Gotta give it to Jdramas for the honest display of a bare face. Please please please watch Hotaru no Hikaru one day when you have the time! Oh man, now I have the urge to find it. Ah, now I remember where I have seen Haruma in…. Miki finds her intrusive and to her dismay, her husband is indifferent. Carole, which shows are you speaking of? Being ahead in time makes me feel like I have to wait extra long.

Will Sakura revel in the attention of the handsome but dangerous Hiroto or notice the constant interest of her hard-talking and hard-drinking salon manager, Rintaro Naohito Fujiki? He kneels down and slips her foot into the shoe. Episode 1 is fast-paced and beautifully shot, placing us right the middle of her ordinary life. Many dramas are predictable but can still be enjoyable with its execution. Go back to playing the dreamy popular kid of the school, or just sit there being pretty, I really dont mind. Nene Otsuka Supporting Cast. Watch ‘ Last Cinderella ‘ with our fast and smooth mobile player, optimized for your phone and tablet. But all of that changes when she goes to a party and meets Hiroto Haruma Miura , a much younger man who is a biker.

Meet our year old leading lady, Toyama Sakura Shinohara Ryoko. When all is done and over, she decides the best way to go out is in her natural face. Oh man, now I have the urge to find it. Completely drenched when she gets to work, Rintaro casually lifts up her skirt, advising her to pick a shorter skirt, one that shows her panties is suitable for such gatherings. No woman wants to wake up as a man.

She feels episoe to have caused her trouble and specifically walked here with a kind offer. Thanks for the recap. But really, I pretty him looking pretty and cute than his current image in the ciderella now, all come-hither looking. She lives alone and her morning routine includes dousing her bare face into a sink of water as a way of episodr and using a magnifying glass to check for signs of hair growth around her mouth.


Wow that was strange. Haruma Miura Main Cast. You can see her wall of self-assurance breaking down, showing glimpses of her vulnerabilities. Being ahead in time makes me feel like Eposode have to wait extra long.

The lead actress was awesome in the detective drama series I watched sometime back. Shima does do something morally upsetting at the end of this episode though. And he needs to buff up, so lanky showing off his body! Lady Masculinity descends on her this morning and she gasps in horror at a short whisker poking out under her chin. If they did, she regrets not remembering anything about it. Looking forward to how much more unglam the actress can get in the show!

Which leads us to this.


That drama — Itsuka Hi no Ataru Basho de — is one of my favourites from last season too. An older woman meeting two different men at the same time. They urge her to find a man.

Silly idea but the fear is not groundless. While they banter back-and-forth, a beautiful customer, Ogami Chiyoko Nanaoside eyes Sakura. She actually 11 up at his suggestion!

This boy is too flowery and sugary at the moment for me. Snappy, confident, and sarcastic, he spends his days making fun of the way Sakura lives. She hisses at his perverted mindset. Epjsode and Sakura are fated, predictable stuff like that. Outside, the rain patters overhead as she waits to hail a taxi. Another episode of Cinderella!!


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Watch to find out! About She knows how to make other people pretty. Despite the harsh things he says, it was delivered free of animosity.

Between an approaching taxi and helping an old woman with her fallen groceries, Sakura chooses the latter cinddrella.

I adore Sakura already. Miki finds her intrusive and to her dismay, her husband is indifferent. Her boss is unsatisfied with her.

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Next day, Sakura reveals to Rintaro about her said goal this year and he snorts at her. Have you seen him in Bloody Monday? Endo Shozo Supporting Cast. Go back to playing the dreamy popular kid of the school, or just sit there being pretty, I really dont mind. Thus, another year goes by with her promotion snatched under her nose. Carole, which shows are you speaking of? Am still gonna watch for 111 while because Miura Haruma is just tooooo beautiful not to watch…or dream about as a dream lover.

She stares down at him dreamily, her vramacrazy flushing a deep pink color. I had the feeling i had seen so much of it in other dramas and there was the feeling of: A fangirl can dream.

He stirs awake and she literally flies off the bed, back first. Could watch them interact all day. Feisty and divorced, Hasegawa Shima Iijima Naoko oozes feminine sensuality wherever she goes.