From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Although things are fine at first, Akiko begins to express her incestuous love for her older brother, who only sees her as his little sister. OniAi – Ana’s Confession awnglier 3 years ago. Japan, it’s time to stop. Later, when Akito takes ill, his cohabitants argue over who should be able to take care of him before deciding to take shifts doing so. The series is published by Media Factory and since December and ended in January 25, with a total of 12 volumes released. Kiss on my Deity Baka and Test:

Retrieved October 9, The credits roll with Akito explaining that he is not actually related to Akiko by blood, but that he prefers to keep that to himself since he believes that Akiko needs a brother to look up to. Summon the Beasts Baka and Test: Which one is the bathroom? There are two manga adaptation series, both serialized in Media Factory’s Monthly Comic Alive magazine. When their search turns up nothing and they lose each other whilst going home, Anastasia reminisces about how she and the Himenokoji twins met. K1 Anime 10 months ago.

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I own nothing, all rights go to Nasuhara’s Cute Side Hector Wakefield 1 years ago. Avril Onizi – Girlfriend https: OniAi Episode 6 Genres: Akiko is Embarrassed and Happy Pakize Bavaro 1 years ago. Later, when the door to the shed is locked, Arashi attempts to take advantage of Akito. Some of the funniest anime kissing scenes in anime ever!

Akiko then apologises to Akito for having doubts as to whether he would come back for her after being separated. The gang returns from the woods without seeing any ghosts, but after Kaoruko and a litter of kittens turn up in the yard, the apparition of green flames sends everyone scurrying into Akito’s room for cover. Video Information Below Outro Music: Later, Ginbei, Anastasia, and Arashi move into the same dormitory, much to Akiko’s dismay.


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When Akito goes to collect the laundry from the line and moves on to Akiko’s panties, Akiko rushes out and falsely accuses him of having perverted thoughts. Nasuhara Countered by Akito Sauce: In response to the episoee, the cohabitants resolve that Akito and Akiko must sleep in separate rooms. Having read over the material Akito submitted for publication, Kaoruko begins to question whether Akito has incestuous feelings for his sister.

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K1 Anime 10 months ago. Akito eventually tides over the situation by declaring that he loves them both as sisters.

The credits roll with Akito explaining that he is not actually related to Akiko by blood, but that he prefers to keep that to himself since he believes that Akiko needs a brother to look up to. Also, finally edited with OniAi, It transpires that Kaoruko caught Akito’s illness and sleeps in the editorial offices, agonising about the worst possible scenarios regarding what she believes is Akito’s feelings for his sister.


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OniAi – Cutest Scene Swineminator 6 years ago. Miulei 5 years ago. Arisa, Ginbei, Akiko, Anastasia, and Arashi go shopping for swimsuits and then ask Akito to decide which one is the best. Imouto wants a Kiss from Onii-chan Amai Anime 25 days ago.

OniAi – Ana’s Confession awnglier 3 years ago. Kaoruko has a fever-induced dream that she and Akito’s cohabitants have entered a polygamous marriage with him.

Its first volume was released on November 22, From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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The series has also been released in 6 volumes, between February 23,[4] and May 23, Amv Echhi Eliecer Lopez 5 years ago. Onii chan dakedo Ai – Ginbei cuida de Akito Onii-chan dakedo ai sae areba kankeinai yo ne cap 9 momentos divertidos Onii-chan OniAi Thanks gogoani,e watching: Para todos los pervert’s del anime compilacion disfrutenlo!! Retrieved May 25, Oniichan dakedo Ai sae Areba Under Section of the Copyright ActWorks of Silver Link.

Akiko is Embarrassed and Happy Sauce: OniAi Episode 2 Genres: With Arisa’s arrival at the dormitory, Epiosde believes that her chances of having Akito to herself are threatened and challenges Arisa to a series of competitions to determine who is better suited for Akito.