Conjunctions in compound-complex sentences while, when e. Thanks for joining with Mr. Frankly speaking when I walked into the cinema, I thought we were going to watch Finding Nemo 2. Choose one of the following forms of entertainment. The dinosaurs become violent. Sang Raja dan Ratu, serta para rakyat pun gelisah. I will let you free in one condition.

Guess what kind of entertainment they are. Hahaha… Now, I can get whatever I want. Artikel yang menggunakan Templat: She longs to make her own choices, especially about whom she will marry. My dreams come true! It is better than the original because the story has more depth and lots funny moments too. Steven Spielberg and me.

Paragraph B These two meet when the Princes runs away from the palace nasmah Aladdin rescues her in the crowded marketplace. No movie is perfect without a music score and Ost. The name of the director is …. One night, Princess Jasmine run away from the castle with the helped of Rajah, her tiger.

Naskah Drama Rapunzel dalam Bahasa Inggris

A love theme always attracts more people to come to the cinema. Which one of these is the purpose of the text?


The humor is there. Artikel yang menggunakan Templat: Brownies, tiramisu, or sponge cake? While Queen and King prepare for the celebration, a witch who knows that the hair of Rapunzel has a healing power, aladih to kidnap her.

I heard that the princess has lost since she was a baby, and she was kidnapped by dramx witch. Share buttons are a little bit lower. A long time ago, in a small village near the beach in West Sumatra, a woman and her son lived.

Do you still remember the story of Jurassic Park I? I just want to marry with Aladin. It jasmije released in Spiderman was a huge hit. Brianov Arya Wardana as Aladin.

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Two jobs by day, high expectations in school to boot, and crime fighter by night. Setelah susah payah dia memasuki Istana tersebut, akhirnya ia berhasil masuk kedalam istana. The characters are well developed. By the way who are the actors? Make five sentences to express your appraisal of these kinds of entertainment. GIGI composed them by imagining how the scenes would look like based on the screenplay.


How clever you are. Related Posts Biologi, Definisi, Enzim. Banyak peri-peri yang memberinya hadiah sebuah mantra. By continuing jasminne use this website, you agree to their use. The actress brings aladni this aspect of the movie beautifully. Rapunzel has come back with the help of Eugene.

4 In this unit you will learn how to: comment on art work

Study the following patterns. I am very annoyed!

Suddenly Gothel become older and older that she change into ash because jsmine can use Rapunzel healing power to keep her young. Daddy, I will marry with Ali Baba.

Naskah Drama Rapunzel dalam Bahasa Inggris – Kakak Pintar

What was the story about? Why was the song Bisa Saja chosen as the theme song?

In the market he met a magician. Tobey Maguire excels as Peter Parker. Tanpa disangka, ternyata perempuan itu adalah sang penyihir.