He shifted to radio only in According to a piece in Bethesda Magazine , the new location at Wisconsin Ave. And what did that get me? Three quick points about the politics of climate change in the US: See the whole report here. In fact, one sadly misguided and uninformed freelancer wrote an opinion piece claiming that we were going to sell off all our radio stations. The standard is considered quite weak, yet Augusta National has not qualified. The station received the same honor in and

BELL will manage radio outreach and develop marketing research initiatives for the company. But as anyone who, like me, picked Michigan State to win the basketball version of March Madness knows, upsets abound. As always, we will continue our focus on being local, relevant and current. As an inventor, Wattenburg had eight patents to his credit, one reportedly being the first home alarm system using electrical wiring for its communication medium. Louis original with eight flavors. Hannah Teter, Olympic gold medal-winning snowboarder and vegan. It is great that we are such a tight-knit team and that we are all passionate about helping our partners succeed. When the dust settles, KKCW now has a 1.

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Spoken-Word Formats — Without an increase the past four sweeps for a loss of one-half share 2. From right to left are: It posted three positive spikes in a row immediately prior to December for an overall gain of eight-tenths 2. Imus prepares to sign off after the March 30 chrisgmas as Cumulus Media is cancelling his WABC, New York program in what is believed to be a cost-cutting maneuver related to its Chapter 11 process.

Cumia is currently producing and hosting his eponymous online program…. Advertising sales will be handled by Westwood One.

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Considering the fact that much of the listening is done while driving, it makes it even more of a challenge to get people to make the leap from hearing an phone number and actually placing the call while the thought is top chrisgmas mind. Everything he touched, everyone he met, everything he did was better because of him.


When Cumulus Media-owned KCJK dropped one-tenth in September, it halted seven straight up or flat trends for an overall gain of one full-share 1. Faltering by one-half share 1. Media coverage is crucial. Griffin mvoie diagnosed in August and has been off the air since early September. Under his leadership, we will continue to develop initiatives that will advance radio in the vibrant New York marketplace.

The Central West End: Sub Zero Vodka Bar, N.

Back to finding mission-appropriate sponsors…. How did you go about that?

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On a same station basis, net revenue decreased. Sir Charles In Charge. Since these callers came in via dialingfor the first time ever, this advertiser has visibility to how many calls they were blocking.

And iHeart is an attractive free cash-flow generator. Among some of the comparisons presented are flagship stations ratings fluctuations from June to July as well as from July to July Having posted five straight up or flat trends netting one full-share 3. Its November improvement of seven-tenths suspended four successive decreases that produced an overall Twisted Olive, Delmar, Unfortunately, the consortium has not been formed and these efforts appear to have been unsuccessful.

One of our fine jazz or blues acts play or sing: From day one, Steve Jones and his team have championed having a female host as the lead for their morning syndication. The Plan Objection deadline is November My goal became to bring green to the racetrack and to racing fans.


Foundation provides resources needed to support, sustain, and empower young girls and women under the age of 25 who have been abused, abandoned, and exploited. Coming in at 3 was the migrants amassed at the U. It is great that we are such a tight-knit bbracket and that we are all passionate about helping our partners succeed. Our ministry has always been focused on supporting families on the air with our programming and any other way we can.

So please keep the wonderful spark you all have alive and continue to give it your all every brackey.

We are thrilled to partner with Alpha moviie be part of their amazing success. You are commenting using your WordPress. Forget that corny old joke about the newly converted Catholic trying to baptize his steak: Entercom Unveils New Business Practices.

Spend a Saturday afternoon on the Loop. Spoken-Word Formats — Recapturing the one-tenth it lost in September 1. Phone reps can be poorly trained or rude.

Coulter is on tour promoting her new book, Resistance is Futile! Having his leadership in our hallways is a game changer for our brand and our business partners. After serving in various capacities at Premiere, she was named president of the company in January This is the first time radio is included in this type of multi-channel media mix that enables users to derive cross media insights with currency moviie accuracy.