That’s what music is, sonic emotion. At least Seyi was pretty sensitive about the whole treatment! Or that may just be my wishful thinking. I should use a pseudonym!! You were rejected by both your birth and adoptive parents? Even if he wanted to be clear there was no hope for something between them, there were many non-assy ways to do it.

Then he asks her the same question Imaginary Dad did—does she intend to carry out this burden on her own? I can’t imagine him going to Nana just because Seyi rejected him. Na Na – Ending song www. He had been carrying this unrequited love after being dumped by little kid SeYi for years and some of you expect him to be able to just do a and fall for NaNa? I think he also wanted to get back at the bullies somehow. So much more fun that way.

Monstar Episode 2 [English Substitles]

She episodr her head as a sound of a crash echoes in her head. As a matter of fact, I think the show was left open ended so that the production company could make a movie to give everything closure. That aside the last episode really did drop a lot of plot points which figures from the way they were introducing plot points in the last few episodes.

So much more fun that way. Also, Epiwode must at least feel comfortable with NN enough to sing that sad song confessing his true feeling about how hard is it to let SY go.

That would be humiliating and demoralizing for any child, and shameful for any parent. He confronts Seol-chan about it, and they exchange clipped words until Sun-woo issues the warning: And of course, my newfound love for Junhyung. Meta [Happily eposode after] 49 days of still bitter by Guest Beanie. It shows when he didn’t go after Seyi and let SeolChan do that. I love this feeling of longing for more.


Why am I just seeing this: Not everything needs to be tied up in a neat bow. I totally disagree with your assessment that Sun Woo’s voice is the weakest by far. Jung Joon Young Cameo.

That’s not how hooks work. I have to credit the writer and director of this drama. Whether when we were children or in adolescence or last year, the name which pierced the deepest part of our existence… was love.

And while you might argue why he’d hurt a girl when he’s just been hurt, I think he was never angry at Seyi for the rejection, just hurt and probably disappointed big time. Also, he mentions that he has been rejected again and how terrible that feels echos the rejection SC felt when he was left at the orphanage again.

I really eoisode Monstar in eub begining because it was heartwarming and charming in it’s own quiet way but the pacing slowed to a screeching halt and that’s why this episode felt so imcomplete I know it sucks to be rejected but dude, have some selfsteem, he was a complete idiot getting in the way between SC and SY, and a douchebag with Nana.


Da Hee Kim Na Na was by far the best because she has the best voice by far and was always present even if she did miss some notes at times.

Kang Ha Neul Main Cast. TV Monstar Episode 1. He silently sits next to her. Also because we need more eye candy, we can have a really hot new guy come to the school and fall for Nana, the girl is just too great not to get some loving. I’ve already been a fan of Beast, but this drama made me a fan of Yong Jun-hyung.

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Not that I’m complaining; I love those shows. I’m so glad I’m not the only one who shipped these two; they totally had some UT going on x.

It would’ve been fun to see him squirm over Se Yi. I think I would’ve liked to have seen Nana confess to Epusode Woo but after 12 episodes you would think he would catch on. OhPaullie xD August 6, at Putting on a brave face, he apologizes for being unable to walk her home and leaves.

That gives the rift substance. He truly thought he was better and didn’t want a handicap.