Good for guild wars. This enormous tutelary statue was created from the ancient strength of elves so it has a power to protect itself from the evil sprits which keeps away Kundun’s troops. Initial status without a contract: Tax adjustment menu Apply the adjust tax rate details clicking the “Apply” button Collected tax will be displayed at the senior NPC and only the lord of a castle can make a withdrawal. After creating account you’ll need to download the game: You’re in the game! It was hard, but i stopped.

Here is more detailed guide. After creating account you’ll need to download the game: This will help against fire. By pressing on knight which sits on chest and you are in: There is no peace on this world. Balrog, a foul beast located on the top floor that flourishes a scythe waiting for its prey. Really nice attack speed. Blade Knight Skill attack power:

Balrog, a foul beast located on the top floor that flourishes a scythe waiting for its prey. To cancel your guild open guild window and press cancel. You’ll have two options: Its always the same, not really hard, but not peace o’ cake either. Players can view the location being attacked when using the siege weapons. Use, it helps ALOT in hard sittuatios. If you die in the are, you will be summoned to entrance of Valley of Loren Level Limit Authority will be given to a guild which won from the Castle Siege and the area for hunting might be restricted for normal users by the guild.

Level Lost Tower 7: They just help you to not be poisoned.

It is Miracle Staff Etramu, the greatest wizard once possessed. The strongest monsters live here.


MU Online | Medieval Fantasy MMORPG

By using item combinations via the Chaos Goblin, three high class items can be made: When an alliance guild wins the castle while the castle gates are destroyed, the gates will not be restored until the siege is over. You should see the gameguard nusvos and game starts.

Antonias a foolish seasno, blinded by ambition, deceived by the evil sorceress Lemulia, unknowingly let loose upon the world, Kundun, the Devil of Darkness, a demon difficultly confined by the seal of Etramu. More info comming soon.

Global MU Online – Global and Item FAQ

Write me if you have to say etranu about him. The Archangel, injured and in peril; summons forth the warriors of MU, to come aid him in his most dire time of need. God bless, hope to see Ya soon. No shops no quest. Place Gemstone in the machine and press the “OK” button to refine. This is for more skilled players.

Kundun’s forces haven’t been able to head north and now the frontline is in a deadlock. Orbs also drain mana. Posted October 18, To enter the illusion event you must form a party consisting of 5 people. There are 5 altars around the statue for protection and when these altars are destroyed the statue will lose its power to protect the Fortress of Crywolf. Kill Points will be earned by a character that delivers the final killing blow.

Therefore Kundun has commanded Lemuria to dispatch troops to the Fortress of Crywolf to overcome a situation. Blood Castle in Events.

Illusion temple lvls Once the event start has been announced you have 5 minutes time to go to the Illusion Temple NPC Event square ,21 and register for the level range you are in: At the first time when Vucanus appeared, a great number of lava suddenly gushed. More about quests read at quest section The Dungeon is a formidable cave located to the north of Lorencia.


One of Weapons in Mu Online that the King of Wind Devil Spirit possessed, numerous blades attack enemies through the wind and rush at the enemies like a storm.

Do you wanna to try it?

Global MU Online – Global and Item FAQ

The tower is divided into a shielded entrance and an upper floor. Can be used when a sword is equipped.

sexson Highest degree of difficulty, best items and treasures, prime hunting spot for exceptionally strong adventurers. Once a player has received the item he will be slowed. If you are poisoned, they will not help you at all. Get 5 peices of symbol of kundun.

Just like da health potions: Is it hard to play with her?: Strong monsters live here. Strong adventurers may challenge the Hydra and his army of sea monsters. Here you can find whatever server you want. Attack 94 Attack Speed If no, it’s waist of time. Elves start theyr journey here.