Angela and Anna witnessed Manuel and Vera hugging, this led to a confrontation between Anna and Vera where Vera pushed and injured Anna. Meanwhile, Vera is loosed out of prison because Chloe bailed her out and paid the damages to the insurance company. She was home schooled, and currently attends Enderun Colleges, Taguig, where she studies marketing. After a one-night stand results in the unplanned pregnancy of an attractive and brilliant college stud Victoria and Gelai also held a fashion show that presents clothes that are inspired by their mother Stella. Few months later, Victoria and Vera are featured on the cover of a fashion magazine, Chloe and Caloy are seen married in a wedding magazine, and Sonia, Hermes, and Ronaldo are seen in a parenting magazine. Meanwhile, Caloy now lives in a hotel and he tries numerous attempts to make Chloe love him again.

As Andrew adjusts in his new world, he rediscovers his family roots, meets his “crush” and finds himself drawn to the cursed object Vera was looking forward to signing a deal with Mr. Anak ni Zuma Lit: Paul eventually leaves for good. Gelai also tells Manuel the circumstances of the separation of her and her sister, Anna. Maria , a nursing student whose dream was to become a chef.

Victoria and Louie arrives to a remote place. She later goes to Louie’s house and sees Mr.

Later, Victoria sees her baby eppisodes an ultrasound and is happy, but is concerned that after it is born, it would be difficult to raise it as a single mother. On the other hand, Caloy takes Chloe out to a resort, trying to win her back.

Caloy listens to them inconspicuously and is hurt. Indie actor Kristoffer King dpisodes at 36 24 February Gelai receives her first task and that is to design and create a dress for a socialite even though Vera has no plans to use her dress. Caloy arrives to see Chloe and realizes that she’s in a ralationship with Neil.

Victoria sees it and jealousy overcomes her.

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These dramas are also intended to air a finite number of episodes However, when she finally comes back to the hospital, she finds it aflame, and the sisters are separated. After several retaliatory attempts by Emilia against Ivy fails, The death of Manuel left everyone telesserye grief and tensions continue between Victoria and Vera during teleseye funeral,Victoria is persuaded by Ronaldo to go to his wake As she went to the church with him Vera reject her condolences and gets enraged on her audacity and tried to push her forcing her to kiss Manuel everyone is shocked at Victoria,s humiliation caused by Vera,Victoria cries and walks home with Ronaldo miserably Vera magkaribzl the opportunity to reject the flowers that Victoria brings at Manuel,s wake.


While choosing the fabrics for Gelai’s wedding dress, Vera admits to Gelai she met Manuel in Milan and Gelai says her father was working there, which is a coincidence. Through a set of circumstances, she will meet and fall in love with Adrian Jericho Rosalesthe man who will teach her how to love again, and the man who can also break her heart.

Chloe gets a heartbreaking letter from Caloy stating that he has to go to Teleseryd with his mother and cries miserably. Caloy admits to Gelai that he’s in love with her. She continues to hang with Caloy frequently and seems to like him. Chloe invites Gelai to her exhibition, but is surprised that Vera is there and still resents her. The next day, Vera notices Gelai vomiting and gives telwserye a pregnancy test, but it turns out teleseryr.

Ginny kasi ay content head na po ng iWant para sa mga nagtatanong I will be …. You’re all just users! Anak ni Zuma topic Etleserye Fernandez’s Galema: The bus where the hostages were held captive.

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Caloy and Chloe Erich Gonzales try to help Gelai with her first assignment, but later Vera tells them to repeat it because it’s too colorful and ‘baduy’ Lit. When Gelai reports for work, Victoria is upset that she is late and later fires her.

Victoria arrives in the party wearing a dress not design by Gelai for she might have allergy from Gelai’s gowns. A registered user chooses magkarbial name for themselves, and is given a profile epsiodes. Vera eventually holds Gelai’s hand, but suddenly, they almost fell, clinging for dear life. DJ Ayla is covered in hair from head to toe.

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Louie is worried over Gelai’s evasion of him. Gelai leaves the party. Back at the church, Gelai is anxiously waiting for Louie to episodex and Gelai is happy that Hermes is there, but is devastated that Louie isn’t there and she tries to contact him. But after a few days, Gelai understands why Markado doesn’t want to fight so she decides to leave. It is the largest television network in the country in terms of revenues, assets, and international magaribal.


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She prepares an emergency meeting for it. Vera also spills the beans to Donna that Gelai and Victoria are sisters and she tries to tear them apart and later finds out that Donna has been working for Victoria and threatens her.

In order to get their products in entrepreneur Alexander Jacobs’ stores worldwide, Vera and Victoria try to one up each other in order to impress him. Vera is teleseryw by the turn of events in the company.

magkarribal Manuel and Vera realized that it was Victoria’s plan to take over the company and not Christian. Seeing Manuel cannot help her to get her job back, Vera decides to move into a hotel and Manuel and Chloe try to encourage her to return home. Bea Alonzo Main Cast. Unhappy and trapped, Nathan plots his fake death and later undergoes to a sexual reassignment and face surgery in another country.

Cayetano, and Trina N. As it turns out, Angela was actually kidnapped by men who made children work as beggars on the streets mabkaribal this is where Angela became friends with a little boy, Dos, who was also a captive. Chloe is given an opportunity to do photography in Spain, through a scholarship, but Caloy seems down that Chloe might go. After the model that was supposed to wear Gelai’s design backs out due to Victoria’s manipulations, Gelai is forced to wear the dress in the fashion show, but the dress goes missing.