I will endure it for the reward. Looks like most marks for the test will be about that. I was able to ask her out by myself! But Vali tried to hide Ophis? Koneko is breathing heavily and raggedly, looking down at him with lust and desire. Koneko opened her mouth to talk but I forced all 8 inches of my cock back inside her before she could. Feeling that Issei isn’t satisfied much from her breasts, Koneko rubs her chest against his.

I know everyone have their own preferences on how they want to watch their animes, but those who like English voices like to stand out from fellow otakus and there’s nothing bad about the English voices. What kind of guy was this visitor? Well, I’ll tell you about it later but for now, all you need to know is this. No, create an account now. After that the media started to write articles about it almost immediately. Her left hand holds Issei’s right hand while her right gently caresses his chest and then his cheek. I was thanking the oppai of nekomata for being well-balanced!

This is her chance to at last express her love for him despite what she can do to him, and fulfill her inner desire. As they head downstairs for breakfast with Koneko clinging to his left arm, Issei got greeted by his some of his girls who are already awake, including Kuroka. Running out of air, Issei then breaks the kiss and stops his playing of her folds. Just before, Kuroka poked Koneko-chan’s neck with her finger. I was still thinking about how I could progress in my relationship with Rias.

New Waifu Unlocked: Koneko Toujou

Mind that koneoo don’t have to sound like the seiyuus because the result would be bad, so they do perform well even that they do sound different from the original Japanese. His thumb stimulates her clitoris while his index and middle finger slides inside her hole. There was a large magic-circle still emitting a shallow light under my feet.


This abnormal scene was very bad for me mentally……. Issei decides to have a little fun with her breasts to give at least a little satisfaction to the cat being. They arrive at the Hyodou residence, the rest of his girls waiting. You should learn how to control your konekk season —nya.

High School DxD:Volume 11 Life 2 – Baka-Tsuki

And by the sounds of it, this person was coming with the Vali-team…….? In other words the instinct of being a Nekomata makes them want to make babies.

Issei’s hard grunts and Shirone’s sweet feline cries fills hi room with this ecstatic duet. I also kind of understand the political differences between the Old-Maou faction and current-Maou faction.

This wasn’t something that I was predicting! Of course, Beelzebub-sama is the only one who can make them, and making copies of them is said to be impossible. It was the best! The answers also had to be written in devil-letters.

But I didn’t know in what manner to progress the conversation. Your review has been posted. He looked up at the ceiling in disbelief that he had mzting lost his virginity, and to Koneko of all people. Story Story Writer Forum Community. A gathering of those for whom it would normally be impossible to meet.

High School DxD:Volume 11 Life 2

Shirone and Issei looked at each other directly, looking at one another with deep love shining in their eyes as confirmed earlier. I studied a lot for it, but I want to get a lot of points on the practical test. I can now confirm that we are both They had rested, had dinner and then everyone prepares for the night.

Then I will go into Balance Breaker before that! I said it properly! Wait, what do you mean by a good battle!? I then started to suck her right nipple while ferociously squeezing and pulling on the left one.

Asia and Akeno are holding to Issei’s right and left arm respectively, Rias is behind Issei, feeling a little jealous that 2 girls are holding onto her dear Issei. However, Kuroka’s power as a Nekomata supposedly soon grew out of control, eventually causing her to kill her master and become a Stray Devil on the run from her pursuers. Her rich breasts appear, and even the pink part was visible! She took the cup she filled with green tea to Ophis!


Her cat mode made her to be like this and she doesn’t want to ruin this romantic moment and her mating. No, this is important. But this time, it is a bit……. He seriously wanted to become stronger, so other than basic training, he was learning how to understand and face his sacred gear.

Issei’s Harem, A Devil’s Heaven Chapter 4: Koneko, a high school dxd/ハイスクールd×d fanfic | FanFiction

This Dragon called Ophis must be a being filled with many doubts. You guys have the power of High-class devils. In fact, he matnig so much into her that her stomach actually slightly expanded at nating much he was putting in her. She feels that it’s demanding for Issei to make love to her and ravage her until it’s satisfied.

Well there was no use thinking about that here. Rias probably started to remember that while she was enraged. Issei x Koneko Quick Short Summary: Looks like my match will start before I get ready! At the beginning of the series, Koneko had a quiet and cold personality, mwting showing any feelings or emotions, even when she was speaking. The place was like a spacious gymnasium.

Buchou also had trouble choosing between the school in the territory of Astaroth and the one in the area of Maou. But now it’s here, maybe it paid off from the long wait.