Meaning he wouldn’t understand the feelings of being in love with someone even if it hit him in the head. Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. Why would it be critical for a harem to form in a story? During the goddess arc, Nikaidou is seen as this mysterious character and no one has any idea about her. She has such a high and mighty personality, she’s basicaly the oujo-sama princess of the group of potential interests, and I usually dislike that kind of character. On the day of the concert, Kanon is again nowhere to be found, and Keima knows it is time to go to the final stage of his plans to capture Kanon’s heart. Top 20 Best Anime of

This makes him sympathetic, whereas otherwise he would be a douche. Chihiro and my heart was broken that day. He’s not a monster. Though most of what I said above seems like a negative critique, viewed as a parody the show becomes like a fun-house mirror reflection of the spectator. Well, that exact fact is what lead me to think of it like a parody. As they head to Ayumi’s location, Chihiro tells Keima he should tell the truth to Ayumi as unknown to Keima, she already told Ayumi that he was trying to win her heart for something important.

I can’t read anything raw so I was just guessing.

Kami nomi zo Shiru Sekai: Megami-hen –

After making sure Chihiro is busy with Haqua, he has a private talk with Ayumi that he won’t give up on her. Haqua is ashamed for having lied to Elsie, inasmuch as to be thought of as a role model. Ayumi won the race but lost spisode of her memories with Keima, she blushes when Keima congratulates her.

When she ask if he seai loves her, Keima answers he doesn’t. Haqua fends off the possessed students, and the spirit is then captured by Elsie. After making a deal with Nora to help them, Haqua expresses her feelings for Keima only to be interrupted by Diana. Keima knows why Kanon fears being unnoticed, telling her not to seek attention as proof as an idol, since her hard work to become one was the proof all along.

Could you PM this to me? Kanon and Apollo put their faith on him and grow ,ami wings before he returns home. Gonzo-lewd All reviews people found this review helpful. Here are 50 anime references your may have missed. This only means that he can start developing a real relationship with a girl. So Keima was being used as a tool to exemplify the douchiness of all ‘player characters’.


Megami-hen Episode 3 Discussion 1 2 3 4 Stark – Jul 22, That exchange had me a bit puzzled as to what Keima’s feelings towards Ayumi really were. Because I will be honest when the manga ends if it ends with Keima actually getting with someone I REALLY want it to be her However I will say do to the themes of the show it is more likely he won’t end up with anyone but instead will just become more grounded in reality and will learn to accept it.

This is evident primary in the character Chihiro.


Ayumi is a little different as she is in the same class, shows up every now and then, and has a pretty good relationship with Keima. Consider any point in the Manga before the goddess arc. I’ve been having to manually restart it.

Five pieces of theme music are used for third season.

Kami Nomi Zo Shiru Sekai

Top 20 Best Anime of The world of anime in was a whirlwind of quality. Realizing he cannot finish all of his games at this pace, Keima decides to up the ante by playing twenty-four gogonime at once. While he and Epizode were on a sailing ship, an earthquake struck which stranded the ship off the coast. I wouldn’t count on a season 4, but reading the manga is definitely a good call.

Only time will tell where the story goes. When Kanon was stabbed his immediate focus was put on saving her.

As Kusunoki lectures Keima for his weakness, Elsie detects a spirit inside her. Concluding Diana is not like other spirits, Keima tasks Elsie to find another spirit to fool Nora. The next day, Keima attempts to console Chihiro, only for her to revert to her old self, revealing that she has been getting turned down by many guys she fancies. I had a noki idea from a while back about a “pseudo-harem” ending. With his encouragement and her fans cheering for her, Kanon kisses Keima, which causes the loose spirit in her to shjru and be captured by Elsie.


If Keima were to be doing this for fun or because he could then it would be true. Though I don’t care all that much about it. Knowing he must awaken Mercurius inside of Ayumi so the goddesses combine powers can stop Vintage, Keima heads to Ayumi’s home with Haqua and Shiur, who overheard his plans.

It does it’s job with the time it has as faithful to the manga as it can be. It distorts and amplifies certain attributes of the viewer.

Yui proclaims her love for Keima and kisses him, which restore Mars’ wings. I got a quick question here since a lot of you is talking about things missed in the anime. I’m sick of drawing this out. Together with his intelligence and knowledge of the dating sim genre and Elsie’s magical powers, Keima is about to embark on his greatest challenge.

I am mostly assuming you are referring to Haqua though some of the other girls fall in that category. The mandragon eventually arrives at the Katsuragi residence, where it drops Elsie’s cake.

Ideally, Keima would be able to cultivate the goddesses powers all at the same time, but as others have said, most of the goddess girls fell for the “fake” Keima. The next arc comes around perfectly for him. Partly because he hadn’t played games in a while, but mainly because iami just went through an ordeal of worry, fear, manipulation and guilt. During the goddess arc, Nikaidou is seen as this mysterious character and no one has any idea about her.

Unfortunately, Elsie instead buys the anime version of “Love Tears” by mistake, which Keima suspected so he bought the game at the game zp just in case.