Ilaiyaraaja has set a new benchmark in musical score in India and has raised the bar to international standards. Go watch it for Mysskin and Maestro. But the movie The Masterpiece is not getting the Reward And the award it deserves, not even from the natives! This is clearly my view on the film and only mine. Snigdha Akolkar, Kalaiyarasan, Myshkin. When you are shown a city that is glowing even during the nights, artists who perform extra ordinarily well, Illayaraja’s symphony, a story that is just like a fairy tale, one must say ‘Cant ask for better’. I must admit the movie was a cult classic though.

The entire film happens during one night in Chennai. Hope audience turn out to watch such films. I loved the flashback of Mysskin where the whole picture comes clearer with the perfect examples of Wolf,Lamb,Bear and Tiger.. Is it another move to create Black humor? The movie begins with Saradha murder. That doesn’t ensure movie quality,mind it Mysskin. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin.

Though some elements used in such films are repeated it is not a hindrance for the Wolf and the lamb. But there will be characters that perform heroic deeds” He said Mysskin is back with a simple story line pictured in brilliant way.

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He proves that his perfection in his every shot. A special mention to young Sree from Vazhakku enn for he did a fine job too. The Story is about a man who is a killer by profession trying to seek a redemption over a night. There is no romance onlije the movie, but it has got lots of love. The other tiny flaw is few loose dialogs at the start of the onyum.

When you are shown a city that is glowing even during the nights, artists who perform extra ordinarily well, Illayaraja’s symphony, a story that is just like a fairy tale, one must say ‘Cant ask for better’.


No boring flashbacks, the story telling was at different level altogether.


So all the melodrama in that scene didn’t work at all. Hats off to Myshkin. It should the carry the content,sequences. However on a rare occasion, things don’t go according to plan and he ends up in the clutches of a movke gang who demand schemes from him for money.

Ashok Selvan, Janani Iyer, V. The cinematographer must surely given the credit to have visualized the city extremely well. Raja sir music is a great plus to the film.

I finish off by congratulating Myssikin for providing a brilliant masterpiece to the Tamil audience. Consequences after the incident tells a heart touching flashback saying how Wolf was caught into the tragedy and what he is trying to do.

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A must watch movie for this who enjoy movie making. At the end of day you will have a feel of experiencing,what is supposed to be world class cinema.

The latter was a fresh breath into the Indian Cinema and never fails to fascinate me with its innovative screenplay and clever,smart dialogue. A movie for all and a movie masterpiece that should be appreciated movis well as endorsed by every sensible movie buff! Snigdha Akolkar, Kalaiyarasan, Myshkin.

Sathya and Kiruba are friends. The scene in the climax where the hero would naturally take the turn to go to the other and a killer who got red handed. Unlike his previous five attempts in the film industry, this time he perfectly syncs the basic human feelings like devotion,fear,helping tendency,thinking and etc in the story line.


A simple script but shot well entirely without any drags. After a long time aatkuuttiyum a very good satisfaction watching this movie. I can’t say the reason for this. Tamil New Wave Cinema. The movie begins with a break neck pace and proceeds at an even pace right till the finish.

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And unwittingly the young man’s destiny is tied up with man whom he saved a killer on the run. Ilayaraja’s background score is helping us travel behind the Wolf and the Lamb.

The cinematography was stunning, considering the fact that almost the entire movie was shot at night. No songs, but has melody; no comedian, but has humor! Entire film has been shot in Chennai during the nights. Start your free trial.

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Dhole as Adithya Bharath As usual in Myskin’s, everybody lived as character except few clitches in Police dialogues. Location, Camera views, the way story moves are the unexpected keys to the film’s success.

Screenplay is so good that it sticks to story and only to the story. Onnayum Aatukuttiyum- The Wolf and the Lamb. Works better in a cartoon,Mysskin. Sure one of the onatum movie of recent times it keeps our fingers engrossed for a little onlline two and a quarter of hours.

Audible Download Audio Books. Myskin as an actor, lived in the movie.