Sam cries thinking about Radhika and Arjun. There is potential for growth in this segment — after all, this is the future. Neil sam, radhika arjun come closer romantically. She sees Arjun laughing while narrating a story to the kids. We are fed up seeing the same old faces. Latha 10th Aug – 2:

Radhika says no, few things should be done alone. Radhika asks Arjun to start having food. She asks Radhika to bring the biscuits for the kids, and hurry up. One of the fan in If said tat they saved a show Navya too by showing their fandom n they said atleat v may get extension of 2 -3 months r diff time slot,…. Another strong thing which inspired me 2 radhika s HER stong attitude in achieving a goal r mission which she took in her heart,.. Nandini looks on and asks will she just play or cook something for them.

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The Episode starts with Arjun asking Nandini to not do any work. Welcome, Login to your account.

Even after solving all the pblms,. She says they will drink wine after a long time. Nandini eats the food and Radhika smiles, recalling how she has added lots of chilli powder in it.

Mala says its very tasty, she will like it. Arjun does not like it.

Radhika’s food makes Arjun sick

The man says welcome back madam. It epiisode go bankrupt!! She smiles and leaves. Neil sam, radhika arjun come closer romantically. The boy asks her to come in his team, as Arjun is making them lose. Nandini looks on and asks will she just play or cook something for them.


However we would like to confirm that the show is going off-air from August 29th and will be replaced by another of our exciting offering Sumit Sambhal Lega. K friends,…sorry 4 not posting my comment about my favorite Character in Manmarzian aka Radhika yday,…. Friends again,…i dinn read what i wrote.

“Dosti Yaariyan Manmarziyan” Episode # (TV Episode ) – IMDb

During ring finding rasam,wen their hands meet. They ask her to make the broken house alone. Please visit the link http: Angel cutipee,chasni Friends,…you may question me y i named my character Radhika as Radhika mishra instead of radhika mehra even after Marriage,…my answer s Radz answer as she dinn consider this marriage as real n dinn realize tat she got married now,….

Many of us are perplexed by the recent dilution of the show content and now this upcoming sudden termination! Last updated Aug 8, Neil sits in the bar and gets surprised seeing Sam in her old avatar. Epsiode asks her to see, she will make such food that they will remember.

With Manmarziyan, you got the interest of a new audience. Sam hugs her saying I love you and cries.


Deepa 10th Aug – Another strong thing which inspired me 2 radhika s HER stong attitude in achieving a goal r mission eisode she took in her heart. Saving arjun 4m accident n dinn reveal tat she ly saved arjun 4m accident even 2 arjun himself,…n she thanked him 4 saving her life,….

Waste star plus…they are telecasting yhm repeat 3 times in a day…but they are not promoting mmz…I love this show.

Dosti Yaariyan Manmarziyan – Season 1 – IMDb

As arjun s putting a mask of revenge 4 some1 who takes care 4 him as his nandu di,…radz s putting a mask of saving some1 whom she considered as bestie as sam,…. Acc 2 me their love story starts right 4m the color scene,…arjun s the 1 who hugged radhika 4m back n stunned 2 see her instead of sam,…he yelled at her not 2 touch him who s touching who Radhika dinn reply but she replied during the halwa scene.

What badmeez Dil too?? I dont get one thing arjun knows everything about nandhini except for few.