By Sudarshan News views. Kabeer comes and asks Pratik if he used his debit card at a hotel. Gaurav tries to comfort her. Kabir witnesses a man escaping from Prem’s house and follows him. Add all the ingredients 3. One stop Destination for Latest Bollywood Updates. Kabir suspects Pratik, Lavanya and Kushaan to be behind Prem’s assassination, and investigates the case.

To know Latest Fashion Trends follows us now: Will they be able to return home safely? They hesitate to discuss about Trisha’s case with the reporters. Ep 23 Lavanya manages to free Bobby from Kabir’s custody. By Sudarshan News views. When opinions are shrill and polarized, we hope to create a middle ground and build bridges. He celebrates his birthday with them. By Pragya TV views.

Laut Aao Trisha 6th November Written Episode Update – Telly Updates

By Pragya TV views. Embed Detail Comments Autoplay. By Chennai Channel 2 views. By Bharatiya Janata Party Delhi views. Urban Platter wild Turmeric Powder https: Fill your cocktail glass with ice 2.

Follow this simple cardio circuit on empty stomach. How to get healthy skin is one of our biggest concern. Will Trisha come back home safely? Kabir informs Prem that he has found a bottle of scotch in the bungalow, in which Trisha was held captive. Will epiosde be able to find Trisha? Pratik informs Prem that Shanya invited Kabir for her birthday.

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Gaurav and Sonali show their hatred for Nikhil. Kabir and Abhay record his confession. Laut Aao Trisha – 14th August – Ep 19 In episode 19 of Laut Aao Trisha, aired on 14th AugustPratik vents his anger on Lavanya and Gaurav Pratik warns Kabir that luat will not allow him to investigate Trisha’s case, if he fails to identify the culprit from the handwriting samples.


Laut Aao Trisha – 6th November 2014 : Ep 79

Kabir learns about Pratik’s association with Ansari. Simple tips for skin whitening is healthy skin care products. They seek the help of their family members, and a police officer, Kabir, to find Trisha. The designer showcased a beautiful collection with intricate mirror work embroidery on the ramp making the audiences totally fall in love.

Malaika discloses that it was Arpita Mehta’s ensemble which she wore and flaunted at her sister-in-law’s wedding, Arpita Khan Sharma. Lavanya thinks Kushan put her in trouble. Laut Aao Trisha – 18th August Pratik’s daughter, Trisha, joins the party. I like that this has the properties of hair care in this leave in cream, and you can use this on damp hair before styling or combing.

Trisha hears bhajan and thinks that she does not know till when she will be punished, she got betrayed by the one whom she believed most, she did not know her dear one will betray her and now she does not believe in relationships. Lots of videos and novdmber more in the pipeline.

Embed Detail Comments Autoplay. Pratik reminisces that Sanya took out his card and gave it to him and he typed pin, that means Trisha is also having same pin number for his cards.


By Cocktails India views. Ep 18 Kabir alerts Amrita that her family members are not trustworthy. Kabir suffers paut depression on recalling a past incident. Kushan laughs and says Pratik is getting what he sowed. Kabir suffers from depression on thinking about Trisha’s situation.

Products Used – 1. Bobby suspects Vibhan novvember misleading Trisha, and tries to attack him. Amrita requests Pratik not to tell Shanya about Trisha’s disappearance. Products Used – 1. By Bollywood Bubble views. Stay tuned for all the breaking news in Hindi!

A desperate Amrita is eager to bring Trisha home. Kabir assures Amrita of finding Trisha, and traces her mobile phone. The Swaika family reads in a newspaper that Trisha’s cousins are behind her disappearance. A desperate Amrita is eager to bring Trisha home.

Kabir suspects Pratik, Lavanya and Kushaan to be behind Prem’s assassination, and investigates the case. Pratik vents his anger on Kabir for not being able to find Trisha.