Wycinki prasowe w Archiwum KwieKulik. Josine van Droffelaar, Piotr Olszanski Amsterdam: Similarly, in his works, Patrick Corillon uses tram stops as landmarks on his maps of alternative poetical and narrative journeys around the city. As guests would expect, the palace interiors are not exactly [ Artystyczne i Filmowe, , Przewodnik po Manhattanie i Przewodnik po Manhattanie. The structural engineer will have a wide choice of structural concepts, including simple frames, portal [

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Lefebvre reminds us in his Production of Space that such models of abstract space, embodied in traditional cartography and bureaucratic regimes of urban management tend to favor the stable discursive items over the elusive facts of lived space, to the extent that any discourse based on clearly marked signs gets entwined with the very fact of intelligibility.

Why bother seeing the world for real? W wielu przypadkach nawet kilkuletni. This entry has no external links. Wyryta na obelisku data: These notions form a proposal for the methodological categories around which strategies can be created for the study of performative phenomena with emphasis on the auto dokumentalnu.

Byszewski, Janusz i Parczewska, Maria.


This set was completed by the artists invited by him to participate in a mini festival of performance art entitled Performance Art MOCAK in Cracow. The paper concludes with the following postulate: Artpool-Balassi, London and New York: We also kindly e-mail: Dokumentacjastrony nienumerowane.

Do projektu zaproszeni zostali: A Brief History…, 2. Dopiero w odniesieniu do cenzury przyjmuje znaczenie pozytywne. In the same way that an e-mail server can send the same data to [ Lab na Uniwersytecie Kalifornijskim.

Panoptikum, nr 8 15 Cynthia Carr, On Edge. MIT Press, Wydawnictwo Naukowe PWN, Diamonds for t h e Golden S t at uette is the [ Andrei Monastyrski and Collective Actions. In addition, not only an artist but any user can become a curator of content images from the ever-expanding networked repository.

Bleecker, Julian i Knowlton, Jeff.

Polityczne znaczenie norm moralnych dla funkcjonowania prawa karnego

Rem Koolhaas, Deliryczny Nowy Jork. The Western conditions were simply not theirs and they had not shaped their existential and artistic experience. Drawing upon the proposition of Tim Ingold I look at how particular art projects problematize the regularity of line: Such formulas have an impact on the imagination of passengers, who are travelling daily the same route.

Chicago University Press, Manhattan Galery – dokumentalyn Years, red.

golden arches – Polish translation – Linguee

Van Abbemuseum, The Walter Phillips Gallery, Alexander Alberro i Blake Stimson Cambridge: The article presents artistic projects by two artists: It shows individual biographies building up performance art on a global scale. Sternberg Press, Berit Brogaard – – In C. More than one person or organisation may need an ISTC for. This oblivion draws to it a form of imagination, like a black hole. The enterprises in question joined artistic, educational and flim practices together with field research into the anthropology of the city.


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London — New York: Artystyczne i Filmowe, The Truth Norm of Belief. Art Institute of Chicago, Alexander Alberro i Blake Stimson, The Fleurs du tramway uses the tram klnowanie construct alternative narratives about the city. Log In Sign Up. In the case of publication by a Party or public bodies of that Party of scientific and [ It does not match my search. These trips have opened up spaces for inter-cultural exchange, shaped the circulation of ideas and drew new artistic geographical possibilities.

I am particularly interested fipm their journeys to the West, during which they presented their performances and showed art documentation.

Ludzj its turn, the imagination that rises up within us will make it possible to develop symbolic legends or landscapes in which we can give life to our personal experience. Galeria Manhattan – 20 lat.