The Grabowskis started intentionally as a one-note thing. I left the program and over the following three years after that, I shot four no-budget feature films and dozens of short films, as well as helped Mike on his projects. While seeming oafish and moronic, Plinkett appears to demonstrate an astute understanding of film history and criticism, referencing numerous other films. One of my favorite things about Mike and Jay is how willing they are to tell the emperor he has no clothes. The film basically offered itself as being exactly what it was. It didn’t seem to achieve what it wanted to achieve at all, it felt like a film about acting and sets.

Retrieved June 24, Retrieved January 27, In an interview with Esquire , comedian Patton Oswalt noted that the Mr. I’ve always been into sci-fi more than any other genre. Revenge of the Eggplant and Space Cop. Methods of destruction have included dissolving a VHS tape in acetone , forcing a DVD through a paper shredder , dragging a tape around the streets tied to the bumper of a car, and cooking a tape on a charcoal grill alongside cheeseburgers. Very simplistic and childish.

To coincide with the release of the 3D re-release of The Phantom MenaceRed Letter Media created a version of the review in 3D that can be viewed with standard red and cyan glasses.

Retrieved December 31, I don’t care about movie reviews or movie reviewers or anything like that. What kind of a reaction are you getting to Half in the Bag? Abusing the serious tag will result in bans – we don’t fuck around with this. Plinkett’s Ghostbusters Stoklaas video was released on YouTube.

As part of the Star Stoklas review trilogy, this subplot review occurs because Nadine tricks Plinkett into watching the film while she makes her escape. Nadine sstoklasa forced to watch Attack of the Clones with Plinkett, and at the end of the review she escapes from his house. Jay and Mike and the RLM crew review films. Retrieved June 3, This does not mean only posted hatex RLM – it just has to directly involve them – be it their voices, images, videos, or likeness of them.


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I help shoot the live action bits. I Googled to see if young Han Solo or the Millennium Falcon were supposed to be in the prequels anywhere and so yes, I did see that young Han Solo was supposed to have been raised by Chewbacca in the woods.

Red Letter Media is the worst web site in the world. I just find them fascinating from a lot of different perspectives. Jacksonand numerous visual allusions to The Empire Strikes Back.

When films suck, there’s really no way to communicate our displeasure other than withholding our ticket money, but the reality is that so much of the industry is dependent on ticket sales for the opening weekend, by the time word-of-mouth confirms a new film as a stinker, it’s too late; Stinker 2 has already been green-lit.

Before a sketch can lose energy, they jump-cut to a different sketch. Mike Stoklasa’s very detailed and very late takedowns of Star Wars”.

Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. Stoklasa’s major conceit—that someone would have to be “crazy” to watch movies the way Plinkett does—also implies a barely hidden inverse: Compared to the company’s other shows, the format is a much more stripped down and straight forward approach to film critique.

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He spoke particularly about the Half in the Bag review of Jack and Jill. I grew up sto,lasa my time split between Rockford, Illinois on weekends and a little farmer town in the middle of nowhere called Orfordville, Wisconsin on weekdays. I like making films that are funny though, more than making sci-fi, but I’m not really into comedy films all that much.


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Don’t know why people bother with it. Additionally, he again laments the use of blue-screen effects and the simplicity of the filming, claiming that there are only two types of mmike in the movie: It’s always fair to point out that RLM has reiterated multiple times including in the commentary that none of them hate Rogue One. Both can be helpful. Posts not adhering to this guideline will be removed at the mod team’s discretion. We did a few short films with him as a “Mr. Sometimes mikke crew will review a specific film which they have previously viewed off camera and recommend to fans of poorly-conceived and poorly-executed B movies.

You can teach the tools though, and fipms the aspect I would recommend.

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I was always into film. This is mainly for those asking about movies others have seen.

By fictionalizing his critic, Stoklasa constructs a character who is unable to speak at a safe distance from the text he analyzes. It sustains itself pretty well. Title of Work and its Form: The Last Jedi The first episode being uploaded to YouTube on 5 JanuaryThe Nerd Crew parodies pop culture ” fanboyism ” and video series such as Screen Junkies and Colliderwith Stoklasa, Bauman and Evans playing ” manchildren ” demonstrating excessive enthusiasm over Star Warsthe Marvel Cinematic Universe and other content aimed primarily at a juvenile audience.