The finite element method FEM is a powerful computational tool for solving stress-strain problems; its ability to handle material inhomogeneity and complex shapes makes the FEM, the most suitable method for the analysis of internal stress levels in the tooth, periodontium, and alveolar bone. In this manner, ten samples for each of the three different sprue designs were prepared. Furthermore, the influence of macroscopic presentation of the current lesion on its accurate preoperative incisional biopsy diagnosis is discussed in detail. A self-designed and structured questionnaire was used to obtain information from the dental practitioner and the pregnant patients. Several such biomarkers were identified in oral diseaes. A clinical and microbiological study. Study compared the effect of three sprue designs viz.

Radiographs with any pathology, facial deformities, if no observation of mental foramen, congenital deformities, magnification, and distortion were excluded. After curing brackets were debonded, and enamel depth penetration was assessed using confocal laser scanning microscope. Accordingly, the aim of this study was to evaluate and compare dental age and chronological age in PEM children. Of the three denture cleansers used in the study, none produced significant changes on the two denture base materials for the short duration of immersion, whereas changes were seen as the immersion periods were increased. A cluster sample analysis. This study is a cross-sectional study.

Smile is determined moeern only by the shape, the position, and the color of the teeth, but also by the gingival tissues. Bacteria are also known to impede apoptosis thereby potentially promoting carcinogenesis. It can expand apically or coronally.

Disto-angular transmigrated impacted mandibular molar with enostosis: A standardized procedure was adopted to photograph the maxillary dental moddrn and the maxillary central incisors on the study casts taken from each subject. The presence of gingival recession associated with an insufficient amount of keratinized tissue may indicate gingival augmentation procedure. Data were analyzed mabalakshmi statistics SPSS Class V cavities are prepared on the cervical third of the facial and lingual surfaces of primary molars.


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To systematically review case reports concerned with the association between dental implants and oral squamous cell carcinoma. However, it has not been emphasized on isolated shallow vestibule.

Finite element analysis offers a means of determining strain-stress levels in the tooth, ligament, and bone structures for a broad range of orthodontic loading scenarios without producing tissue damage.

Human immunodeficiency virus HIV is a major public health challenge. This article presents various instruments or tools available in the form of a questionnaire that estimates patient satisfaction and thereby oral health. In order to overcome these postsurgical complications, acellular dermal allografts have been used as a substitute for the palatal donor tissue yielding clinically comparable results. Indian Academy of Dental Specialists releases it’s annual dental science literature as print dental suppliment in association with jpbsonline.

So, recycled stainless steel brackets should not be used for nickel allergic patients. A year-old male patient reported for replacement episoed missing teeth.

Role of proteomics in physiologic and pathologic conditions of dentistry: Surgery started 5 min after solution deposition. The prepared enamel samples were suspended in an artificial caries challenge for 10 days. This study was an in vitro model using the well method of microbial culture.

In case of S. Proteomics is the study of structure and function of proteins in a large scale. The three positions were examined to assess the mean value of BP. Mixing the extract of M. The periodontal status of the subjects was assessed by the mahaalkshmi index Ainamo and Bay and community periodontal index by community periodontal index and treatment needs.


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Ninety-eight percentage medical and dental undergraduate graduate students knew about HIV transmission in the hospital. The lip impression mahwlakshmi made on a strip of cellophane tape on adhesive portion; it was then placed to eoisode white bond paper.

A telescopic retainer prosthesis in full mouth rehabilitation. Mumps is a relatively mild short-term viral infection of the salivary glands that usually occurs during childhood. Association between chronic periodontitis and hypertension in South Indian population: They represent in various clinical patterns that can range from just physiologic changes to oral manifestations of systemic diseases and malignancies. Prosthetic management of malpositioned implant using custom cast abutment.

The dual treatment strategy resulted in functional and esthetic restorations despite facial malposition of the implants. The samples were randomly divided into three groups Group I – 5.

This review addresses about the basics of ergonomics, mahzlakshmi, viewing, handling, and prevention of MSD’s. To determine the extent of inter valuator and inter group variation in risk scores assigned to study subjects by PRC and PRA.

The aim of this work was investigating if there is any association between chronic periodontitis and hypertension, to assess any individual relationship with Basal metabolic index BMI and any association with white blood cell count WBC count in South Indian population.

Naga Sai Sujai, V. The obtained value for mass and microhardness were subjected to statistical analysis. Cultivation and other traditional identification methods have been demonstrated to have several limitations when it comes to microbiological identification.