The bibilical story of Abraham and Isaac is crucially invoked, played in voiceover counterpoint to a scene of a younger Biberkopf strangling his lover Ida Barbara Valentin. February 12, Buy: In the second film, however, she is given only a few opportunities to truly impress her lines are also far simpler. Love Song of Vengeance The sequel to Lady Snowblood opens with Yuki Kaji, reprising her role being surrounded and attacked by a ton of police. From there the sub menus present the chapters and set up options, along with the supplements. In Lady Snowblood there is a good balance of introducing us to Yuki and her backstory while making sure the film gets going right away.

However, before there was an Allen Ripley , Jennifer Hills , Princess Leia or Thana , there was a Yuki Kashima, or as she is better known, Shurayuki-Hime , which is a more violent take on the Snow White name loosely translating to “princess snow of fighting. In one of them we see that she was born in a prison cell surrounded by female convicts. Odds are good that you fall into one of two categories. According to information in the accompanying pamphlet, the AVC MPEG-4 encodes of both films were created in 2K resolution from 35mm low-contrast prints newly struck from the original camera negatives. Some dated sound effects can sound a little too sharp and edgy but the monaural 1. A brief archival interview with Clouzot from mostly sees the fimmaker explaining why he chose to cast Brigitte Bardot rather than Sophia Loren as Dominique. The Criterion Collection Running Time:

There are a couple of minor specs scattered about, and some minor fluctuations, but the source is otherwise in great shape and the clean-up job is impressive. In another we are told that her family was wiped out by a group of thugs. There are a number of similarities between the two film franchises. What probably stands out the most is the cinematography of Masaki Tamura. However, before there was an Allen RipleyJennifer HillsPrincess Leia or Thanathere was a Yuki Kashima, or as she is better known, Shurayuki-Himewhich is a more violent take on the Snow White name loosely translating to “princess snow of fighting.

Movies 5 days ago. This is important because I still know a handful of people who have a very specific idea of what type of films Criterion releases.

The Complete Lady Snowblood Blu-ray

These tracks are hard to forget and are a poignantly used within the Kill Bill Saga as crjterion. An argument could reasonably be made that the late 70s and early 80s are actually when the model of female empowerment took place, though admittedly, her slow evolution can easily be traced back to the Femme Fatales of s film-noir and Katherine Hepburn comedies.


The Further 4 days ago. Coming Soon to Blu-ray: Osada also shares memories from the production and working with Toshiya Fujita and Meiko Kaji. The fantastic Japanese uncompressed PCM mono soundtracks display a surprisingly broad image with a sharply-detailed mid-range where beautifully discrete highs make every whoosh of Yuki’s sword and the whizz of the blood spray distinctly audible.

In Tokyo, she killed one of the thugs, Tokuichi Shokei Takeo Chiibut before she could get to the remaining three, she was arrested and thrown in jail. However, if you are not a fan of Tarantino you may not be so easily swayed into enjoying this as the two seem rather oady in style.

Lady Snowblood Norio Osada HD, 22 min — Made exclusively for this Criterion release, the interview piece has the film’s screenwriter discussing the plot, adapting the manga and the significance of its historical setting. Games 4 days ago. A top government official Shin Kishida then offers Lady Snowblood a deal: Beneath an exterior air of femininity, a light touch of a demeanor that’s deceptive, there is a yearning for a life of tranquility and an autonomous existence free from the bondage of a prescribed role.

Meiko Kaji, who plays Lady Snowblood in the film, is featured heavily criteruon the soundtrack. Sonwblood extras for this release are really quite a treat. But if the story is simple, the aesthetic is anything but. They release the best of the best across a wide variety of film genres, emphasis on wide variety.

Gory snoeblood is raised to the level of visual poetry in Toshiya Fujita’s stunning Lady Snowblood. More thanJapanese soldiers have died, ladu the victory has ensured that “capitalism would be the driving force of the Japanese Empire”.

Forum Lists coming soon. From a technical standpoint the film is beautiful. Sayo gives birth snowbllood a girl named Yuki and then shortly after passes away in prison. As Yuki grows up she becomes Lady Snowblood Meiko Kaji and dedicates her life to seek the remaining three criminals who attacked her mother. Colors, in particular, are brighter and full-bodied with lots of vivid, intense reds and glowing secondary hues.

One can even hear criteroon clopping sounds of getas on wood floors and the creaking noises of other characters moving inside the buildings. The movie looks absolutely gorgeous. For the purposes of this review I will only cover the features grouped with Lady Snowblood. This is the wellspring, the moment in time that births the character of Biberkopf and sends him flailing forth on a sacrificial ascension up the Teutonic mount.

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Mixed in to the interview are still shots of the actual novels so we get a glimpse of the storylines and artwork, which, based on what I see, shows that criterioon film looks to be somewhat close to the source. By Keith Uhlich and Jake Cole.


We get ultimately get a couple of strong supplements for the film, though again I would have liked a little more about the novels themselves. Big Fan of Box Set’s and Criterion. The source can have some minor fluctuations and there can be some softer shots, but generally speaking the lafy is pretty sharp and I was very pleased with this aspect. Lossless mono tracks accurately revieq the punchy, loudly mixed sound effects of martial-arts exploitation, but dialogue is also clear and balanced, free of muffled softness or scratchy artifacts.

In one of them we see that she was born in a prison cell surrounded by female convicts. I want to see her assassinating and this time around it took longer to get to that point.

In a fluid long-take shot of her calmly walking away, Fujita shows there isn’t a man who can match her deadly proficiency as Yuki easily executes one after the other without missing a beat in her stride, with the same ease one swats away a bothersome fly.

Limited a bit by age but it presents the film adequately. Criterion has released both films together in one wonderful set. The Criterion Collection has announced that it will add six new titles to its Blu-ray catalog in January: Toshiya Fujita returns with another blood-spraying adventure of his vendetta-driven heroine in ‘Lady Snowblood: How to Train Your Dragon: He enlists her as a spy to infiltrate the home of Tokunaga Ransui Juzo Itamian anarchist who critetion seen as an enemy of the state.

It felt original and bold, whereas the b,u installment varied so drastically style wise it was hard for me to appreciate it on the same level. If she helps him recover an important document from Ransui Tokunaga Juzo Itamia very dangerous “advocate of anarchism”, she will have her freedom back.

The Complete Lady Snowblood

Kaji’s expression is that of a collected, self-possessed woman in control but also weary of the violent carnage that has consumed her existence. Bass is adequate, as expected for a film of this vintage, but appreciably hearty to provide the score some weight and presence.

Rainer Werner Fassbinder Distributor: Traces of a Lost Decadegenre films of the decade, ranging from film noir to horror to police procedurals, use similar stylistic devices to articulate their plots.