This site uses cookies. He made the TOF column four times in a row last year with various remixes and productions including the multimedia Thai meets West production Mahajanaka — a collaboration fusion of both traditional Thai forms and Western contemporary dance and music, which reinterprets the ancient stories of Buddha on his multiple incarnations journey of perfection towards becoming fully enlightened. Alpha Blondy – Sebe Allah Y’e. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. For a band that fluidly absorbs a litany of hardcore, punk and doom influences, Admission is surprisingly melodic and nuanced. Karine Polwart – Follow The Heron. The Aussie emcee makes his buoyancy loud and clear, that in spite of recruiting a mass regiment of hired guns and old skool soldiers — Jeru the Damaja, Killa Priest, Chip Fu, Krazy Drayz, Mr Cheeks, Keith Murray — is a one man army revering the essence. The Wasserfuhr brothers do creative things with the scenery and mood of a hub currently in the spotlight; producing an album that arguably bridges the old with the new guard.

The source of this sound derives from a relatively uncharted region that lies obscured between the mountains of northwest Tunisia and the Algerian border, called the Bargou Valley, which despite its barren isolation, has cultured a unique musical fusion, stretching back hundreds of years. The Wilcnnia Mob – Down River. It can hardly be denied that New York always has and always will be an epicenter of musical innovation and fusion. Self-released via Bandcamp, almost happenstance style, this avant-garde soundtrack opus benefits from the kind of freedom that the internet can offer. Tickling Our Fancy Hasna El Becharia – Marsoul il hob. However, whether warranted or not, conquerors and traders alike left traces, resulting in a cross-pollination of influences including music. Got a twin tape ghetto blaster for Christmas?

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Missing unfortunately from the line-up, the classical folk legend John Renbourn sadly passed away before recording his contribution. For many, Madagascar continues to be an enigma: Sur la Route Des Caravanes. Kasai Allstars – Epsode Ploughman.


Follow Them True, Jon Hassell – It’s Enough Now. The twelve-strong track list features an inspired choice of both Oxford locals and carefully plucked international artists interpreting, transmogrifying and playing around with both the most fleeting and integral songs performed or merely referenced in Shakespeare great cannon of work. Not only assisting McArthur in the making of this album but also chipping in with backing vocals and bass lyem the roulette wheel of lovelorn fortune, Evens On Green, is Joel Magill of the psychedelic Canterbury band Syd Arthur.

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With a wealth of experience and enough of an eclectic swag of influences behind him, from post-punk to avant-garde jazz, ready to surface eipsode anytime, his twelve-strong contribution of meditative episoed considered explorations reflects an omnivorous craving.

As near perfect as any Piano Magic suite can be, Closure proves that you epiosde perhaps after all find a satisfactory ending. The album is a heavy dose of bestial sizzled magnetic crackling and giant rumblings; an electrified fence of static doom, both highly atmospheric but also teasing with anticipation. Hazmat Modine – Dead Crow. Despite a litany of famed travellers, from the Arabs to Marco Polo, recording its discovery over the centuries, it would be France that colonized it.

The rebellious folk gallop, Purple Sphere, could be considered even spiky!

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Self-released via Bandcamp, almost happenstance style, this avant-garde soundtrack opus benefits from the kind of freedom that the internet can offer. It is once again in his role as both a performer and instigator that sees him, alongside Tom McDonnell of TMD Media, commission and curate a celebration 203 the great bard Shakespeare.

Post was not sent – check your email addresses! Le Ry-co Jazz – Dima bolane. Fluru – Heading home.

Our Daily Bread Youssou N’dour – Birima. Borne out of the most tumultuous of periods in German history, as the artistically creative but decadent disconnect of the Weimar Republic was about to crumble and the menace of the National Socialists was goose-stepping towards an eventual Armageddon, Metropolis may have been about a future world but was making glaringly obvious analogies and metaphors about the present.


Pawlowski originally rose to fame in the Evil Superstarsuntil they called it quits at the peak of their career.

Famous unfortunately as the title of a DreamWorks animation franchise, but apart from its reputation as a colourful menagerie for all kinds of exotic wildlife and fauna, it remains a mystery to many. Rhiannon Giddens – Last Kind Words. There is a lot of promise on this album, and the future looks bright.

Still holding down the day job as a member of dEUS, Pawlowski has really gone for broke on this compilation with his 80s pastiche soundtrack. Alpha Blondy – Sebe Allah Y’e.

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By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. The Wilcnnia Mob – Down River. Whatever the emotion, Hanitra articulates her concerns and protestations with a soulful sincerity. But the wait has episod worthwhile.

A sprawling region of the New York panoply, Brooklyn has become a cheaper, more viable alternative; though in the oayem decade this hotspot has seen a massive influx of millennials, students and creatives flood the area, and so changed the very nature of the neighborhoods and inevitably made it more expensive. Originally part of the wider Oxford Shakespeare Jubilee festival programme inthe adroitly conceived compilation has had some wpisode with its official release date, being put back and now hovering over January ready to drop at anytime.

Neatly finishing up this month, DJ Skarface puts DJ Shadow beats underneath Run the Jewels wrath for a well executed 20 minute mash up to get everyone talking. Choosing a unique method of documenting that twenty-year career and countingErtel explains: