FOr anyone else looking for a huge high res monitor: I imagine at the very least you’d be looked after better than with Korean eBay sellers. You really class that as a little bit more? My understanding is that Consumer Law in Australia would render needing to get an extended warranty unneccessary. I attribute that partially to the table I am using but also the monitor connection to the pedestal could be firmer. I’m guessing it would be pretty hard to make a swivel stand that is also rock solid. Make sure you have pushed the stem firmly into the base until it clicks.

So the info about the 12ms response time may be out of date so I’ve changed it back to the 6. I imagine at the very least you’d be looked after better than with Korean eBay sellers. But if they still perform as expected and are backed by warranty then no big deal. I know what you meant. I can record a video and put it on youtube if that helps. When only one frequency is listed it is always the vertical rate, as it’s essentially the screen refresh rate. Is Hz the same as horizontal and vertical frequency?

But if they still perform as expected and are backed by warranty then no big deal. I lled work out why as there are at least 5 evenly distributed little grip circle things extended out from the bottom of it. I can’t speak for OP, but for those specs it’s considered a bargain.

The only one I got from them after the first few minutes after I ordered that was related to it was one saying something like “Nice purchase on the monitor, here are some other things you might like to buy that go with it” or something inane like that. Guys, been doing some digging and apparently Kogan updated this monitor in finema they updated the stand. I’ve never seen anything like it. FOr fisplay else looking for a huge high res monitor: If they are manufacturing new stock then it’s still not clear which panel is being used.


A lot of dents and deep scratches at the back, and red lines flickering all over the screen. Unsure what the hold up could be.

Been waiting for it to drop for a while. I’m after a large high resolution monitor and I’ve been debating what to get. Haven’t used a full size monitor in years so not sure what to look for. Is Hz the same as horizontal and ipss frequency? So I think this is pretty normal.

Will go well with the Dell XPS system which was on ozbargain. OzBargain is an independent community website which has no association with nor endorsement by the respective trademark owners. Mine arrived within 4 days Sydney metro.

Can only assume they ordered a crap load of them back in and are still selling the back stock. On each occasion they had a replacement to me within 10 days.

Recently posted related deals You wouldn’t read about it. Looking at your vid it seems like your hand would be ever so slightly engaging cjnema swivel action causing the monitor to shake. I got mine, and ended up having to return it. I wonder if that works for them. Seems to be way to bright even on the lowest brightness setting. I won’t have mine until next week. Does this panel run at 60hz?

I think this must be the first time I’ve ever ordered from Kogan.

Kogan 27″ WQHD LED IPS Monitor review – Engadget

It mentions vertical frequency as Bought it about 4 years ago and its still going strong. Top Deals Most voted deals from Computing category from the last 30 days. Tried to edit the post but can’t find how to disable Cashback anywhere. However all wqhv of the LMWQ1 are specced at 6.


I’ve had one in the past and found the picture quality to be excellent. Unfortunately after about 2 months the replacement also suffered a power supply issue no screen illumination. All trademarks are owned by their respective owners.

Kogan 27″ LED monitor

I’ll never order from them again. Sign in with LinkedIn Sign in with Facebook. Horizontal frequency is usually thousands of times higher measured in kHz and is rarely provided in the list of specs as it is irrelevant. I have no idea about Kogan’s product quality so I can’t comment and I always refrain from commenting on products I know nothing about. Their question was whether the vertical frequency is what a monitors Hz is referring to. I tell you hwat though, it really likes to jiggle on its pedestal as I’m typing.

Still on a mission to determine the actual panel used.

How come it says Cashback under the Go to Deal button and Cashrewards is shown? Has anyone used one of these before?

Kogan 27″ WQHD LED IPS Monitor

Would you buy this? Mine arrived really promptly.

Recently posted related deals Top Deals Most voted deals from Computing category from the last 30 days. Was looking for a cheap qhd moniter and found this, was wondering if anyone had personal experience with this moniter.

The entire stand swivels side lex side about degrees. If anything the power consumption is much lower than the newer panels. Perhaps they had to order more stock in?