Retrieved from ” https: Meanwhile, Leonel’s request for another chance falls on deaf ears as Sarah continues to reject his love. Meanwhile, Leonel finally finds the chance to tell Sarah how he feels about her. After discovering that Francis and Sarah have spent the night together, Leonel flies into a rage and ends up beating his brother. Meanwhile, Francis promises Sarah that he will survive his upcoming operation for her sake. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. As Sarah adjusts to her new life, her biological family encourages her to focus on her studies and drop her obligations to her former family. While Leonel gets accused of stealing Adelina’s money, Ignacio hands a man thousands of pesos.

At the hospital, Elvira sees a familiar face from the past. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Sarah has to choose between her real family and the family that she grew up with. Carissa decides to do the right thing by turning down Nicolas’s offer to run away with him. Sarah grows without knowing why her mother hates her so and what, in her infancy, was so quickly stolen from her. Considering the grave repercussions if she continues her relationship with Francis, Sarah faces a dilemma of choosing between fighting for her love for Francis or giving it up to avoid further conflicts.

Francis also tells Sarah how he feels about her. When Sarah octoer of Francis’ pretense, she walks out, but Francis gets a hold of her and motions to kiss her. Muling Buksan ang Puso has captivated more viewers nationwide after it hit its all-time high national TV ratings of Despite his desire to fight for his love for Sarah, Francis decides to free her from all the pain brought by their condemned relationship by leaving the Beltran mansion and going back to his biological family.

Francis must undergo another heart surgery. To keep Francis away from further trouble, Carissa tells him that they will mmuling back to America. The situation worsens when Carissa comes to Marietta’s house and sees Sarah in tears and Francis wounded. Muling Buksan ang Puso aired at 8: Views Read Edit View history.

As the results of the DNA test reach Edmund’s hands, Francis takes the chance to dance with Sarah at Nicolas’s birthday party and bid her goodbye before he leaves for America. While Leonel and Francis together attempt to save Sarah, Anton arrives in the warehouse, holding Adelina and Carissa captive.


Sarah admits bukksan Francis that he also likes him but asks 2103 to take things slow.

“Muling Buksan Ang Puso” Finale Video Features Julia Montes’ Wedding

Meanwhile, a heated confrontation that took place between Leonel and Francis paves the way for Sarah to discover the former’s special feelings for her. Francis, on the other hand, defends Sarah from Marietta’s ill treatment and professes his love for her. Carissa and Marietta comfort each other as their 20133 are all in critical conditions. As she roams the halls, she is drawn to Francis and his beautiful music. At Sarah’s debut, Ignacio lsst an unwelcome distraction from Francis’s blossoming love for Sarah after the man reveals himself as Francis’s real father.

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Meanwhile, Ignacio takes credit for paying for Francis’s medical bills as he secretly serves as the bridge for Edmund and Carissa’s money. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This page was last edited on 14 Septemberat Elsewhere, Marietta makes Leonel lasf between her and Anton.

The main theme song is called “Muling Buksan ang Puso” and has three eisode, two are sung as a solo by singers Lani Misalucha and Erik Santoswhile the third as a duet. This, however, pushes Bernardo to leave his wife. Leonel struggles to deal with the fact that his boss Anton is his father who abandoned him and Marietta 20 years ago.

The past continues to haunt Marietta, and Sarah only serves as its painful reminder. Marietta constantly wants to intend against Carissa.

Marietta, on the other hand, also bears a child after spending the night with Ignacio when her heart gets broken once again. Naval and Manny Q. With her friend and son gone, Marietta is left to endure 16 years of caring for Sarah, Carissa’s real child. Muling Buksan ang Puso official title card. Sarah also confesses her feelings for Francis and finally agrees to commit in a relationship with him. Meanwhile, Marietta thanks her friends and family–including Sarah–for helping her through her illness.


The right time has come for Carissa to get even with Marietta as she finally succeeds in putting the latter to jail for switching their respective child. Adelina reprimands Carissa for telling Francis about his biological father.

Carissa decides to do the right thing by turning down Nicolas’s offer to run away with him. Retrieved from ” https: While Sarah and Francis refuse to go back to their biological families, Carissa vows to win Sarah’s trust by finding out what truly happened on the night Carissa and Marietta gave birth side by side. Taking it upon himself to protect his lovechild with Marietta, Anton vows to take matters into his own hands once his enemies hurt Leonel.

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Sheltered all his life, Francis takes his frustration out on Carissa. To spare Marietta from being jailed, Elvira takes the blame of switching Francis and Sarah at birth. Meanwhile, Francis gets to spend some time alone with Sarah when they find themselves stuck inside the fire exit of Leonel’s condo, leaving their respective families worried for their welfare. Leonel later meets his boss for the first time and discovers the real nature of his job.

However, not long after withdrawing the case against Leonel, Adelina accuses Sarah of stealing her earrings and sends Sarah to prison as well. Marietta becomes desperate to help her mother and even kneels before Carissa in hopes of convincing the latter to withdraw her case against Elvira.

When Ignacio denies that he knows anything about the identity of the assailant, Sarah sets off to search for the truth on her own.

Later, Leonel wakes up briefly but soon dies, while Francis and Sarah’s vital signs deteriorate. Meanwhile, Sarah learns from Francis that Ignacio has a possible connection to the incident.

What Sarah does not know is that the mansion’s owners have returned to San Felipe.