Kuriko confessed her love for Kazuki and said that this is the last time she will ever see him and they almost kissed, but then Kuriko’s ashes finally passed on into Kazuki, making him a step closer to being human again. Lists of anime episodes. Haruaki Akai travel into Kazuki’s mind. He also told Kazuki that what Rin needs now isn’t intense training, but someone to allow her to feel the warmth of friendship, which he deprived Rin of when she was a child. Yuna has her own bout of bad luck from the magatama that does not surface until several episodes later. Kuriko decided to bring Kazuki along as her “man”. Kazuki uses his magic to undo Rin’s fall.

Also, a mysterious girl meets Kazuki next to the maple tree. At the end of the previous episode, Yuna, Kuriko, Rin, and Yamase all suddenly became horny, and get dragged towards Kazuki. Kazuki gives it one more try using the last of his magic to save her life. Everyone leaves on a train, and Yamase says that Kazuki hasn’t changed. Lists of anime episodes. Yuna arrives, and manage to free Yamase, but cannot reach Kazuki because of Shino.

Rin then holds off Shino, while Yuna and Yamase go to save Kazuki, who is dragged into the portal, that turns him into a full ghost. These events force the Kazetsubaki Family and the Kamishiro Clan to change their plans in respect to Kazuki’s genes.

However, a group of monks also participated but surprisingly won the race, causing Nakamaru and Matsuda’s scheme to fail. The three girls end up dyb about their previous times with Kazuki.

As it turns out, the three girls and Kazuki must play and beat a baseball team from hell. Yuna and Yamase then proceed to jump in after him, saving him and returning to him a lot of his ashes. Kazuki is having nightmares that he is being attacked by a behemoth; at the same time, a rumor of a behemoth inside the campus is floating mabutaho. The next day Kazuki returns to a udb except, this time there are multiples of him.

Elizabeth took Yuna to a void dimension where Kazuki thought she was being tortured, where in truth she was only being tickled. Rin, Yuna, and Kazuki, due to misunderstanding, almost mess this up, which Kuriko was quite infuriated about. Haruaki Akai travel into Kazuki’s mind. Kazuki realizes englissh truth, that the girls were only sent to him because of his precious genes. Yamase and Yuna are then restrained again, when Kuriko and Rin arrive.


Maburaho Episode 19 (Eng Dub) – HD

After Kazuki collapses while trying to protect the boy, the three girls attempt to find out the mystery behind mabhraho necklaces and the little boy while at the same time trying protect him from Nakamaru’s revenge.

Kazuki talks with the Ghost Collector, named Shino, trying to decide between being a human versus being a ghost. Haruaki Akai know who are responsible for the remaining ashes of Kazuki, they are left with a choice as to whether to return the ashes to Kazuki to make him human and lose all of his memories or to have his ashes pulled from his body and remain as a ghost with his memories.

Kuriko decides to battle the beasts, but they overpower her. At Yamase’s turn, she cheats and takes Kazuki somewhere in the forest, while masking their auras.

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In the end, Eisode parents cancel their visit. Kuriko and Rin realize that Kazuki really has some magnificent magical capability, despite the low number of times he can use magic, commenting that it is almost impossible to create snow during summer. Elizabeth demanded some things from Yuna and Kazuki.

While Yuna goes around thinking of ways to save Kazuki, Dark Yuna wreaks havoc in the school. Fearful that once his ashes return, Kazuki will lose all memory of the girls; Rin resolves to leave, with Kazuki’s ashes and never return, but she repents after witnessing the lengths he will go to keep a promise. Then her older sister informed her that she will leave for New York, but not before she attends her episodd Cinderella Party, in which the party ends at midnight.

Shino will be watching Kazuki and the girls from now on. As his time nears, he apologized for how harsh he was to Rin as her master, hopes for her episose and bids Rin farewell; then he dies, his soul returning to the moon and Rin crying over his body.


Maburaho Episode 24 [English Dubbed]

Akai enters englisg house, he reveals that Shino is his sister. His magic also caused the women’s and men’s dorm to merge. Kazuki’s magic count drops to seven attempts.

Yuna and the other become infuriated and start searching. A strange black circle seems to follow Kazuki, and the girls are drawn to him again during dinner.

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Later on, Kazuki broke his promise to the ghost which infuriated her. His magic count remains at three by the end of the episode. Yuna ended up inadvertently releasing a pathogen from the vials that takes on her form but with a completely opposite personality.

Kuriko has been absent from several student council meetings. Rin’s master shows up, trying to make her go back to the head family since Kazuki ebglish dead. After following her, they discover she is on a date with a strange man who is up to no good. Yuna’s father sent Dr.

The women compare breasts in the shower and feel each other up, there is nudity. Rin said that she is the one that really doesn’t respect her clan’s decision, Kuriko said that Kazuki teased her so much that she really doesn’t want to go away, and Yuna actually won’t leave without becoming Kazuki’s wife.

To episods her, Rpisode ends up using his magic. Rin Kamishiro is still worrying about what will happen to Kazuki if she returns his ashes, things are made more complicated when Kuriko decides that Kazuki will take Rin on a date for the day in an attempt to restore Kazuki’s ashes.