Series 1 was released on March 1, , and consists of the Infernites, Cragsters, and Electroids. But if we seem a bit extreme in our attempts to make you scream, Remember that this spooky scheme will scare The source of the voice popped up from underground, a Cragster Mixel who is dressed as a ghost, wearing a white sheet draped over his head with eye-holes on it. His right arm is a giant grey robot-like arm with a segment at the elbow, a black hand, and three grey fingers with segments at the knuckles. Krader finds the Electroid kingdom. Foyer Music Haunted Mansion ] continue. They live in Orbitopia, located on the Mixel Moon. But when the Mixels became maxed and turned into monsters of the costumes they are wearing, the Infernites and their Infernite cousins have to escape and ended up in Halloween Town where they meet Jack Skellington and many other faces.

Cartoon Network original programming. He ranks as my second favorite of the Medivals. The snobbish Mixadel deep down has the heart of a hero. The Infernites go on a camping trip, which quickly turns into an alien abduction, revealing many more exciting Mixels on the moon. It makes me sick, but at least you came, Oogie. But “Will you share in this nightmare? It shows the silhouettes of Mixels transforming into hideous monsters from inside the smoke from the exploded dice.

This tribe is led by Flurr. Tomfoolery Spongebob Squarepants ]. Krader and the Cragsters challenge Flain and the Infernites to a game of Rockball.

LEGO Mixels Series 9 MAXes!

maxez If your hair lies lifeless and limp One good scare oughta do ya! This tribe is led by Magnifo. That if you dare into our lair, you should prepare for quite a scare! His arms are located on his head. The main attraction of the set is a catapult that can fling through the air a circular brown 2×2 by pressing on his top jaw, which works due to Technic hinges.


Pre-Hibernation Pantera ] Flain screamed in terror off-screen as the other Infernites mjxels it in shock and fright.

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Their cubits are orange. Series 9 — the final series of the line — was released on October 1,and consists of the Trashoz, the Nindjas, and the Newzers. He also has a white sheet draped over his head with two holes for his eyes and another hole for his gemstone.

Nine series of collectible Lego building toys were released, based on the characters.

Lego Mixels Series 4 Orbitons Max Rokit Niksput & Nurp-Naut Opening

When they all combine together, they form a brown beaver-like creature. A tribe based on space and the primary tribe of Series 4. He has an eye on sreies side of his face and three fangs that point upwards from his mouth.

Zaptor wants more hamlogna sandwichesso he makes the conveyer belt go too fast for Lunk and Tentro, so they Mix to get going faster.

Unikitty Hyper Quiz Save the Kingdom! A tribe based on magic and the tertiary tribe of Series 3. This article needs additional citations for verification. Scorpi came by as he noticed one of the dice in curiosity. He has two gold rectangular marks on his cheeks. A tribe based on rubber and the tertiary tribe of Series 2. This is because they consider themselves far superior to the Mixels, but are only able to say quite a few words.


Their cubits are crimson. They live in the Magma Desert and are the apparent cousins of the original Infernites. Cut to the dice inside the ballroom where the Mixels except for the Infernites and the Infernite cousins are in.

His legs are short and black, and connect to boot-like feet.

When all 3 combine, they ssries a giant humanoid rock golem that can turn into a boulder that can roll at enemies.

Johnny Bravo My Dear Johnny. So don’t worry about your Mixel-related problem. Watch Mixels on Cartoon Network and see the mischievous creatures combine using mysterious objects called cubits.

We have nixed the Halloween Fright Festival! Spikels Max Scorpi’s voice: What may be of interest to buyers of Paladum is that he uses the same large wing pieces as Series 3’s Mesmo, but in gold instead of purple. Four glowing eyes materialized in the darkness from above as the nine looked in curiosity.

A tribe based on slime and the primary tribe of Series 3. Electroids Max Teslo’s voice: By Farnold in United States, 04 Feb The owners of the eyes belonged to Globert, Boogly and Vampos.

All three live in a magic tent and love to put on magic shows for the other Mixels. They live in a desert with huge flowers. Cut to the Infernites running into an Egyptian tomb where Footi popped out from behind a mummy’s tomb.