A “sumptuous, frothy drama” and “entertaining spectacle”, but ultimately Secher did not believe the story. Written by don minifie Another marriage under strain is Rosalie’ who has to pay her husband’s gambling debts after Lord Loxley, having used him to get at Selfridge pulls out of his project. Start your free trial. March – March Flamboyant Harry Selfridge, after transforming Chicago’s Marshall Field’s into a modern department store, realises London needs a similar one. The last two episodes of season 4 were aired as a double on 25 June on SVT1.

And what are those clandestine meetings that Henri is having? Kitty gets her sister, Connie, a job at Selfridges to get her out of her house, where she is annoying her husband, Frank Edwards, who has started a book about out of work ex-soldiers that has an unintended consequence for his wife when she is attacked. Consequently Harry, displaying that he can, occasionally, be an awesome person, invents a project for Crabb to make him feel valued. The peace Treaty of Versailles is signed and Selfridge decides to hold a “Britain at Play” event to promote the store; he appoints Frank Edwards as head of print and publications. Selfridge appoints Henri Leclair as his deputy to the displeasure of Thackeray. Selfridge ends his relationship with the Dolly sisters. Gordon approaches the main shareholder Civic Assurance, and brokers a deal to save the store who agree as long as Selfridge stands down. Miss Mardle Buys a Guilt Gift.

Frank Edwards, with little sympathy from Selfridge, finds his war reports are censored by the government.

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Lauren Crace as Doris. Churchill’s arrival at the store?

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Selfridge and his wife finally confront one another; he flees to his club and a showdown with Ellen Love. Miss Mardle is reconciled with Mr Seaspn and his children. At Selfridges the younger male staff is clamoring to enlist, including George and even Victor, who is under pressure from his Uncle Gio to stay at home and help run the family restaurant.

Full Cast and Crew. Harry goes down to see Grove, who is currently overseeing the latest crazy Selfridges eelfridge By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Agnes transfers from accessories to women’s fashion. At Home With Amy Sedaris. The store is preparing for the Empire Exhibition but Agnes is struggling with her display and Thackeray is not pleased when Harry reinstates Henri, who has offered to help her.

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Agnes, whose brother is missing in action, asks Selfridge to help Leclair by finding the mysterious woman he was looking for, and Selfridge asks a favour from his government contact. Back at the store, Thackeray immediately tells Agnes that he suspects Henri of hiding something, because he is the worst at espionage ever. Miss Mardle, who is rather lonely in the giant six-bedroom house she inherited from her brother, has invited Agnes to come and stay with her while George is at the front.

Aisling Loftus as Agnes Towler. On 21 Februaryit was announced that Mr. The business is booming, but rumours of an impending war are brewing. We want to hear what you have to say but need to verify your email.

Victor, about to enlist, faces a family crisis when his uncle has a heart attack. Something Happens in the Victor and Agnes Storyline: Gordon is the Worst.


Doris takes pity on Miss Bunting whose sacking has landed her in poverty. I hope that continues through the back half of episodes.

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Though an American himself, Harry rises to the occasion, promising the men their jobs when they return and hosting a benefit for victims of the German invasion of Belgium. Do the Oscars Need a Host? In the last episode of Series 2, Lady Mae desperately tries to prove that Harry was not involved in Lord Loxley’s dubious business dealings. The crisis faced by store managers is how to replace enlisted male workers.

Amanda Abbington as Miss Mardle. Youngest daughter Violette Hannah Tointonmeanwhile, seems to be becoming the face of women of means who want to do more than just shop. And Lord Loxley does his bit for the war effort in his own way.

Late November Victor and Agnes tell Selfridge they intend to resign when they marry and Leclair intends to join the French army, causing all three to have second thoughts. Selfridge goes to her home to mend matters; she is reinstated and he confronts her father. Selfridge’s debts to D’Ancona come home to roost when his inability to pay starts to affect his family. Miss Mardle receives a Belgian refugee as house guest, a violinist.