And the father is so blinded by love that he made his own daughter suffered. Nampak Cam Serupa Je?? Hwa-Young decides to take revenge on Yeon-Hee. They turn to their last option, surrogacy, and this is where Go Eun Nim comes in. Where can I watch episode Episodes by odilettante. Log in or Sign up.

Eun Nim is kind of OMG!!! These are not exactly romance dramas but I would suggest you watch these good dramas. OMG his mother pissed the hell out of me. This was what I got from the subs. Oh and his mother is also an arse. I am on 26 now and I must must vent out my anger!!! The drama is getting so intense. I don’t know if I like this drama or not but I am still at it.

I do pity the poor dude. Lee Chul tells him mother that he is starting another job, delivery at a newly opened chicken restaurant, proclaiming he wants to be the best at what he is doing right now. I am on episode I don’t like half brother love triangle. Where can I watch episode Eun Nim’s dad brings over Eun Nim’s clothes to change into before she goes to work.

Eun Nim brushes off Kang Ho. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Nampak Cam Serupa Je?? I am hoping for a super big twist that YB is lovinf fact Kang Ho’s child. It notify all the major blog KH’s step time not known yet is a totally biatch. I am so scared. I don’t care if there are anyone here who cares about this drama cause it’s really really dead thread. I now understand why there’s 50 so episode. And now SY’s husband mistress having morning sickness we all know what that means.


I don’t know where I stand but there’s just too much drama going on. The grandmother gets very angry, and the mother yells at her, to tell her why is she being like that. Log in or Sign up.

[SBS] Loving You 1000 Times

Announcements February birthdays Login Issue. I hope that she and Yoo Bin will not part and I hope that in the future, Eun Nim doesn’t take him away. This content has been removed by a moderator.

That is just so wrong, she loves Yoo Bin so much. Yeon-Hee’s mother-in-law demands that Yeon-Hee have a baby via a kysoju mother and Yeon-Hee acquiesces to her wishes. Over the years there have been many reports of winged cats. For crying out loud, he doesn’t even speak full Korean sentences yet. Her ex-boyfriend marries Yeon-Hee who comes from a wealthy family.

She says it is her son but her fudging mother-in-law breaks her ever chance she gets saying that Yoo Bin is not her son. Jews and Malays Are The Same?

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OMG I am literally going to have a heart attack. Loving You a Thousand Times.

Episodes by LollyPip. Hwa-Young becomes the surrogate mother for Yeon-Hee, with plans to later take child away from her.

Are there any similar Asian dramas to Loving You a Thousand Times or Autumn’s Concerto?

Eun Nim is kind of OMG!!! Although KH’s older half brother and EN has no relation, it will still be awkward.

Saturdays and Sundays at What bothers me is her hypocrisy. Ryu Jin and Go Eun Mi are a married couple who try desperately to conceive a child but are unsuccessful. But who am I kidding, it won’t happen. I mean it isn’t bad but the storyline is just interesting. Yeon Hee calls Sae Hoon, and he does not pick up. KBS is on a hot streak — not only does it have several strong hit dramas currently on the air, it dominates every night of the week.


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Your name or email address: Drama Recaps Reach of Sincerity: I feel so bad for Lee Sun Young. She tells her mother to leave her husband for being thiusand, but really, Sae Hoon is also abusive, emotionally. The eldest sister-in-law is a damn bitch. Posted October 25, OMG his mother pissed the hell out of me. No matter how much she displeases him, the fact she accepted Kang Ho when they brought him when he was little means he needs to forgive her.

Omg I’m Taiwanese and wow you watched like everything drama related I’ve watched.

I really do pity Sun Young. Prev 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 Next Page 14 of Oh yeah, in the beginning of the series, he had her as “beloved wife” as the contact but in epside 12, her number was under “Yoo Bin’s Mom”. Sun Young asks Sae Hoon for lunch, but he says he has a lunch appointment.

Views Read Edit View history. He’s not being understanding.