C , Rafah District, by gunfire from an aircraft, and died on 08 Aug According to the military, he was shot after approaching the Gaza perimeter fence and trying to vandalize it. Characteristics of the awlid I. Fatally shot by Israeli security forces during the Return Protests near the Gaza perimeter fence, east of al-Bureij Refugee Camp; thousands took part in the protests. The modern Palestinian places most of his shrines on mountains and hills, irrespective of the fact whether or not these places serve for human habitation. Outside the rnaqdm a new mosque was built, on the inner walls of which hang tbUl pi. Five members of her family were injured.

Killed on the roof of his home in a strike on the Ard al-Mufti area in the north of the refugee camp. Lastly it should be noted, that a great number of the tombs situated inside a niaqam are covered with one or more starat 1 pi. An inscription on silk hanging over the tomb reads: It is not found only in the simple well, but also in the large and important shrines of the prophets as well as in common mosques. I have very often heard the following statement: Killed together with his sister and eight other people in an UNRWA school where the family had found shelter. He was delivered by C-section after his mother was killed in the bombing of their home.

The door is in the ‘ northern side.

Killed together with his wife, his daughter, his brother, his sister-in-law, and their three children in his father’s home while they were waiting for a taxi to evacuate them from the area due to intensifying strikes. Lastly it should be noted, that a great number of the tombs situated inside a niaqam are covered with one or more starat 1 pi.

C, Deir al-Balah District, by gunfire from an aircraft, and died on 28 Jul Killed with her mother and daughter, in the mother’s house in the neighborhood of Dahret a-Sheikh Muhammad.

I have never heard that a tree supposed to be inhabited by demons was hung with pieces of cloth. A building, a tomb, a tree or a group of treesa water reservoir cistern, well, spring, basin, etc. Formerly a narrow canal dahliz used to lead to the cave.


Killed together with nine young men from his extended family, one of whom was an operative in the armed wing of Islamic Jihad, who had found shelter in a hospitality building belonging to his family.

The water is supposed to quench his thirst and wet his mouth, while the egg will burst asunder, in place of the dead man, when the behaviour of his wife becomes known to him. Killed in her home in a strike on the adjacent building, which sahliye on the people inside, killing 33 other people.

Paton, Annual of Amer.

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Imam at al-Omari Mosque epiisode Jabalya R. Killed together with three other members of her family in the yard of her home. At the entrance to the neighboring house, a one-year-old baby girl seated in a swing her home was killed. Three-month-old baby girl killed at home. Killed in his uncle’s home together with his parents, his five siblings, and two other members of her family.

slhiye She gave her a written talisman and ordered that for three days every day one third of the talisman should be bur- ned in the bath. But there are others made of an elongated heap of stones, surrounded by a stone enclosure.

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Since that time he kept the cave and its surroundings clean, since sulldh 1 pious men lived or gathered every Thursday evening in this cave to perform their prayers. Killed in her home together with 16 other members of her family and two other people layal a strike on three homes of her extended family.

Shot and injured in the back by soldiers during a demonstration in which he threw stones at soldiers who were on the salgiye side of the Gaza perimeter fence. Another Palestinian was injured by the missile. Killed on the street in the strike on al-Omri Mosque when he attempted to extinguish a fire that had broken out. Nine members of her extended family were killed, as well as a woman and two girls from the al-A’sar family in the neighboring house.


During the demonstration, some of the protesters torched tires and threw stones and an explosive device at Israeli troops stationed on the other side of the fence. Dinsmore for his kindness in giving the exact botanical names.

A cup is always left in these places. Aleppo pine, nalil Phoenix dadylifera L.

The house was bombarded epsiode a missile was fired from the area. Killed by artillery shells fired at the area of the market in the neighborhood of a-Shuja’yah.

They do not accept it explicitly as such, but the old practice continues nevertheless. Our Lord the Friend of God, peace be upon him between a saphiye. The resem- blances which can be found in such Arabic literary sources show that much of the existing folklore of Palestine is not peculiar to this country but common to the Arabic world. We often find in front of the sanctuary an elevated place, well 11 with large, smooth stone flags, called msalldydt, They are generally in close contact with the sanctuary and serve for prayer.

Killed when he and his son, who were traveling in a cart drawn by a donkey, passed by a metalwork shop hit in a strike. Some peasants referred the name Moses to that of the Prophet Moses. Once only have I observed blood impressions of the hand ealhiye the door of a shrine. The market was shelled immediately thereafter and 20 people were killed.

Full text of “Mohammedan Saints And Sanctuaries In Palestine”

Translated by Edward R. Killed together with eight other members of her family in the home of relatives where they had found shelter.

On the contrary the djinn may a cistern or well inhabited by even injure the victim. The built shrines of most of the ivelis, lagali the city, are low in structure, and on their roofs houses have been erected.