When the star singer has an illness, Jane is called upon to sing “The Rosary” which she does with amazing sweetness, power and beauty. Retrieved from ” https: I read it because it was fr This is a romance set in the late s. There was a strong sense of nobility, dignity, and faithfulness that was part of the plot. View all 13 comments. This book is so wonderful! So, the book is not about the rosary, though religious references are frequent. It is well enough written – I certainly liked it much more than ‘s bestseller – with the plot concerning a youngish woman who turns down a proposal of marriage because she feels she is not beautiful enough for her artistic admirer, though she lies and tells him that he is too young for her.

After many trials and tribs there is an HEA. Aside from her there were two or three characters worth reading about: She’s a a pal to the boys. If you like old-fashioned stories, you will love this one. Florence Barclay was a profoundly gifted author of “The Rosary”, translated into many languages and transcending time. I really, really, enjoyed and loved it.

Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Believing that his love would not stand the test of time, Jane rejected him but suffered deeply and, secretly proclaimed him king of her heart. Quotes fiml The Rosary. I am Florence Barclays Great Grandaughter and have read The Rosary several times ,we have her original manuscript and i think this novel would make a great filmperhaps starring Miranda Hart as Jane Champion?

This is another thing I am not sure. Gareth Dalmain falls in love with the Honorable Jane Champion.


The Rosary by Florence Louisa Barclay

I have read it more than a dozen times since I first read it as a young teenager and it can still make me cry. It was free for my Kindle. Eventually, through many sacrificial trials, these exquisitely drawn lovers overcame all barriers to the perfection of their love.

Lists with This Book. What immediately struck me was that this tale of the young English gentry working through the difficulties of their love lives in order to reach the safe haven of engagement and marriage is exactly the kind of thing that P.

So sweet, so tender, simply precious. I loved all the life-like characters, and their development was very well done.

Shelagh Jones According to wikipedia it was adapted into five films but I can’t find out anything about them. She became the mother of eight children.

She is gifted with a beautiful musical talent. Its themes, however, have not dated. Jane Champion – a “plain” or “homely” girl, quickly approaching middle age. No trivia or quizzes yet.

The Rosary

She lags somewhat in the second half, but the urge to know fikm happens speeds you along. Books by Florence Louisa Barclay. And though this book is over years old, it’s definitely in the realm of p 2. Its sentimentalism is not to my taste, but even so I still found myself hoping everything would turn out all right for the characters.

Oct 02, Barb in Maryland rated it liked it Shelves: Take one lady who is the pal of every guy but girlfriend of none.


So, the book is not about the rosary, though religious references are frequent.

Florence L. Barclay – Wikipedia

She loves him back, but does not trust his love, as is known to be a great lover of beauty, and she – alas – is very plain. In her early forties health problems left her bedridden for a time bqrclay she passed the hours by writing what became her first romance novel titled The Wheels of Time. The exploration of the value of beautiful exteriors is more relevant than ever in our size-obsessed, beauty-mad society, and it interlocks in clever ways with the theme of adapting to blindness in a seeing world.

It isn’t the best definition but I can’t find better. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Florence L. Barclay

Apparently a bestseller in Then she became a terrible Paragon of Utter Perfection and lost most of her personality. The Rosary of florrnce title, incidentally, was a very popular song of the day which our heroine sings, thus convincing our hero that she is the one for him.

This is the kind of stories I love, with old-fashioned matankile and roles of men and women. And my friends list have satisfied me about the sperm. Garth Dalmain – Young, charismatic, gifted in visual arts, loves all things beautiful to the eye, but has a depth of soul and wisdom that is not initially evident.