It takes pride on balancing romance and friendship. Joon Hyuk wakes up and Minister Park arrives to talk to him. If truth to be told, those side stories and unnecessary supporting characters turn the plot messier. I got what I never asked for in Duel, and that really made me happy. The lessons shared on each hurdle being solved, leave encouraging wisdom on achieving personal goals and loving faithfully with an unfeigned heart. There were no guns triggered… no swords drawn… it was a battle between heroes and villains equipped with digital powers. Overall, this is a drama that will satisfy your cravings and your mind maunderings. He drags her to the break room and orders her to get the bond paper bundle like the last time.

Even with Faith, she has shown a commanding conception of how each role players would give justice to the shifting of the narration. Min Hyuk proposed marriage when all the ruckus was settled and just when he thought that it will be an ever after, they got a twin daughter who took after their mother. Baek Tak and his gang sweat in a bath house. He starts reclaiming images of a woman who turns out to be his dead ex-girlfriend. This is my no-reservations-i-just-love-parkhyungsik-so-im-going-to-watch-it drama. The amnesiac man encounters the mysterious man, Lee Sung Hoon, who shares the same face, DNA, and fingerprints as what he have. Park Hyung Sik has really one of the best oppa gazes ever.

At times there are moments when it was languid, but it was necessary for the built up of the character connections to make the climactic conflict confrontation solid and stunning. Twitter Facebook Email Rrama. He is eccentric and yet brilliant… calculating and yet warm hearted.

But the addictive spur that did not waver in each episode was what had made the series commendable.

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Kindly like my abbyinhallyuland facebook page as well. Prof Park who is already jed confronts him about his fatal experiments. I am glad that the story progressed along with polished and make-sense connections of the surgeries showcased.

That it will stay on my phone to function as my cheering up pill and that I will rewatch it again this year and the next years to come joining my resident drama rejuvenating playlist. Then he inches closer to the chocolate but go straight to kiss her lips catching her off guard while making all of us faints from that sweet scene. The mystery solving plot unravels the details of the story that are traced to a prohibited medical research of 24 years about human cloning and a sort of cure-for-all vaccine.

Beom Gyun argues that their father is taken by her. Overall I like the story before the pandemonium of conflicts in the closing sprint. She hero worships Kim Moon Ho and dreams of becoming an influential Broadcaster someday.

The heroes and villains in equilibrium give a gripping pendulum sways as the characters push the momentum of the narrative. The next day Myung Hee called Young Shin agreeing to an interview but Moon Shik quickly get to where the game is heading and asked her to spare some time for him.

I hope this batch will since we only have November dramas to look forward to and I can finally work on the year end recap spree.

This is my no-reservations-i-just-love-parkhyungsik-so-im-going-to-watch-it drama. Deserving of the Name tvN The smartly written time-slip drama of a celebrated Joseon acupuncturist transported in the modern times achieved the neat placement of time bending element on its supernatural stage.


A blue worm is planted inside his body while Detective Hong surveys the deserted hospital. I think the lightness of the conflicts and not involving much negative emotion, but focusing on making the lead couple work their way to defy the cosmic problem inhibiting them from being together gave a gratifying closure for the story.

The writing made the audience cheer for the characters and even feel the heart fluttering romance that built up for the lead couple while being excited on how the main conflict will be resolved.

But then again, I applaud how they settle on a romantic fix that works well, with how they lean firmly on the pragmatic belief of the drama. Every episode just keeps on unlocking a revelation after another, making me decide that it is futile to decipher its trajectory. He went back and scoop a sweet kiss under the falling snow. Moon Ho made Jung Hoo remembered a memory from his childhood where he played with a young girl.

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It also gives a lasting impression on what makes a person as we see a human clone with a heart as big than what a real person could ever have. After chasing over Do Kyung, and recognizing the reason why his consciousness gave him a peek of what his tomorrow will be, he finally reciprocated and take all the way his love for her unfazed of the premonition warnings he was getting. When Jae Il company double-crossed him by pinning him as the murderer of the man involved in the work he did for them, he found the scenario on how his recent jobs are strangely hitting something inside him.

But be warned that the barren storyline is borderline cathartic that you might feel like you are watching it only because of the liplocks.

Although set on a melancholic tone, the dynamics of the cast and the lively humor cushioned the viewers so well given its inevitable tragic scenario ending.

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Beom Gyun wakes up to the sound of his crying brother. So given the fascination I got from meeting him up close in person, I will erase the memory of Habaek and promise to rate all his medi dramas 5 stars from now on. One of those rare few youth dramas that I gladly recommend if I will be asked for K-drama suggestions on the spot, because of its nicely paced, decently acted, and engaging overall appeal.

It is a love jexi where the prince did not rescue his damsel in distress, but pushed her to be brave and resolve things on her own. Little Beom Gyun castigates his younger brother on his alien hunting adventure. The brilliantly done ending emancipated the withheld secrets that were carefully and niftily hidden to achieve a closure befitting of this cyber world investigating drama classic.

If by any chance you want a real drama with pounces of action elements and inventive scifi plot, then by all means consider this excitingly crafted drama. They stop at their tracks, when the alien girl who took their father away from them, walks from the other side of the road, appearing with her same youthful appearance.

Uedi the spot on bliss and tears you gave me as a woman and not as a kdrama critic this time, I forgave the extension dramx benefit some more money for the high ratings.


It will inspire you baitt trust why your heart fell in love with the person and how your mind will be overpowered by reasons. Joo Hyuk remarked it was a first time for him ejdi meet such a big crowd, and his multitude of followers did not disappoint in throwing in loud cheers to welcome rrama.

Jung Jae Young showcased his seasoned acting to a point where I want to beg the writer to stop hurting him. The age group, which this drama targets, would enjoy the budding romance, quirky and cute boys of the idol band and the music, tailored to the setbacks that they encounter in pursuing romance and life achievements.

Just as everything was settling, Hae Young learned why Tae Mmbc had to leave their wedding behind and has to confront the truth if her love for Do Kyung was worth the pain she went through when she was ditched in her wedding and if it is fair for her to leave her ex-boyfriend after knowing the reason why he had to hurt her.

Having a simple narrative in a way made me enjoy it so much because I get mbx focus on the individual stories of the main cast. It deviated from the typical KDrama conflict norms of unresolved unfinished love issues, family problems, useless vengeance driven characters, personal exhausting battles and all those other tiring fillings they would insert to make the spectators just go with the flow.

With a pinch of romance, gorgeous fight scenes and definitive plot, City Hunter raised the bar to action drama set in modern times. Young Shin was able to lead the researcher to the rest mcb for an interview but Healer took on his role with the villains and dragged the researcher out.

Not to add that they both love the same girl whom they met when they were drma. The Package jTBC The fleeting romance of the lead couple in The Package radiates a resonating message that you can love instantaneously, fall out of it and love more at the right time. Usually the second lead will be disregarded like he never helped in highlighting the main love jexi. Han Tae Jin was forced to end the relationship with her and provided a crazy reason for the break up because he will soon serve a jail sentence.

When he asked her to love him back she finally admits how she also have him in her heart. When you have a stubborn romantic lead man who with-and-without amnesia know how to claim the heart of bxit woman he loves and a heroine who struggles in confusion to the path on how she is supposed to love her man, it will give you a love tale full of acceptance and understanding.

Please be guided of the ticketing details below. Woo Jin argues to get him treated. Just then the power shut down so she takes jeid to escape the holding cell.