SimCity 5 – Big party Part 3 Chrill plays: What did happen to her? Death has no prejudice for who it takes. My condolences to her friends and family. Love u Quxxn, Really going to miss your awesome videos and commentary!!! She was such a bright and happy person and an amazing member of the sims community as well as a beautiful citizen of the world. Quxxn, rest in peace. How did it happen?

She was much to young to go so soon! I just thought everything would get better: The Sims 3 Gameplay: Julyan ages and moves out. People are saying Quxxn had to go through a lot of surgery. She was my first LPer. My thoughts and prayers go out to Quxxn, her family, friends, and fans. I think it was only IP, but still.

A part of me still wants to think that one day she will upload again. Will fill this in later RIP Quxxn you will be missed. The house gets upgraded. This all came on so suddenly and I think I speak for everyone when I say how we are all utterly shocked and depressed by this news.

I loved her videos; her amazing personality especially made them fun to watch. You were, and always will be, one of the best Simmers! Keep smiling Framemeister Comparison: My condolences go out to her family. She was so young.


Let’s Play: The Sims 3 Seasons – (Part 34) – August Grows Up

Rest in peace sweetie, I will miss you! RIP Quxxn we will all miss you very much. She will be missed and never forgotten in the sims community. I wish the best for her family in this troubling time.

Let’s Play: The Sims 3 Seasons – (Part 15) – Snowflake Day – Watch Video Online – Search All Videos

I have followed ,subscribed and liked her these 2 years. I was so devastated. The family goes to the Fall Festival for the first time. Connor and Rayne spend a romantic day together. I thought she would pull through.

Tiara seems to have got an interest in Tony when she is suppose to be dating Dan She sounded so youthful and sweet on her youtube channel. She was such an awesome, funny person.

Autumn gets better acquainted with Liam and August goes on a lame date.

I was not a fan of Quxxn, but I am saddened to read someone so young passing away. Quxxn is no exception, she was an amazing person and she touched the hearts of everyone everywhere. New Game Patch February 21st, February 21, In hope you have a super fantastic awesome splendid amazing time in heaven. New Update February 25th, August experiences some unexpected weight gain.


Well she said she have this cold but maybe that was just a cover up. You wanna know how I picture her?

House Building – Lime 56 The Sims 4: People mourn in different ways. It was sad to learn about her passing. So feel free to leave suggestions on what you wanna see in this lp! RIP Quxxn, you will be missed. She seemed so ambitious and young! Dungeons and Dragons Online. Autumn jumps into online dating, while Austin begins to become a ladies man.

I know I will. Do not be angry because she is mourning differently than you.

RIP Quxxn, you will live forever more and always have a spot in my heart. I wish the family and friends of Quxxn my condolences.