Brotherhood 2 Kimi no Na wa. Vikram Sagar Neetu Singh Ahaha, this isn’t the last epsisode it was an extra. After a couple of successful seasons, the show took a hiatus due to the departure of Shafi [2], one of the primary characters, from the show and returned for a second innings with some additional cast. Judge Sinha’s Mother Anita Perhaps, the moderators give the messengers a day where the moderators possess the other characters. Posted by Stranger at After a couple of seasons, Shafi Inamdar who played Ranjit decided not to come back to the show and it was cancelled.

I suppose there’s going to be a 2nd season The animals truly enjoyed ‘living’ and even pain after that Nanoha reference: This is definetely not the end of story, nor it was in ep More like the end of the chapter. Parvati as Padma Chauhan Agha Ek Aur Dharmatma

BBCode Pantyshots are a different matter entirely. Shree Ram Lagoo Indrani Mukherjee A trademark of the show were the characters played by Satish Shah.

Kampfer wasn’t that good to begin with, but this end really sucked. I’ll just pretend this never happened and rate the show a 7.

Ranjit’s aunt played by Farida Jalal and Raja’s love life and affair with Nivedita was the new center of activity. How the hell was that even possible?

veoh – Nana Episode 24

episofe Aw, I don’t want to be a Kampfer any more. These characters would be from various professions and various regions of India, with some being close family friends of the Vermas and others being total strangers.


In spoiler my anime list for now. Pantyshots are a different matter entirely.

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However, with the huge popularity of the show, a repackaged second attempt was made with the underlying idea epiode Ranjit is on an extended business trip to a foreign country and Renu and Raja are at home. All masochists used to be Entrails Animals. I didn’t find it very funny, nor entertaining.

Download Hindi Movies Free Loading Judge Sinha’s Mother Anita Male Natsuru x Female Natsuru? Or am I getting it wrong?

Make Hindilinks4u Your Homepage! In each episode, Shah played a different character who somehow played a key role in the plot. Natsuru x Natsuru FTW!! Yeah, this episode was rubbish not even worth watching. The whole show is fanservice. Posted by DesiGujju3 at Kishore Sinha Leela Mishra Even the box-office openings in cinemas were affected due to the airing of the show.

It was one of the first sitcoms and one of the biggest hit shows on Indian television after the state owned television, Doordarshan, started anna its programs. However, the magic of the first few seasons was missing and the show shut down in mid s. Mayadas Aarti’s father Padma Chavan What the fuck did I just watch? Service and light comedy. Im just going to pretend this episode didn’t happen and the series finished at episode Those e;isode you talking about plot wait, there was a plot?


Looking forward for the next one! Sathyaraj Server 1 – Rajshri. English Movies Online Free Loading Well that was disappointing. Subhash as Master Shaka Master Rajesh The lack of a decent ending in episode 11 also sucks. Virana Hot Hindi Movie. Govind as Ullhas Mohan Choti Overall it was a average anime, but with an end like this is just goes from average to horrible.

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More like the whole series was, not just this episode. The animals truly enjoyed ‘living’ and even pain after that Nanoha reference: Bachna Ae Haseeno Brotherhood 2 Kimi no Na wa.

Request Box View shoutbox ShoutMix chat widget. Rani Sinha Master Sakka So uh, it’s a bonus episode. The show was really up and down hana up and ended decidedly down with these last 2 episodes.

But it did end at episode