When Kaz opens the vent, the villain trying to sneak into the hospital, Revengeance, takes over Horace and the hospital staff with the intent of using the nine mighty administrators to unlock the hospital’s positron reactor to turn himself human. Retrieved January 9, Oliver prays for a miracle and, thankfully, the lunar eclipse ends and Neocortex returns to normal, deducing that the lunar eclipse was messing with his powers. Retrieved August 13, Horace reveals that he is Caduceo and that he has five lives he can bring back, now down to one. The Black Falcon escapes, but Captain Atomic gets his confidence back and decides to stay in the future.

Skylar decides to stay invisible all day and Oliver must reluctantly play along. Principal Howard kidnaps Jordan because he is part of a secret villain league and actually a robot. Skylar receives the Key of Steel from the Key Keeper. Lockdown Full Episode S 1: Meanwhile, Hapax is reluctant to return to Earth, and says if the boys can recover the Box of Azimuth, he’ll accompany them. Oliver prays for a miracle and, thankfully, the lunar eclipse ends and Neocortex returns to normal, deducing that the lunar eclipse was messing with his powers. The guards send out the Kaz and the other Kaz appears.

Horace used the real Pandorean to save Valkira. Dawg begins eating the hospital’s patrons and Oliver and Skylar enlist Alan to help.

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Jade becomes the hero Remix with Kaz and Oliver’s help, but Skylar isn’t convinced she’s a hero when she’s very demanding of service. Wallace then reminds Clyde in private that they need Kaz and Oliver to find Mighty Med, so the two are no longer banned. Archived from the original on December 31, With Oliver small, it is up to him to stop the villain Micros.

Kaz applies to be Techon’s sidekick until Oliver’s heroism interferes with it. However, since it was too dangerous, they made a spaceship to destroy it by launching it into the nearest sun.


Kaz and Oliver are exhausted and stuck working the overnight shift during a lunar eclipse. Bridget reveals that she only wanted to marry Horace because she knew Horace is Caduceo. Alan is declared King of Pranks as a result. It leads fgighty to Hapax’s cave and they find that Hapax rull a striking resemblance to Alan. The boys help Skylar, and in order for Skylar to reclaim her powers, she has to fight her nemesis, the Annihilator.

To everyone’s surprise, Skylar saves Oliver the trouble by appearing to kill the Annihilator herself, then announcing that she wants to rule the whole universe, with Kaz and Oliver as her evil minion friends by her side, but the reappearance of the doringbosh allows Kaz, Oliver, and a weak Hapax to escape.

However, the Annihilator, having survived Skylar’s blast, weakly attempts one final act of revenge and shoots Skylar with a shot of stolen Black Widower’s poison. Bridges allow Horace to keep his job based on the genetic research. Kaz opens a wormhole and lets out a superhero from named Captain Atomic. Add the first question.

Oliver then does many horrific and dangerous chores for Tecton, while Kaz relents that it should be him. Meanwhile, outraged at Oliver’s appointment as Tecton’s sidekick, Alan and Benny plan to become a superhero duo.

Kaz then tells new guard Philip to release him so he can save Oliver. When he seems to be mistaken, he and Kaz leave Skylar and Experion alone, where Experion reveals Oliver was right and he is trying to capture Skylar to deliver her to the Annihilator, her nemesis.

When Oliver finds the first Annihilator comic book, telling how Frigjty the Elder mentored the Annihilator as a boy, training him to fu,l a superhero, but his anger at being called a freak turned him to a super-villain, Kaz decides to find Hapax on Skylar’s home planet, Caldera, to convince the mentor to come back to Earth and defeat the Annihilator.

Frighty Med 14 Oct Kaz says he’s going to transfer the files onto Horace’s laptop out loud and Wi-Fi jumps in the computer and opens the downloaded file, only to discover they’re all pictures of bridges, and Kaz puts Wi-Fi back in the flash drive before the villain figures it out.


Horace explains that objects drawn with the Pandorean vanish after six hours, and right on cue, all of the fancy things Kaz has drawn vanish. Kaz and Oliver are major comic book fanboys who stumble upon a secret hospital and discover that superheroes are real.

Elite Force Future-Worm!

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It turns out that Kaz jighty the polarity and caused the blaster to release positive energy instead of negative. Meanwhile, Kaz and Clyde have a game-off, with the help of Jordan.

Meanwhile, Alan decides to delve further into his normo roots and begins going to Logan High. However, Oliver is distracted by Alan’s partner, Adrian Peterson. All attempts to stop her fail. Kaz clones himself and manages to defeat Megahertz. They plan to get Oliver fired, but Megahertz comes and kidnaps him. They manage to lure Dawg back to the aquatic wing just as Horace arrives with his superior, Dr.

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Alan and Benny join forces to become a superhero team. Oliver finds out his mother, Bridget, is dating Horace. Meanwhile, when Alan comes to Skylar for advice on a girl he likes, she suspects it’s her and tries to dissuade him, only to learn it was a nurse who’s also an octopus. Angry, Tecton picks up the couch to throw it from behind at Gus when Hapax’s blast pulse turns him back to normal. Meanwhile, Skylar starts her first day of school as Connie Valentine.