The Uncanny Noroi: It is perhaps THE creepiest film I have ever watched. How was the shrine early in the movie connected to any of the other events, and why would Marika have seen or heard anything there? It totally wrecked me in a wonderous way. Gambit 8 January Why does Kobayashi show up to ask about baby noises next door to begin with? Firstly do not compare this to Blair Witch, this movie deserves far better than that! It starts out incoherent.

The cinematography is intentionally gritty because all of the footage is supposed to represent videos shot on camcorders. I won’t spoil the story for you as if you didn’t already know bout it from browsing the IMDb boards but there are a lot of seemingly random events happening on screen which make a lot of sense once the movie reaches its horrific conclusion s. Notify me of new posts via email. I also quite liked the transition of the kid at the end from bloody face to Kagutaba mask and back again, which was pretty subtle and simple, but very effective. There are some things that aren’t really explained like a mass suicide in a Tokyo park and where the reincarnated Kagutaba-boy came from but everything else turned out fine. It’s the stuff that nightmares are made of. The documentary type-style makes the viewer more involved in piecing together the mystery, as if it’s a Yeti documentary, and you’re a fellow Yeti-hunter. You have to pay attention to those unrelated details given throughout the film and the payoff is great when, in course of the film, these things start to intertwine one another.

That helps to break up some of the monotony usually associated with films shot in this particular style. The talk show appearance a reminder of One Missed Call. The actors did a good job. Technology cannot protect you from the ancient threat you’ve ignored.

The increase in popularity is earned because Noroi is…. I just watched this the other day for the second time, niroi it was just as terrifying the second time around. Simply put, Noroi is probably one of the best horror movies I have joroi seen and I have seen a lot!

The documentary style filming just makes it farm more believable.

Japanese speaker here, and yes, there synopsks some translation issues. The Curse by knowing little or nothing about it save that it is a fake paranormal vhs doc, the last of its line, as the researcher responsible has disappeared after uncovering a story too vast to be fit onto vhs cassettes.


I watched Ju-On on Netflix but found it completely incoherent. Upon further retrospection, it took some of the scariness away because they told the viewer that Kobayashi went missing after the house fire, which implied that he was fine up until that point.

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I hated the way in a good way they paused the clip on a scary image and zoomed into it with that horrible music! There’s a sinister atmosphere from the start, but the film manages to be quite funny at times through it’s use of stupid variety show footage. I think Junko moves because she rightly fears exposure. I do think that the faux-documentary style and mystery aspect works well in terms of giving the characters something to do while the backstory and tone of the film is being setup though.

The fact that this doesn’t scream “supernatural evil! This came exceedingly highly recommended, and it stuck the landing pretty well, but it suffered from three major flaws. Use the HTML below.

Noroi: The Curse ノロイ () – Genkinahito

November 15, at 9: The whole thing is played low-key by the large cast which adds to the atmosphere and allowed me to enjoy the unfolding of the mystery. That immersion is never…. Otherwise, pretty good stuff. Understanding the “ritual” vs “festival” difference might also help put Kobayashi’s call to the town hall people into perspective – sure, they are happy to put him in touch with a local cultural historian willing to talk about that old festival.

The actors aren’t really required to do a whole…. So watch this with an open mind and give it a fair chance.

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Their silly traditions were scoffed at. The Uncanny Noroi: Totally – and even though welcoming an orphan into your family home is generally considered an unbelievably kind act in the West, you’ll get no arguments here that, in this specific context, it was one batshit cray-cray choice by The Kobayashis.

Speaking to her parents, Kobayashi learns a man named Mitsuo Hori visited Kana. Fucking love the evil synth soundtrack, too. I mostly enjoyed this, though I wasn’t the least bit scared until the last 20 minutes or so. Rinse and repeat until finally everyone is killed off because otherwise it wouldn’t be found footage. This was probably the most boring, uneventful, and excruciatingly dull film that I’ve seen in a really long time.


While the vast majority of the film is raw footage, one of the characters is introduced via a segment on a Japanese game show, a major plot point is revealed through an old home video and the conclusion comes from straight-up found footage with no documentary angle. However, there is no way that in our world the video editor would see fucking Slenderman in the woods behind Marika and then just edit it out quietly and not mention it to anyone until Kobayashi came knocking. The cinematography is intentionally gritty because all of the footage is supposed to represent videos shot on camcorders.

Edit Did You Know? It does not get boring for a moment. The tension building is slow and steady, but I feel it could have revealed a little more than it did.

I don’t know that I would have found an American nlroi with western celebrities playing themselves less scary, necessarily — there’s something kind of Lynchian about it — but I’m sure it would give me a different feeling than the one I had watching Noroi ; less horror, more metafiction.

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Noroi: The Curse ノロイ (2005)

Six other people died too, including Osawa. Worth any synopais fan’s time. Fortunately, this is all changing, but slowly. Psychic Boy Satoru Jitsunashi For example, I think one of the best scenes is when they take the boat out to the former location of the shrine in the middle of the day which is not really an inherently scary situation without the buildup that happens beforehand.

I really enjoyed Noroi and may need to rewatch sometime in a better viewing environment not a sunny day while being constantly interrupted. It makes the experience all the much better. Something weird in your neighborhood, and who you gonna call?

Contrary to something like Blair Witch Project or Paranormal Activity, we’re not seeing raw footage here, but a finished product.