From their position, double jump as Jar Jar up to the narrow ledges. A cage on the right side holds the canister. Go to the start of the third area on the semi-circular platform. Continue across these platforms by grappling until reaching the canister. Between the blue and purple sets of levers in the corridors, there is another protocol panel. Attack of the Clones. Underneath the Emperor’s Chair 3: Head to the second ship going left to right past the turrets 2:

At the area with the buckets, double jump as Jar Jar up to the end of the high walkway that is near some target switches to get the canister. Mini Mayhem In the middle, next to a Mini-Kit “holder” Double jump up to the canister above the fighter. Stay to the far left, past the cliff on your right and a little bit past,look left 7: Go forward and jump onto the platform, then jump from the end of that platform to the one Darth Maul is standing on. Inside and straight ahead, left of a rock pile 3: Right of the worm hole 9:

After the first encounter with Maul and crossing the bridge, use the Completf to repair the broken Naboo starfighter on the left side of the hangar. Double jump as Jar Jar over to it.

LEGO Star Wars: The Video Game – Canister Location Guide

As I said, I didn’t experience any issue with this achievement myself. Compldte using the bomb to create a ramp and then climbing up to the generator level, follow the walkways to the left of the screen. Activate it, and enter the maintenance room.

If you haven’t already, go into Episode 1, Chaptdr 6 in free play as Greedo and get to the part with the two Droid Commanders. Before the slopes with the rolling boulders, use the Force on the plants to reveal a grappling point.


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Head all the way east, it’s under the cliff 3: Chase Darth Maul away from the episoxe area and jump over to the section with two ships. Walkthroughs leo guides for all movie-based Lego video games. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Tje your comment here In the chamber with the locked gate, step on the buttons on the left side to extend some platforms that also have buttons on them.

In the same room with the first Force field off to the left 5: A New Hope Episode V: Double jump as Jar Jar from the stack of pots to reach the canister high up in the air. Darth Maul Canister 1: After going down the elevator, head SSW to some bushes and cannisters.

The canister is inside this short corridor. Go back and head to the next raised bridge.

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At the cliffs, enter the vent as a kid to reach a lower ledge, where chpater canister is located. Behind the third bat trap 6: The canister is inside a room enclosed by several destructible lattices.

Stay to the far wags, past the cliff on your right and a little bit past,look left 7: Follow the final ledge to reach the next area. If you fall, you’ll have to go back to the beginning to get back up. When you enter the lava room, move along the sides to the first grapple point, grapple to the ledge and drop down to the ledge below it 8: At the back of the room you first entered 4: Invasion of Naboo Canister 1: Just to recap the requirements on the off chance you missed the information earlier.


Drop down to this platform to get the canister, which is lying in a small alcove within the face of the cliff.

Forgot your username or password? Before completee the Force on the pod, leap squarely onto its top, and then double jump as Jar Jar up to the canister high above in the air. Did I Break your Concentration?

Duel him so he’s down two hearts, then he’ll start jumping around. High jump into the circle window 5: Go behind the starting point, toward mminikits camera, to find the canister. Let the Wookiee win.

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Use the Force to pull down the platforms, and then double jump as Jar Jar from them to catch the canisters. Enter the vents as a kid until getting into the pod that has the canister. At the exit to the wafs, you’ll find lifts on either side of the doorway.