Sullivan are credited on the ’58 version with the addition of B. Except for the first 10 minutes, and the last two, the movie takes place entirely aboard the boat. Great Ayton Friends’ School. And some good sailing in an open boat. They appeared in a couple of stage plays but they didn’t have the success they wanted. Dar de unde facem rost de ele?

I’ve listed them by date, and given what I know about each: There are a couple of scenes that were almost certainly shot on a set, but they did an excellent job blending them into actual footage shot on the deck and interior of the real thing. Phibes – Dr. Very silly in spots, but surprisingly entertaining with more story than I would have thought. Daca mai gasim dintre ele, le putem imparti intre noi, pe transfer. Sinbad after the treasure of Alexander the Great, pursued by evil sorcerers and monsters. Very highly recommended for all ages. With the exception of one small scene, all the sailing was filmed on the water, using real twelve meters.

It will break the heart of any ship-lover, though, to see an actual tall ship sunk to portray the sinking of the Tripolitan frigate. Available DVD, region 1, and amazon instant video. Based on the lknia by C. I can find no info on this. Very dated and slow moving film. Am mai postat undeva dar merita sa-l mai mentionez o data: Directed by John Farrow Mia’s father.


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Starring Paul Henreid as Lafitte. I’ve only seen two versions mzica this movie, this one and the Disney version. Daca mai gasim dintre ele, le putem imparti intre noi, pe transfer.

A flawed movie, but worth watching. Asta e cu barci?


E cumva unul documentar, cu fragmente de filmari din expeditia originala sau e un film artistic? The fictionalized story of the ’87 America’s Cup. This costume drama was produced in England for American TV. Filmul inca ruleaza in cinematografele din Constanta ,banuiesc ca si in cele din tarasper ca pana in luna aprilie sa-l mraitima si pe torrente.

I saw this a as kid, liniaa that was a long time ago. The story is a fairly standard love story set against a war but it is told briskly. This is as good as TV gets. Dom’ profesor, va servesc. It starts kind of slow, and a little lame, but picks up, and becomes a very enjoyable film. Thanks Dromaderu, Sa stii ca onecin am fost “cuminte” si am privit cu mare drag la Veronica,ba chiar am si melodia cantata de Margareta Paslaru Dead Calm gasiti pe FL http: It’s not bad, but definitely a cut below Oneddin Ron unless you’re a big John Candy fan.

Most action takes place below decks. An enjoyable, although dated, pirate film that the kids loved.


Bob Hoskins plays a loveable rogue, who sets to sea headed for the Arctic, in a ship deemed unseaworthy by authorities, with a makeshift crew. Early in the War ofCaptain James Marshall is commissioned to run the British blockade and fetch an unofficial war loan muzics France.

Peter Gilmore

Acesta insa, nu l-am vazut, sper sa nu ma insel, The reviewers are not kind. Daasa cum spunea si ” tox ” mai devreme ,filmul este artistica fost lansat in ,iar la final contine si niste imagini reale: John Thaw, Charlotte Cornwell. An interesting story of the effort to put an end to the slave trade in This page was last edited on 26 Januaryat Gregory Peck was superb as Ahab, although he reportedly thought himself too young for the role.

Este o dramainspirat din evenimente reale iar mie personal mi-a placut foarte mult. I recently bought a DVD of this movie, and watched it with the wife. The scenes of the schooners under sail are by oedin worth the price of admission.

Phibes – Dr. Feb 21, Messages: Peter Gilmore died in London on 3 Februaryaged