It is not worth pressing out. Nearly any tubist can pick up a bass and play a pedal F. Available for local play test and pick-up. With 2 mouthpieces in my case a Yamaha 60B and soon to have another contra mp; taking forever to get here! Photos have been taken from several angles to allow you to check condition. Please ask for a quote if you are not mainland Great Britain. I’ve had mine for about 4 years now and use it constantly without any problems, or at least without problems that I didn’t cause like knocking it off the stand That was an emberassing day, only had the thing for about 2 weeks when I did that.

You can always use them later. I don’t mind having a dependent setup, and you’ll probably find that there are plenty of players out there who do just fine on their dependent horns, Dave Taylor is one that comes to mind, and you can’t argue with his chops. They will be answered as soon as possible. Trips are made to the post office nearly every afternoon and will do my best to ship same day, if purchased before noon. Moral of the story: I’ve had music down to pedal F pedal Ab while in college , and have always used the 2nd valve for the low B obviously , but also most of the time for D and lower. The Kanstul F attachment has a very long crook to pull out to E.

For whatever reason, quite a few tuba players seem to agree that a Schilke 59 mouthpiece offers about the best chance for a good characteristic out-of-the-starting-gate bass trombone sound. There will not be a tracking number.

Trombone – Kanstul Bass Trombone

Locally, a Shires large bore tenor trombone curiously, with a gold brass bell miserably failed a sound comparison test three trombone players and me listening against an old run-of-the-mill Bach Getzens aren’t too bad either Tonewise, the horn is fine, any problems with that is just my own incompetence, im still trying to get that low brassy sound, cause the bass bone doesnt really play high in our rep, usually the Bb on the top is the farthest I go.


We are only shipping eBay orders via standard ground shipping at this time business days for delivery once the item leaves our warehouse International Buyers— Please Note: In fact, it might very well hinder you.

I use the 60B for big band and lighter bass stuff, and will use the big boy for quintet and trombone choir. Click the Pay Now button at the top of this listing to immediately proceed with our check.

A Bach 50, or similar instruments are terrific benchmarks, and used instruments can be very, very good. There is generally a good supply available in my store, so check back from time to time to see what is for sale. International shipping has taken as long as 6 weeks in a few cases.

Bb/F/Gb/D Double Bass Trombone – Kanstul Musical Instruments

For those of us who double and who are working to master the technique of bass trombone playing, the question of “which one? Will make an excellent first Bass bone for a serious student or professional gigging musician.

I know a number of pros playing that sound great on them. It is not worth pressing out.

Used Bass Trombones available

You’ll want a very standard configuration. These charges are the buyer’s responsibility.

And it has several eeries that make it a very playable instrument even for the busiest jobbing player. Most of the dimensions are what you’d expect: The features a. The person who owned the Shires was heading off for an audition.


Kanstul Series Bass Trombone Silver Yellow Brass Handslide Crook Material: The dependant valve system – for me – is easier to focus, perhaps because of the longer gooseneck, especially on my model which has a long bell section Getzen FDY [highly modified].

Available for local play test and pick-up.

I don’t mind having a dependent setup, and you’ll probably find that there are plenty of players out there who do just fine on their dependent horns, Dave Taylor is one that comes to mind, and you can’t argue with his chops.

If actual shipping is less than estimate. Customs fees, local delivery charges, and the package could be held in customs for several weeks. I use such a huge mouthpiece because Basss sometimes have to play the tuba part on the trombone and very rarely go tfombone even the F above the 11585, although I have worked on my embouchure enough to get a consistent F an octave above that on the occasion that I need it.

Moral of the story: You will receive a customs number, which may help you locate the package in customs.

Kanstul ZBT 1585 Signature Series Bass Trombone

Made with in Austin, TX. Two Kanstul CR Inline Your Paypal account must be a verified US account only. They are a copy of a Coast Eb tuba cup.

Or if you live in a remote part of Scotland.