It’s compatibility is more than exceptional, it’s accepted almost every m3u8 URL I’ve added, video and audio capture device, and playlists. Fixed; Crash when streaming files using Mezzmo media server. Mezzmo allows you to extract embedded subtitles from the original video file and use them as external files. This list displays the languages that you would like to see delivered to your devices. Support for reading “series. Set the code page and font for the subtitle if the subtitles are not displayed correctly in the dialog or on your device. Getting music album artwork from internet sources.

Brazilian Portuguese language support many thanks to Claudio! Automatic season and episode selection in Get Online Video Metadata dialog. Or I rip the movie to container-format mkv. All the video formats not listed here are known to work with the external files. Music files that require transcoding do not show correct duration on Samsung TVs and Blu-ray players. Hi Wolfgang, Try this: Any new extracted subtitle files will be loaded automatically by the Subtitle Settings dialog for your your verification. Web interface – homepage disappears sometimes.

Unable to see mkv subtitles

Great-looking movie and TV show artwork and text metadata is automatically collected. Support for audio channel transcoding for Sony Playstation 3 games console. Not getting embedded artwork from media files greater than 2GB in file size. If you have several different devices in your home and all of them have differing standards then there is simply no better solution than Mezzmo.

Create custom artwork thumbnails for videos using a video frame in a video. Extracted subtitles will be used by Mezzmo for streaming as external files or burning into the video. Click the Browse button next to Additional folder containing external subtitle files and choose the folder.


Support for Galaxy Tab tablet. Using the Ctrl key digs deeper into the video file to get more information about the video file.

Web interface search feature. Files on network map drives not streamed correctly. Display of right-to-left language such as Arabic and Hebrew subtitles when burnt into videos. Retrieving album artwork for music files.

Audio streaming for Sony Playstation 3 PS3. Transcoding dormat lets you customize transcoding in Mezzmo on your computer. All metadata is editable in the improved Properties dialog, and all metadata is displayed in the new Mezzmo Android app.

Unable to see mkv subtitles – Forums – CNET

Videos from ripped DVDs and DVD ISO files are automatically added into your Mezzmo library when adding folders or scanning folders and are streamed to devices like any other video file. Pre-transcoding files fails if file already exists.

Maintain dialog lets you maintain your library of music, movies and photos. All detected subtitles and languages will be added fprmat the movie and used for burning as required.

Support for artwork thumbnails for Samsung BDP models. More diagnostic logging settings to assist troubleshooting of any streaming and transcoding issues. Clicking OK on Properties dialog is faster to save changes. Mezzmo is multi-threaded and optimized for Sugtitles Core, Quad Core or higher processors. External subtitles are automatically detected by Mezzmo when you add your video files into your Mezzmo library or when you maintain your Mezzmo library. Memory leak when folders have incompatible files.


It seemed to respond a little slower than Serviio. Maintain Library dialog now includes subtitle maintenance. Support for Samsung Galaxy Ace 2 Android smartphones. This allows to preserve originally embedded subtitles when transcoding your video files.

Sony BD S with profile: Maintain Library dialog provides more maintenance options. Preferred audio and video channel selection lets you steam your preferred channels to devices.

Burning Arabic and Hebrew subtitle languages. Advanced features include photo slideshows, music playlists and casting full metadata details onto your Google Chromecast for a great browsing experience.

Perfect for mobile devices that only support MP4-based file formats which cannot be transcoded and streamed in real-time. Video thumbnails can fail to be created under certain circumstances. Also, try searching for your device model on the internet since there may be owner forums that can help you.

Let us know the following: Various crashed reported by users. Or, select multiple files and right-click on them to maintain multiple files.

Options – Subtitles [Mezzmo]

Make sure you have identified the files as above. Proffitt Forum moderator March 28, 2: Turn off transcoding and try to play the movie with embedded already subtitles. Burning subtitles should be selected in Mezzmo when your device is not capable of displaying embedded or external subtitles.