Traditionally, the lover usually chose a quiet time during the day or night, and simply climbed over the courtyard wall of the girl’s home. They decide to tell Mashadi that he is really the girl’s uncle and that he was only joking when he announced that he was her true lover. They are new people, without prejudices and thirst for money. The more a wife is frightened of her husband, the more she will obey him. According to Elmira Abbasova, Mashadi Ibad is a respectable person in a high society. They even took screen tests.

Hajibeyov does not promote Western values at the expense of traditional ones. The operetta was reviewed in the Kaspi newspaper of April 7, , which noted that its music included both traditional and newly-written melodies. Everybody has washed and dressed. Rustam bey, returning home, stumbles on Sarvar as he is leaving the house. Traditionally, the lover usually chose a quiet time during the day or night, and simply climbed over the courtyard wall of the girl’s home. You’re not the girl!

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Audible Download Audio Books. Omvie butchers the Azeri language, mixing it up with Ottoman Turkish so that no one can understand him.

Explore popular and recently added TV series available to stream now with Prime Video. Rza bey also learns about it and takes rubles from Meshadi Ibad, saying that he will disgrace Rustam bey in his newspaper.

Afterwhen an additional scene was written, it was recast in four acts. The new Musical Comedy Theatre on opening night, December 8, Edited by Neil Edmunds. A funny story happens to a block’s residents. He even uses the edge of his long coat to shake hands with those nashadi have touched the bottle.


First staged 98 years ago, O olmasin, bu olsun remains an important part of the Azerbaijani theatre ibqd.

O olmasin, bu olsun Azerbaijan’s Sound of Music

But in the comedy it leads to his downfall. He changed neither the sequence of events, nor the main ideas nor the rich tapestry of characters and unique style.

The party is over. There follows the solemn ceremony of leaving the bathhouse. Two versions of the movie were produced-one in Baku, the other in Moovie. The wedding ceremony, led by Gochu Asger, is being held in a large hall.

This version has been shown countless times on mashwdi over more than half a century.

And Gulnaz gets to marry her true love, Sarvar. The theme of satire of everyday life relations in prerevolutionary Azerbaijan, in which spongers, rich men, and rogues from various sectors of society were ridiculed, was familiar to audiences from other countries, for example, to Tajik and Uzbek spectators, and it found a keen response among them.

O olmasin, bu olsun Azerbaijan’s Sound of Music – Art – Visions of Azerbaijan Magazine

No, that cannot be true! You’re that guy again!

Asger appears with his gang and Mashadi Ibad. Further incidents affect him. Mashadi, like many other businessmen, had to bribe his own district’s racketeer in order to survive. Views Read Edit View history.


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Most of the guests, who have become rather tipsy, are bragging about themselves and their “intelligence. In fact, during the first years of this fu,l, so many uprisings in Czarist Russia served to weaken the distant parts of the Empire, including Azerbaijan, so anarchy was left to rule in Baku.

Full Cast and Crew. Retrieved from ” https: At the turn of the century, capitalism was undermining the traditional feudal wealth and social status of land owners in the Russian Empire. Mommy wants to marry off his only son.

O Olmasin, Bu Olsun 8. Edit Did You Know? Gulnaz’ father, Rustam bey, is bankrupt. They understand that the old pressures are now weak.

Baku, with its enormous resources of oil, became one of the most vibrant cities of the Russian empire. Instead of Gulnaz, Sarvar is under the veil. While waiting in another room, he wonders how a girl brought up in such style could ever be confined to his dark home and limited social life. Where will he get the money from?