There are definitely people who interpret it as “just like real life. By sugarplum Started March 3, French is my first language and I swear, sometimes I have no idea what they’re saying! Even “Best Love” had that. He was so hot and intense in that drama. Episodes by odilettante. You should just work hard on Assassin. But seriously we can’t just talk about the slap can we with such an awesome episode of CUTE!

Decent compared to HYS I mean. Aww, I really wanted to watch this episode today, but I dont have subtitles: Acting on intel, her team locates one such source and arranges a hand-off. It’s well shot at all but it doesn’t really grab the audience. I can’t wait until we can see more of Ryu’s feelings for Myung-wol and how he presents them to her. Cynthia July 12, at 7: MywongWol is hospitalized and the media jumps on the story.

I really hope theyll confirm it soon or at least not striking it down, Ill be happy camper Im really looking forward to this one. Understandably, fewer and fewer fans were willing to wait through our process for our subs when others drma so quickly and readily available. He went in korea at 17 years. Javabeans, thanks for recapping this kdrama!

I wasn’t expecting the tone, so inclined to comedy, but Im not complaining either. WvR July 12, at 3: I’m gonna love this Does anyone know of a place to watch this with English subtitles?


Myung Wol the Spy Viki

Annie July 12, at 8: I cant wait to watch eric oppa on screen again!! However don’t quote me but I am pretty sure it will vikki softsubs. Acting on intel, her team locates one such source and arranges a hand-off. My grandmother is originally from the North and she’s kinda of like that. July 11, at 7: I hope this one will be a keeper.

Myung Wol the Spy Viki

Kang-woo hurries back into the room and calls his team for backup, leaving his managers to try to block the persistent paparazzi. Viking or DramaFever hasn’t picked it up yet Zain July 11, at 9: She even went to high school and college in the States, which surprises me because her Korean is more fluent than her English Cynthia July 12, at 7: Watching bits and pieces without subs the scene where KW sneaks photos of MW Specially, since you look like me. Ryu sees Inah losing her purse to the thief and thinks quickly, jumping in to efficiently dispatch the twosome.

I just view North Koreans like that so I think I just associate it with that. I am so happy Eric is frama and it looks like a good one!

I’m still disillusioned from a previous Mon-Tue drama that went downhill after the first week so I’m overly cautious. Yes, she’s Korean American.

South KoreaSingapore. That startles her, and he explains that the kiss far outweighs an autograph — so she can take this memory, cherish it, and quit following him. After extensive press coverage and threats of legal action, Han returned to the set on August 18 and apologized to her fans. Eun-joo tells Myung-wol to get the autograph myungg, taunting her that surely an elite agent such as she would be able to manage it.


He has no idea about Hee Boks real identity.

Episodes by odilettante. I think this happens mgung lot when you become semi-fluent in another language I know I’ve done it: LOL they did it on purpose. No, I think it’s a combination of both.

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That woman cry easier and for shorter times get depressed is not a weekness by any messures it just our way of getting it over with faster while most men that cant cry go under. Eric knows me too? Episode 4 by Regals.

Search multiple engines for Korean Drama. But this drama, just from the stills above, make him look really hot.