweet Movie and the art-house hits Montenegro and The Coca-Cola Kid Kurt Kren, 16mm, Color, 10 min. I make art because I enjoy it, and naturally, I also want to get something from it.

Someone who has had a bad childhood finds it difficult to recover, stays perverse and needs his porno. At that time, I had the hope that a new work of art could come into being in precisely this way, one that renewed and rejuvenated itself in an evolutionary way. By David Sterritt Jun 18, But they are already gnawed-up carcasses. Kurt Kren, 16mm, Color, 3 min. From the outset, he always filmed only individual settings, which he then cut quickly so that it looked like movement. The story, if you can call it that, also involves a sailer and a girl named Capt. I was pleased that someone filmed the actions at all.

An Actionist Begins to Sing: An Interview with Otto Mühl

But the most important thing was the evolution in my thinking. And that forces the viewer to confront his or her own affective responses, as much as the images that provoke those swest. They wanted to completely finish me off.

The Lascivious Wotan Director. I see something similar in Jackson Pollock when he drips. It no longer fluttered, and went about with me willingly. I think homosexuality is a product of education.


There are far too many episodes, sequences and scenes which muuehl far beyond anything we have allowed to date, in several areas.

It reminds one of a silent film. I wanted to film this movie, and everything was agreed upon. We have allowed him to grow up in the ghetto. Suddenly we see him covered in his own excrement and being cleaned up.

That is my big idea. I took the artificial teeth out, put them back upside-down in my mouth and played Mr.

The first materials were wood and canvas. I fetched two of these buckets and worked them into a picture.

Sweet Movie,The Otto Muehl Collection,Vienna Actionist Films.

In my 10 years of continuous Actionism, which practically speaking began in with the destruction of the canvas, I worked my way through paintings to spatial figuration and finally to temporal events. His films include Mama and Papa and Sodoma It lasted two years.

The art is in the staged happening with objects and material. He came closer and closer and it was dangerous. It is something critical. That time I was acquitted by the state prosecution, who said it was a matter of art.

Then there are other aims. The Dadaists tried to eliminate art.

France Canada West Germany [1]. Retrieved from ” https: Kurt Kren, 16mm, Color, 4 min. The spectators rejected the slaughter of the goose. All that is left over are the bony remains.

If you ottl it further, then you will become world famous. I had another 1 kg. Still, the film ends with a still on a final shot in which the teenage boys murdered by Anna Planeta, whose corpses are laid out on the verge of the canal, stir into life and begin to emerge from their body bags.


I could no longer work in my studio. The creative process of formation was more important than the production of pictures. When Anna Planeta is neither fucking the sailor nor brooding on the bow of her ship, just above the Marx figurehead, she is busy seducing underage teenage boys they look to be about 14whose violated corpses are later retrieved from the ship by the Dutch police. It is artificially produced. Now is the time in which the worms begin to gnaw at me.

She rushed the ladder on eweet I stood and screamed: I was 4 or 5 years old. This assertion is a total misrepresentation of reality. Was this review helpful to you?

Sweet Movie | British Board of Film Classification

Nevertheless, in many respect, it goes beyond the standards of taste which the Board is currently prepared to accept’. It was shortly before St. There were even old roller blinds there. Naturally one has to do all kinds of things to achieve that. The State needs the whorehouse moviw the maintenance of law and order.