In this the Bernese school teacher Raimund Gregorius holds on the bridge, a young Portuguese woman on it, to plunge into the river Aare. The boys bonded through their love for knowledge, particularly the philosophical and political knowledge not permitted under Salazar. Film , Latest News and Posts. Recalling his stay in another country, said the magic that is a different atmosphere here. Amadeu died in , but does not detract from Gregorius and starts a tour of the city, looking for traces of life of a man who rallied the anti-fascist resistance, whose writings inspired person, still haunt many people. All articles, photos, audio clips and video belong to their rightful owners. Raimund finally meets the woman from the bridge again, in Lisbon; she had felt suicidal because she had just learned from the book that her beloved grandfather was the Butcher of Lisbon, but she is learning to accept this. March 11, Categories:

Retrieved 11 May He also stressed the investment in the current context of crisis, the film will bring to Lisbon, where inject four million euros during the period of filming. Raimund finally meets the woman from the bridge again, in Lisbon; she had felt suicidal because she had just learned from the book that her beloved grandfather was the Butcher of Lisbon, but she is learning to accept this. Reichenbach takes the floor: The director did not fail to emphasize the fact that the story was passed in Lisbon was an important factor in its decision to immediately accept the proposal of the German producer Studio Hamburg, without even reading the first version of the argument. March 11, Categories: Night Train to Lisbon by Pascal Mercier.

March 19, Categories: The trams and buses will be rerouted. Amadeu gave a graduation speech that reflected his contempt for the regime, much to the chagrin of his father, a well respected judge. Nachyzug the same time, it will rebuild your own life from another perspective. Raimund liseabon that Amadeu died of an aneurysmwhich he knew he had, but had not told Adriana about.


Reichenbach takes the floor: It is certainly not a quotation from the book. Moreover, Irons pointed out his passion for Portuguese cuisine: He quipped that just came out of a project based on Henry IV, Shakespeare, and he had to learn a lot about him. The other studio representative, Kerstin Ramcke, gave information about the project, which already takes six years. No copyright infringement is intended by the use of any of the photos, articles, or other information on this website.

Slightly more difficult, the search for an old apartment that could easily pass as the Bern home of Gregory.

While Jeremy Irons in the flashlights of the cameras tend to look bored, Peter Bieri seems not quite in his element. Scroll down for the gallery and click on the thumbnails for larger images. Ana Costa, CineMate the producer, said: Anyone embarking on this adventure, gets reimbursed cost and trouble. Encased in a routine life, Gregorius takes the unexpected decision to enter a train to Lisbon without an apparent reason — after going to the station to deliver the jacket lost a young man who saved him from suicide.

All he finds is a small book, a memoir of sorts, by Amadeu do Prado. On Sunday, the cameras premiete by Danish director Bille August, the fateful meeting at a church-span bridge, was also shot nachtzuh the church school box itself, in an old house, in the Book of Books and wild at the central station. In the film adaptation of the eponymous novel by Swiss author Peter Bieri of the year-old slips into the role of a Bernese teacher who one day breaks out of his everyday life.

Dropping his briefcase, he runs and pulls her down. Now Oscar-winner Jeremy Irons 62 experience as a Latin teacher Raimond Gregory that fateful encounter with an alleged suicide at the church-span bridge that will put his life on its head. The shooting was half-Berne in operation: The film is also playing in the Stars, Bruno Ganz and Vanessa Redgrave will come but not in the federal city in action.


In the hymn of praise to the federal city vote even after the series director and producer. Put themselves in the role of a Swiss father, he remembered — the stars, thank — but not heavy.

Only the weather was a thorn in the film-makers: Raimund learned where she went and went there to see hambrug she was still alive. Retrieved from ” https: Whether this will set his novel justice, Bieri is asked by a skeptical journalist.

Burghart Klaussner, Nachtzug nach Lissabon, Cinemaxx Hamburg, 20.02.2013

Mariana goes to the railway station with him and, at the last moment, suggests he could instead stay. Producer and director to respond with laughter. He was so involved in the screenplay. Films directed by Bille August. The Federation ——————————————————————————————— from Publico.

Burghart Klaussner, Nachtzug nach Lissabon, Cinemaxx Hamburg Stock Photo: – Alamy

Confused and doubtful, Raimund rushes to the station, but the woman is nowhere in sight. The events become a catalyst to Raimund’s life, in a gentle sort of way.

It is stamped with the address of the bookstore, so lissabob goes there. Latest News and Posts. Concerned, Raimund grabs the coat and runs after her, but in vain.

Walking over a bridge in BernRaimund Gregorius, a Swiss professor of ancient languages, notices a young woman in a red coat standing on the railing, about to leap.

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