The game can be something like this….. Even in city of God, the dons and the drug-peddlers are not so well-built and all. Selva satharana padam eduthale ore skin show-ah irukkum Hey Namba Mylapore Kapali kovil….. Chocolate saptu gundu aagardhu vida, pori urundai saptu healthy aagalam. This troubled my overstressed mind a lot. I regretted encouraging Ram to take up this job…..

Even in city of God, the dons and the drug-peddlers are not so well-built and all. I will not spare you…. Selva, If u can’t appreciate Dhanush’s performance.. Ansa, U are stating the obvious.. I received a phone call from a hospital in Mumbai. I smiled and continued to watch. Hulkster on Thu Apr 20

Fine we have 30 min more for the show to start…. So I had to wait for stikls. I cant prove it. Rajini is a superstar here also. My heart beat very fast….

It is said that, Lord Rama was merged into Sri Ranganatha, after he left his divine body.

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But Dhanush has reasons to keep his hopes. From that day, I learnt a lesson. Fine, if kamaroat cannot get the idea, I will help you out…. Kamarkwt channel that I changed showed only this breaking news, where there were many ambulances and people carrying some injured people on stretchers. But,the song however enga area This troubled my cousins a lot. Anyhow, Let me give sometime for a lengthy, detailed reply. Sorry da chellam if u feel that my post is plz ignore There were scenes praising Tamilians and when Amrita singh degrades Tamilians, I guessed all the mamis bloods boiled….


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Video showing Padmashree singing Neruppu Vaayinil song http: We must blame on sensor board for this. The man behind this bold venture of dubbing a flop is Nageshwar Rao of Ocean Productions. While seeing the ksmarkat, I got several phone calls that I chose not to attend cos I knew, I was going to hear condolences from my dear ones…. I agree with your comments on PP.

Breaking news came in this channel also. The run time is around 3 hours and the first half moves at rapid pace and the second half was bit dragging. First of all im surprised you people are basing your views on a informal chatscript in which maybe dhanush may have playfull said those comments The hoarding near the American counsulate in Chennai is awesome.

He has a severe injury on his neck…. The strong Maithreyi in me spoke….

It was not at all necessary for this story. You are tall and fair, you wear a kada, are you a Punjabi? Tears welled up in my eyes…. Just I would change the order to give Music and Cinematography some more edge. This movie is sure gonna kickass I just loved em Hulkster on Thu Apr 20 Guy’s do not waste time here picking up the brawl with Ajith fans.

Seems like a “new “I” clown” has arrived!

The pictures of our Switzerland trip 2 years ago were also in the cupboard… Looking at the random stills of mine that Ram clicked, I smiled with tears… Ram, look how happy we are in these pictures, see how you are smiling and look at me, I am so happy…. Sanguine Sridhar on Fri Jul 8 1: What has Aadhi got to do ith Pudupettai thread. I will watch it first!


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It said Sivakasi was a good film. Physically agile, a bit loud Dhanush pours plenty of heartfelt emotion to his role but lacks the menacing look need for the character to look convincing. It was 9 years ago…. Near by Srirangam, there are many ancient temples, that have a lot vedic and cultural significance. Is this a straight reflection of selva’s feelings on Dhanush? Cinefan, Nice to see you back. Yet he came up with the realism under its minimum level. The film, produced at an estimated Rs.

Raikkonen on Wed Mar 29 2: When romance starts, Aishwarya leaves Justice, i appreciate ur efforts to prove that u r not truth. In my opinion, Dhanush has climbed great steps in the ladder of acting.

Actually, We know what happend during those riots. Adding to my curiosity, there was an Ad.

Why are they all ignoring me like this?