The final boss remix! Wave Taste and Pig City. Wacky Workbench , a Western-sounding track that goes with the wide open space around the area that can be seen in this time period’s version of the factory while it is under construction. Very very faithful to the original. Another piano theme, Beneath The Ashes , is one of the best songs in the entire album. The Ending Theme must be mentioned as a more than fitting a celebration for beating the game.

Brawl ‘s awesome soundtrack. Sky Chase is appropriately light and ethereal for a level in which Sonic or Tails if you’re playing as him rides on the wings of a biplane. Both songs have a very Knuckles’ Chaotix feeling to them and the latter has a more prehistoric feeling going on for it. Notably it, along with Star Light Zone, was reused as the music on the option screens for Sonic Advance. Just wait till that riff kicks in at 2: This remix of Radical Train is made of win.

You can practically hear the sky clouding over the Green Hill Zone when this music kicks in for the first time. The heavy-rock Modern Mushroom Hill. If unleashwd can find out what the problem is let me know by contacting me on discord: Tidal Tubes is the final zone in the game to use the past and future gimmicks but that still doesn’t stop it from having awesome music. Let’s throw a few names in, shall we? She isn’t that close with Sonic, but is on good terms eepisode him no less and wants to save newgroundx like everyone else.

The final boss theme is a dark reprise of the main theme neg, something rather familiar to those who have played the post games. Overclocked Re Mix has albums covering sonnic complete soundtracks of the main-series Genesis games: Dragon Road Day already has great electronic backings, but combining it with traditional chinese intrumentation and good piano work makes it sound amazing!


Sky Chase is appropriately light and ethereal for a level in which Sonic or Tails if you’re playing as him rides on the wings of a biplane. The music for Marble Zone has an appropriately sinister edge for a set of lava-based levels. How about the Act 2 Sky Base? For its other flaws, this game had some pretty good music; Blizzard Coast for example. Combining both epiaode boss tracks literally means “work that sucker to death! The Super Smash Bros.

Some fans have even considered it an unofficial theme to Generations. Shame you only hear it once and for a few seconds. The Boss Rush variant also absolutely rocks. North American Soundtrack Sonic Boomand the ending version.

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The tropical sounding music for Palmtree Panicwhich is more laid back than the present music, fitting for the prehistoric setting the past takes ndga in. Drop that generic fat beat! For Sonic ’06they actually did a remix of this song for Sonic’s ending, and they did it with Akon! Sonic the Hedgehog CD Where to begin? If it’s Knuckles, he did it. The music for Newgrkunds Sonic’s fight with Eggman perfectly captures the New Jack Swing style of the classic games, even when it kicks into high gear during the second phase.

Tikal’s themeas mysterious and mystical as the girl herself.

Sonic & The Dark Emeralds Episode 3 (Original)

In The Best of Crush 40 Super Sonic Songs album, there are a few minor changes made to this song such as added distortion on the bass and the echo on the vocals at the end being episodw.

The music from the section down in the sewers is worth losing the pinball tables with less than a hundred rings or going in as Tails just to listen to. Act 1 offsets the frustration that usually accompanies such levels with a catchy, jazzy tune, but when Sonic is sucked down a drain between Acts 1 and nnewgrounds, the Act 2 remix kicks up the adrenaline level as the stakes are raised for the impending confrontation with Eggman. Lava Reef Zone Act 2 has added great guitar riffs to make it a smoother theme.


Fist Bump gets dpisode nice Genesis styled cover for the invincibility power up and it sounds pretty good.

To go newground with his return, Metal Sonic gets a glorious remix of his theme. It is very eerie which is fitting for a base of Dr.

How ’bout some event music? The boss theme of Sonic Runners is fantastically catchy.

A frantic beat giving an air of playfulness, yet still dark and sinster enough to remind you who’s playground you’re running through. It’s smooth, suave, and awesome. Final Feverwhen it’s finally time to drive the man himself from the Little Planet once and for all.

Act 3 starts impressively with a synth made sound like a guitar-riff. Boss – Eggman vs. Charles Fucking Hamilton and Wiz Khalifa before he became famous. The final boss remix! Carnival Night Zone Act 2.

There’s also the Sonic Pocket Adventure version of it. More Drowning Music of Trauma. Classic Remix of Crisis City is made of awesome. While Hideki Naganuma didn’t return, the composers Tomoya Ohtani, Mariko Nanba, Seirou Okamoto did a good job of imitating his style while giving it their own spin.