I liked all three actors: Episode 5 by TeriYaki. Loved the first episode! Worst yet, the shaman worries that Soon-ae will encounter a body whose frequency matches hers perfectly—and if she enters that host, she might get trapped inside. For the same reason Viki doesn’t have it. Add “and that’s a really important thing to share”. I quite like that our characters already know each other.

Kat July 3, at She’s a sweet girl and doesn’t need to change who she is at heart, but she could immensely benefit from gaining a bit of confidence and not always apologising, including when she’s clearly not at fault. Maybe she’s not dead yet that’s why she can block the ball. Not only is she forbidden to light incense in her room, the landlord even kicks her out. I’m enjoying this thnx for the recap. JCW July 3, at 8: Park Jung Ah Main Cast. In the preview she does say she feels like she knows him and his role is suppose to be more on the second lead level.

Nessie July 4, at 5: No, women aren’t there to be pretty for you Lee Jung Eun Supporting Cast. Totally a fan of Kim Seul Gi.

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I am a little worried about how the romance will go. If she’s got some sort of “past” that affects her until now, this is exactly episoe would make the drama more than just a rom-com, but give it the depth to also touch heart. Their relationship is a riot. You can subtitle on Viki and be part of the community too!


Usually i don’t like first episodes, but this one wasn’t bad. Bong-sun sighs in relief.

Cast – Oh My Ghostess. And wow the lead actor is so cute and hot. So its great that I can just read the plot here and continue with the series from next week. I also liked this because it reveals a lot about his character. Episode 6 by Helcat. So I like that Bong-sun feels sympathetic but not aggravating; it probably helps that her timidity is presented as her biggest flaw rather than a noble virtue.

She notices a baby sitting in a stroller nearby gurgling happily at her—it can see her. Thanks to you I felt butterflies, and thanks to you I was happy, and thanks to you I felt pain, and felt pain, and felt more pain.

I liked all three actors: Even she looks surprised. Download the latest version here. He orders her to get on, and they zoom off together. I’m irked on how the leads will develop love line when they are completely two episods person possessing same body.

I hope to tie him well!

The scene where she blocks lh ball, go back a tad and you’ll see her trying to move a can tab with no success. Ajumma grabs her and drags her away, never mind that she looks like a nut to everyone around them.

Park Bo Young is perfect! Fingers crossed it’ll be good! Dramanive rooms are tiny and the kitchen is a shared space, so when she practices cooking late at night, a resident complains of the noise.

Oh My Ghost

The shaman chases Soon-ae through the streets, and Soon-ae pauses at the bus stop and spies a likely host. It wouldn’t have sounded terribly bizarre to me, if I’d learnt somehow, someday, from a ghost-ess, maybe?


One thing’s for sure, I’ll definitely check out the next episodes! He’s a bit lacking socially doesn’t socialise with his staff but when others think he’s meeting a woman he’s drinking non-gourmet coffee and chatting with fish ahjummas. First episode was okay. Kang Ki Young Supporting Cast. Kim Seul Gi Main Cast. It dramanicee nice seeing Park Jung-ah despite the limited screen-time that she had; it’s really too bad that she pretty much has stopped her singing career since she really does have a really nice and powerful voice.

Shin Eun Kyung Supporting Cast. A slow start, but I’m excited to see where this goes.

Community hasn’t filled out any information yet. Sun-woo heads home, and the first thing he does as he settles in is google himself.

Kang Ki Young Supporting Cast.

Bong-sun stands outside the restaurant, thinking her last goodbyes. Perhaps it was a typo? She is determined to seduce as many men as possible and lose her virginity so that she can go happily into the afterlife. Soon-ae is totally confused as Joon pulls her inside the restaurant, and she blinks up at the frazzled staff.

The female lead is walking around like a zombie drmaanice lack of sleep. Log in with Email.