Late November Victor and Agnes tell Selfridge they intend to resign when they marry and Leclair intends to join the French army, causing all three to have second thoughts. The crisis faced by store managers is how to replace enlisted male workers. Mr Grove’s daughter upsets the customers on her first day. This leads to a row whilst they are designing a window display in which Harry has to intervene. George is first in line. Enter your e-mail address: Though they could both be arrested for their involvement in the matter, Frank and Victor agree to tell the police what they know.

Lois Selfridge confronts Princess Marie about her debts. Henri has a very public row with Agnes in one of the store’s front display windows. Nancy starts to feel guilty about her plan to defraud Harry when he tells her He’s thrilled when she returns to celebrate the fifth anniversary. The Selfridges and Lady Mae find that the play is a satire with additions to the script by Frank Edwards, bitterly ridiculing them all. Miss Bunting is sacked for theft and Miss Ravillious is appointed the new head of fashion, ruffling a few feathers. Time jumps like the one that starts Season 3 are purposeful, and serve the story — one which picks up this year stronger than any other.

So what were they? He observed that there is “so much crisis with so little drama”. Ellen thinks about selling her story to the press but is forestalled by an offer from Frank Edwards. George Towler convinces Mr Grove to reunite his children, including Earnest. The Epiode sisters become involved in a film project but the backers pull out and Selfridge bankrolls the film with money he had intended to pay off his gambling debts to London gangster D’Ancona.

The fallout from the attack on Kitty Edwards is exploited by Lord Loxley with a plan for a charitable foundation for former soldiers that would also raise his own dubious reputation.

Her husband Serge De Bolotoff, an entrepreneur and Russian playboy, has a difficult time avoiding scandal. Selfridge opens a new technology department. They are bringing in Monsieur Neuhaus, a master chocolatier, who will create confections for sale in all departments. After losing his beloved wife, Harry and his children look forward to a happy family event – his daughter Rosalie is to be married.


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The Rebel Princess’ Review. We head to Ireland, meet Palmerston’s wife, and watch Victoria do her best. Now the selfrodge owner of a booming nightclub, Victor must now navigate troubled waters and shady, backroom deals.

Connie, one of many women engaged at the store to replace the men fighting in the war and now laid off, is angry and Kitty secures her a job in her department.

Photos Add Image Add an image Do you have any images for this title? As Kitty returns to work a sly journalist tricks Connie into giving him a story which ultimately vilifies Kitty for taking jobs away from the men and shows her attackers as victims. Masterpiece on Facebook Masterpiece on Twitter.

Princess Marie is delighted when her jewels arrive from Russia, repaying Harry for his kindness. Henri Leclair Sadie Shimmin Agnes transfers from accessories to women’s fashion. Mr Grove is not happy being passed over for promotion and lets Gordon, the new store deputy, give the new head of display approval for a new window display not realizing the embarrassment that it will cause. Another marriage under strain is Rosalie’ who has to pay her husband’s gambling debts after Lord Loxley, having used him to get at Selfridge pulls out of his project.

News of the first horrors of war in Belgium, threaten a staff shortage as the men of Selfridges enlist headed by Agnes Towler’s brother, George. She is married to Agnes’ brother, George Towler. Meanwhile Gordon comes to an Grove is not the father of her son, as she had an affair during the war. Kitty Edwards leaves for her new job in New York and after seeking advice from Selfridge, Frank goes with her.

Jimmy Dillon’s final act leaves Selfridge shaken and Gordon struggling to hold things together.

Episoed upon his return from WWI, his inner demons prompted he and his new wife Agnes to leave the bustle of the city. Lord Loxley pays Selfridge a visit to tell him he can get Winston Churchill to open the event in return for information on leather suppliers, while Lady Mae discovers her husband is bankrupt, information she conceals from Selfridge.

The next day, Kitty, recuperating at home, struggles to relay details of her attack to local police. A Different Sort of Regency Romance. Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist and rate your favorite movies and TV shows on your phone or tablet! In other action, Mr. The Rebel Princess’ Review. I quite like Connie.


To catch Kitty’s attackers, her husband has to reveal his involvement with the men, causing a strain on their marriage.

Lois meanwhile is perturbed to find Facebook Messenger Click the button below and wait for a message from our Facebook bot in Messenger! Season 2 Episode 3. Victor Colleano is approached to have gambling in his club by a man that will get the police off his back. Mr Crabb inspects the books — and finds suppliers unpaid and no stock in the store. Lady Mae, to end her association with Lord Loxley, decides to help Selfridge but he rebuffs her. The party gets out of hand and Frank Edwards unable to control events and a story concerning Rosalie Aynopsis marriage is published.

He also stated that the character of Agnes Welfridge was “the heart of the show”. Connie Makes Poor Choices. From Wikipedia, the 33 encyclopedia.

MR. SELFRIDGE Season 3 Review

Frank notes that the war has already taken a bad turn, something he is not allowed to report in his newspaper column, implying that many might not be coming back. Selfridge’s relationship with Nancy Webb deepens and she has doubts about her own plans when Lord Loxley, who has purchased the stock Selfridge sold, tries to undermine him at a board meeting. Surprising accomplices turn up in a search guilty parties. Loxley is still alive because this show hates me and is busy swearing vengeance on Harry for causing his divorce, despite the fact tha the was an abuser.

Season 3 – It has been several years since we last saw Harry, and they were not easy ones.

Update your email address if you’re an existing subscriber. Tragedy once again strikes Selfridge when he returns home to find his mother, Lois dead in the chair, having died in her sleep.