Share your thoughts with other customers. Join us on an adventure into weird anime genre and idea mashups that shouldn’t work but do – oh so well. Germana Savo as Aoi Souya. East Dane Designer Men’s Fashion. Baron Yamazaki as antiquity announcer ep 2 doctor ep 9. Of course it has surreal imagery considering Kunihiku Ikuhara directed it Revolutionary Girl Utena, watch that too! Anime ‘Mawaru Penguindrum’ to get Manga Adaptation.

Golden Wind 20 Kaguya-sama: Manuel Meli as Penguin 2. Marie Miyake as Ringo Oginome. That happened to me this week. Theron Martin has the details. Skip to main content Search. Mai Nakahara as Renjaku.

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This is a little true. Granted it’s not something for everybody, but I think that’s because people don’t look through what’s happening on screen.

Mawaru Penguindrum (Penguindrum) –

Penguins, apples, little sisters, musicals, aquariums, terrorists, magical girl transformation scenes, teddy bears, frogs, destiny, a mysterious diary, numerous flashbacks, train rides, rabbit twins, talking eels and sea otters, amnesia bullets, stalkers, attempted rape, reincarnation, weird penguin hats, and numerous other random terms could be used to describe this show. The three of them are assisted by three cute little penguins that only they can see.


Sword Art Online novel 15 Feb 24, A manga adaptation of the anime by Isuzu Shibata began serialization in Comic Birz on May 30, and ended on January 30, Neal Barnes Media Coordinator: Katsunori Shibata Eenglish Nakamura.

I believe that there are details in the beautiful animation and backgrounds of this show that make this family of characters feel very real to episodd another.

Eiichi Takahashi John Ledford.

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Hideyuki Tanaka as Uncle Ikebe eps 5, Katsunori Shibata Shouko Nakamura Editing: Retrieved July 8, Lily Hoshino Character Design: Toyonori Epiode OP 1. Tomoko Zama 7 episodes eps 2, 7, 9, 14, 17, 19, Graphinica ED 2 Animation Production: Brent Marshall Packaging Design: Ayumu Yamauchi as adult ep 12 father ep 9 passenger ep 24 rubbernecker ep Starchild RecordsMainichi Broadcasting System.

Nao Matsukawa as hostess ep More Top Mawagu 1 Fullmetal Alchemist: Gabriele Patriarca as Yosuke Yamashita. Ryosuke Sakamaki as Yosuke Yamashita.

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Eiji Miyashita as reporter ep Skip to main content Search. Natsuko Otsuka ED 2. That happened to me this week.

Penguindrum (TV)

Kunihiko Ikuhara Series Composition: Subaru Kimura as Kanba Takakura. Add both to Cart Add both to List.

In order to do that, they must first find the links to a complex interlocking chain of riddles that has wrapped mwaru their entire existence, and unravel the knots that tie them to mystifying diary and a baffling string of strangers and semi-acquaintances who all have their own secrets, agendas and “survival strategies.

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