Quite a lot of work for a pair of pants. There, you will find and object at the wall, which you need to push down. Found in Cloud Cuckoo Land – On the island on the right. Completing the Instructions and Building the Giant Ladder! Simply follow the onscreen commands, and you will finish the level after starting the master builder sequence. I Am A Master Builder! Who is your favorite gamer on YouTube?

This will end the level and unlock the following:. Complete Level 9 – The Depths. Masterbuild a catapult, use it, and build a bridge to get across. Climb the stairs and use the agility objects to reach the Golden Manual on a balcony on the opposite side of the alley. Head all the way to the right, and lure the swordfish to rush you when you are in front of the rocket with the target sign on it. Inside is a rainbow block flower for Unikitty to destroy and rebuild into a catapult. Approach the green fence in the middle of the alley and enter the building mode, as Wyldstyle.

Switch between Emmet and Wildstyle back and forth, and continue down the highway until px3 finish the level. The trampoline makes it possible to run over walls. Before we continue, we nricksburg again over the rainbow bridge, movis create a custom character unlocking the following achievement:.

Swap back to Wyldstyle and jump up to the fire escape, then onto the purple rail overhead. After you get back up, proceed to the right. Switch to Vitruvius, and activate it to trigger a button sequence.

No there is not. Complete Level 2 – Escape From Bricksburg. From here to the south is the next one out in the open, and from there to the left down a ledge is the third one. Here you will see a wall with a blue circle in front of it. Latest Team Posts What new on the Teams forums.


Acquaint him with the road before jumping onto the black semi, then wall-running across leego billboard. Once the hack is complete the large doors stopping entry to the pants will open and they are yours sounds like a shopping spree gone mad.

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Dispose of the attackers another chance for the Unikitty killslure the rocket robot to destroy the silver objects, use the new console, and shoot the remaining silver object. Destroy the truck ahead, build a hammer with Green Lantern, and throw one part of the truck at the exposed part. Successfully hack it to reveal a Golden Manual. During the police chase sequence there will be a point where you are on the motorbike moving through traffic.

The Opposite of Happiness 26 One of the opponents is destroying the bridge – jump over to the other side of the bar. Log into your account here: Portal is on right on the double deck couch.

A rocket robot will break the junction box. Operate the console inside and play the hacker minigame to open the door in the back. This walkthrough is the property of TrueAchievements.

Swap to Emmet and drill both panels you can see one on the left, the other on the right wall. Alan Wakes American Nightmare Guide. This Bedoubled Land Couch 27 Smash the rainbow object here, build a toaster ecsape, and make your way across the new pieces to reach the next level. Complete Level 12 – Broadcast News.

Escape from Bricksburg

Defeat 20 enemies as Rage Unikitty. Repair the speakers, and prepare for some dancing.

Smash the rainbow bird, build a butterfly, get all fdom way up to the masterbuild spot, and finish the level. Use Vitruvius to move along the beam and reach the third minikit. Once the pole is in place the game lets you know swing across the gap and hack the terminal in the small room on the other side Very cute, the board spells out the word lego.


Escape from Bricksburg | The story mode – The LEGO Movie Videogame Game Guide |

The first golden manual. Found in Bricksburg – In the construction yard with the hole in the ground. Found in Cloud Cuckoo Land – Straight down from the portal.

Go inside and repair the machine. I Am The Computer 28 move Simply shoot everything you see to finish the level and unlock the following:.

The LEGO Movie Videogame Walkthrough

Is there an area in the game where I can directly pick the levels and not have to go through the world’s trying to find them? A lone robot swat will try to stop you here. Mahaloth View Profile View Posts.

Repair the lift to the left, jump up, climb to the right, and open the big door. Ffrom can find the rainbow bridge but that only goes to the character maker.

You can now move over the line on it, to cut a rectangular hole. Move straight ahead, destroy the golden part, and throw the gas tank at the Kragelizer. This will fail the masterbuild and unlock the following achievement.

While atop the bus, you will notice a green circle, with which you need to mark, in the building mode, the cards on the flatbeds in front of you.