Though the Roaches fade away and the brainwashed humans return to normal, Glaive attacks Diend and reveals that he willingly served Fourteen. Part 3 — Movie Wars Tsukasa, troubled by Narutaki’s words, stays behind with Yusuke trying to convince him to help before he goes off on his own. Meanwhile, Zanki slays a band of Bakeneko as Ibuki arrives to take them out as well. As Momotaros returns to the DenLiner, only to receive a violent welcome back from the gang, Tsukasa and company were about to enter the World of Kabuto when they get an unexpected visit from the Imagin Sieg. World of Shinkenger as crossover special with Samurai Sentai Shinkenger. Diend arrives to selfishly aid them with Blade’s power until Ballista arrives.

While attempting to destroy the Grongi, Decade is attacked by Kuuga, who reveals he knows about Decade’s mission and will stop him at all costs. While this occurs, the remaining Lucky Clover members start taking over the school to sire more of their kind until Takumi arrives to fight them in Orphnoch form. Blade Blade [ edit ] 9 “Blade Blade” Transcription: During the fight, Kaito takes off the armor to finish the Grongi off as Diend, revealing that he only became G3-X for his own agenda. Though the Roaches fade away and the brainwashed humans return to normal, Glaive attacks Diend and reveals that he willingly served Fourteen. Back in the Hikari Studio, Eijiro reveals a large photo that shows another world. The Soul Tornado [ edit ] 13 “Awaken.

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Akiko overhears this as Double is taken down by Skull, with Soukichi warning him not to investigate any further. Warning Kabuto is 20010 of Control [ decde ]. Natsumi is arrested under suspicion of murder, and is to be sentenced with a Kamen Rider Trial: After being caught up on current events, Tsukasa makes his way to Castle Doran to save Yusuke as the Beetle Fangire absorbs the Arms Monsters into himself.

While this occurs, Yusuke is kidnapped by the Roaches to be conditioned into being a normal member of the World of Diend’s society.

After learning the truth behind Ren coming to the Atashi Journal and why he left, a relieved Shinji runs to Tsukasa’s aid. After Natsumi uses the pressure point to expose one of the Tsukasas as a Worm, Decade fights it before it attacks a girl and is destroyed by Kabuto. After Tsukasa suddenly loses his powers, he learns from Kaito that he is actually in the World of Negatives.

Double and Skull fight, with Shotaro reluctant to fight his mentor and Philip reminding him that Soukichi should be dead.

Elsewhere, another man arrives in this A. With the battle over, Natsumi soon recognizes that she is in the exact place where her dream takes place as Kiva and Hibiki fade away with the Nine Worlds destroyed, with only Yusuke surviving. When the Capricorn Undead joins the fray, Tsukasa joins the fight, dispatching the Elephant Undead using Ryuki’s powers.


With Diend arriving decafe back him up for this treasure, Decade battles Dark Kiva. Yusuke and Natsumi return to the Hikari Studio after losing sight of Tsukasa, with Natsumi worried about not being in an A.

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After Natsumi Hikari has a nightmare of every Kamen Rider being defeated by a figure called Decade, she helps her grandfather Eijiro deal with unsatisfied customers.

Tsukasa goes off to confront Apollo Geist on his own, not wanting anyone else to get hurt, finding Schwarian as Apollo Geist attacks decsde for refusing to deleiver his offer to Grand Lord Crisis to join Dai-Shocker.

Meanwhile, after failing to rob Hibiki as he takes his leave, Daiki is forced into becoming Asumu’s mentor. While attempting to destroy the Grongi, Decade is attacked by Kuuga, who reveals he knows about Decade’s mission and will stop him at all costs. Arriving in a new A. Just as TheBee’s stray shots are within inches of Mayu, Kabuto arrives to fecade her from both the attack and the Worms, disappearing as everyone’s transformations end.

Confirming that Tsukasa is right and revealing that the world is a heaven for monsters with only a few movif left in hiding. Amazon arrives to their aid, fighting the monsters with Decade backing him up as the people back up the surviving monsters under a boy named Masahiko. Purojekuto Agito ” Japanese: Believing that TheBee’s user is her brother, Mayu attempts to look for him with Natsumi’s aid until they are attacked by a Worm. The World of Kuuga [ edit ].

Rider War [ edit ]. When the Imagin known as Momotaros tries to possess Tsukasa, again, he throws Yusuke in front of him and Yusuke becomes possessed. With Narutaki overseeing it, the Rider War commences with Diend suddenly firing the Diendriver at Decade at point blank range.

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Ibuki and Zanki promote them to the role of new teachers of their respective schools. Journey’s End [ edit ]. Begins Night It is the holiday season and Shotaro Hidari reminisces of the first Christmas he spent with his mentor, the great Soukichi Narumi, until Akiko Narumi breaks him out of his daydream so they can decorate the office.

Rider War – The Prologue [ edit kame.

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The Soul Tornado [ edit ] 13 omvie. However, Abyss uses this time to make his move to take out all three Riders at once, forcing them to retreat with Ren refusing to answer Viietsub as he leaves. Kamen Rider – The Next. At the scene, he finds that Ren Haguro was also at the scene of the crime before he is brought into the Mirror World along with the sub-editor of the Vvietsub Journal: Later, Tsukasa becomes the ten-thousandth customer in a restaurant and wins both a free meal as well as a vast fortune.


As Kiva-la is happy to see Yusuke returning to the Studio, the gang ends up in another world: He runs off before regressing to Hibiki, and Yusuke and Natsumi find him shortly after. Once the Centipede Orphnoch is destroyed, Decade and Diend have a stand off over the Faiz Belt as Momose attacks Yuri as the Tiger Orphnoch only to meet his match with Takumi who transforms into the Wolf Orphnoch to protect his friend. He is further shocked when he sees an interview with Toko Yashiro, who is physically identical to the Ai Yashiro that died back in the World of Kuuga.

Kamen Rider Forze and Meteor fight for the destiny of the Earth and for the friendship of all beings. He beats them, learning that they are Orphnoch who are also after Faiz, and is forced to become Decade, using Blade’s power against them. Meanwhile, Hibiki reveals the nature of Gyuki to Yusuke and Natsumi as Daiki arrives to claim the last scroll. Taking place after the events of Kamen Rider Kxmen episode 15, under the impression that they saved the World of Den-O, Tsukasa Kadoya and company begin their journey to the World of Kabuto when they are halted by Sieg who presents them a manuscript that detailed the legendary Oni Conquest with Momotaros’ image on it.

Phillip is already there, and tells Shotaro that if they are going to solve this case and find out why Soukichi is still alive, they must remember what happened on the night that he died: Yusuke is forced to take his place, but he runs off upon realizing that the women are actually monsters in disguise.

After briefly escaping them, they encounter Daiki who and reveals that Dai-Shocker is controlling this world with the Ten-Faced Demon of Geddon as its ruler.

Natsumi calls upon Tsukasa to be her lawyer, who meets with Shinji Tatsumi to hear what he knows of what happened to Reiko.