Talk to an Anttorney – the reason I say this is – when your gets denied wrongfully your Attorney will tell you if the REASON was wrongful – say AC21 old employer revoke after days – then an MOTIC whould resolve your issue – which typically takes a few weeks to 2 months or a bit more. OK I thought I had a pretty well thought out plan in my head that I had been planning for years but if you pinky promise that you’ll definitely do it then I will totally believe you. On the upside, Naruto has some of the best fighting animations ever and some of the Shippuuden fighting scenes are a beauty to watch. It’s an awesome manga, made by one of the most famous manga writers ever, Takehiko Inoue. Why can’t you revise the ad before publishing it so you do not have to resort to such measures? And now, he needs to carry AP while traveling? I don’t see why most pages being black and white would bother you, it’s not like it limits the artists.

What’s wrong with just a MS? I’ll definitely make it. The plot is interesting but all the big reveals will happen in the final arc which won’t be getting animated since the anime ended, but I believe it will return once the manga is far enough ahead. This is a grey area subject to interpretations. Can I interest you in Sword of the Stranger for some sweet samurai action? One Piece is a priority,make sure you skip all the fillers. Did you sent your Medical Reports? Yangire it’s comparatively better than bleach, naruto, and one piece which are bad in their own right.

I have already done it as I am just an alien waiting for permanent residency and I do not want my money stuck in any of the investment vehicles in a foreign land making it difficult for me to take it along with me when the day comes to leave the country. Build up is fine but as mentioned One Piece’s build up is simply too long. I mean reading Hajime no Ippo and Slam Dunk is so much more fun than watching it in my opinion. Still read it though just for the heck of it. Few days back when we called his office, his position was different.


I’ll definitely make it. Hi, I will be applying for LC in a few days. In any case, the answer to your Q1 is Yes. Bleach- The anime is faithful to the manga and while there are episodes you can skip out on about because their fillers.

I still have not watched bleach, naruto, one piece anime/manga, are they good?

It could take anywhere from half an hour to 1 week. The fights suck compared to the rest. I 105-180 explaining that receipt date has no relation to PD, but it was a lost cause. They often go against the most basic forms of storytelling, and instead become about power levels and whatnot.

One piece- Been great from start till now but has pacing issues. It will proably take another 10 years of arcs that are better than DBZ before Oda finishes it.

Naruto: – Anime Sub Indo

Well the manga anyway, I don’t really watch the anime only watched a few episodes, the quality seems ok so I can’t really comment on it. In which stage in GC will they look sriously does in conitnue till i stage?

I don’t remember naruot earlier episodes but some the the newer ones are just full of still shots of characters reacting to eepisode which is crazy annoying. I left the employer who sponsored me one year after I filled thanks to July fiasco. The anime is faithful for the most part but it’s spisode you can skip some information that is cannon if you skip the fillers. Oh and how come nobody talks about REAL? It’s kind of like winning the lottery, only one winner and everyone else is a loser.

One Piece is really good, skip the other two. They might be able to resolve this bureaucratic logjam faster than you.

Once your Epiwode gets approved, you are back in status – so it is a big grey area subject to interpretation and Attorneys have different views based on how conservative one wants to be. Z while a continuation of the series, has more to do with sci-fi than mysticism. Naruto it has a lot of cool fights, nice animation and stuff, just fun to watch 2.


Bleach is good until the end of the Soul Narutp arc. WTF does this mean “waiting for a visa number”? In general, the mangas are better as there is no filler and they’re not AS dragged out as the animes.

If you are sure your can get denied for a “right reason” – then MTR or Appeal episoee not work – so you have to work out other options. I strongly recommend reading the manga but feel free to skip out on the anime.

I haven’t read a single chapter of the Naruto manga so I can’t tell you about it, but the anime is almost as 150-1180 as the late BioWare games. Avoid them like you’d avoid the plague or bleach fillers.

Roney Tattoo: naruto shippuden sasuke uchiha

He one-punched knockout’d the foe that several super pro ninjas failed to even scratch. The problem with One Piece tho is that I just get incredibly bored watching them. I would like to know naduto any of you guys had faced this problem, or is the reason given by the representative a genuine one. I have to say though a lot of its fights are average at best imo. One Piece has cool fights but few that make you go “awesome”, also has a lot of boring fights. The plot is basically a kid with a straw hat wanting to become the nr.

Oh and think of an arc as a season of a series not really the best comparison but you get the idea. Ok well it’s not perfect. Sasuke Uchiha Sasuke Uchiha baleraosreedhar. But you could always continue reading the manga, the final arc has the best art style imo.